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3 Signs Your Chimney Needs Repair. If replacing or repairing your Twin Cities home’s roof is part of a major remodeling plan, then you may want to remember to include your chimney in this project.

3 Signs Your Chimney Needs Repair

A roof’s chimney can be a vital part of how it looks and performs, and you may not always be able to tell its condition simply by looking at it. However, with help from roofers in the Twin Cities, you may be able to spot signs that your chimney needs repair. Spalling While not all signs of a damaged chimney are obvious, spalling is one outward sign you might be able to spot.

This occurs when moisture seeps into the chimney’s masonry and starts to push parts of it outward. A Cracked Chimney Crown If you’re planning on roof replacement and you’re looking for signs that your chimney might need replacing as well, then check the crown. Peeling Wallpaper Not all signs of a damaged chimney can be found on the roof. Timberland Exteriors, Inc. Simple Steps Towards Finding the Best House Windows. If you recently purchased a home, then you might not have had to deal with some of the challenges that most homeowners face.

Simple Steps Towards Finding the Best House Windows

Knowing how to respond when something goes wrong will make a big difference in your overall success. When a window breaks, for example, you want to make sure that you get on top of finding a solution. Selecting the right house windows replacement in Twin Cities requires taking a few easy steps. Learn Your Budget. Timberland Exteriors, Inc. How Moisture Can Destroy Your Roof. Timberland Exteriors, Inc. Timberland Exteriors, Inc. - Maplewood, MN - General Contractors & Building Contractors. Top 4 Things That Can Ruin Your Siding. As you probably know, your house’s siding needs to be in good shape for it provide the best protection or your home.

Top 4 Things That Can Ruin Your Siding

Damaged siding can offer a point of entry for both weather and pests. It can also create a place for heated and cooled air to escape your home. Timberland Exteriors, Inc. How Moisture Can Destroy Your Roof. Keep Burglars out of Your Home with Secure Windows. Everyone wants to feel secure at home.

Keep Burglars out of Your Home with Secure Windows

But, if your house is like many, it is most vulnerable at its points of ingress and egress. As such, it is critical to have the most secure doors and windows possible. If you are shopping for replacement windows in Twin Cities, you want to find the most secure window installation in Minneapolis, MN. Here are some tips for safeguarding your home by improving your window security. Pick the Right Glass. Timberland Exteriors, Inc. Clean Your Vinyl Siding in Three Easy Steps. Vinyl siding is appealing to homeowners because it is energy-efficient, cost-effective, and attractive.

Clean Your Vinyl Siding in Three Easy Steps

Timberland Exteriors, Inc. How to Keep Your Wood Siding in Great Shape. Timberland Exteriors, Inc. Roof Maintenance You Are Probably Missing. Your roof is one of the most important features of your home.

Roof Maintenance You Are Probably Missing

It provides protection from the elements and keeps your family safe. What to Look for in Fiber Cement Siding Installer. Timberland Exteriors, Inc. Checklist for Winterizing Your Roof. Fall is here, and it is time to prepare your home for the winter months ahead.

Checklist for Winterizing Your Roof

One important thing roofing contractors in the Twin Cities suggest is winterizing your roof. Winter brings consistently low temperatures, ice storms, abundant snowfall, and bitterly cold winds. Timberland Exteriors, Inc. 3 Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows. Are your home’s windows getting old or no longer operating as well as they once did?

3 Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows

If you have been putting off house windows replacement in Twin Cities, it may be time for you to call a contractor in order to discuss your options. Consider these three potential benefits of replacing your home’s outdated or damaged windows. Comfort and Efficiency During the cold winter months, it is important to keep chilly drafts outside where they belong. Should You Choose Vinyl or Wood Windows? When the time comes for you to replace your house windows in Twin Cities, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the plethora of options placed before you.

Should You Choose Vinyl or Wood Windows?

Vinyl and wood may be two of the most attractive and appealing window types that are available for your home. If you are trying to decide which of these would be best for you, consider the following points. Advantages of Vinyl Vinyl windows tend to bestrong, durable, low maintenance and relatively cost effective. They also may help boost the energy efficiency of your home. Advantages of Wood Do you have a historic home that was beautifully crafted from wood? Making the Choice. Window Replacement Twin Cities. St Paul651.439.1760Minneapolis 952.928.4300Detroit Lakes218.849.6675Western Wisconsin715.781.8690 Contact Us Blog We Have The Perfect Windows For Your Style Of Home & Budget.

Window Replacement Twin Cities

Vinyl Replacement or Wood Replacement Wood, Vinyl, Replacement, New Construction… And Beyond. Whatever You Need, We Can Provide With Immaculate Installation, Superb Materials &A Razor-Sharp Eye For Detail. Roofers Twin Cities. Siding Replacement Detroit Lakes. St Paul651.439.1760Minneapolis 952.928.4300Detroit Lakes218.849.6675Western Wisconsin715.781.8690 Contact Us Blog James Hardie Siding Timberland Exteriors is an Elite Preferred Contractor for James Hardie James Hardie fiber cement is the most popular siding in America, and for good reason.

It offers the highest return-on-investment of any home-improvement project, lasts longer than every other type of siding on the market, and looks fantastic on your home. Two Toned Farmhouse. Siding installation twin cities. Royale Crown Construction Inc. Exterior Remodeling and Choosing a Roof for Your Home. Remodeling your home is about as big an undertaking you can take. The importance of knowing exactly what you want before diving in cannot be understated, because once it begins there’s no turning back. Some things to consider are whether or not to stick with the style already in place, or if your home’s upgrades are meant to change its look entirely. A major factor in the appearance is the style of roofing you choose. Trustworthy, professional exterior remodeling contractors in St. Better Siding Makes a Better Home. In the upcoming tribulations of your remodeling project, you should be aware of all the siding options available to you.

Though vinyl siding is said to be the most popular, it is sometimes best to move away from the herd and toward something better and more unique. One of the rising stars of the siding market is Hardie Plank. But before you go ahead and dive head first into a Hardie Plank installation in Detroit Lakes, it’s important to know a little something about it. 4 Signs You Need a Roof Replacement. Keeping Window Exteriors Clean. Timberland Exteriors, Inc. Timberland Exteriors, Inc. Best Home Improvement Minneapolis. Roofing contractors minneapolis mn. 3 Fantastic Home Improvement Ideas. Sometimes people need a change of scenery.

If you are tired of the way your home looks right now, you may want a change too. Instead of moving to a new place, why not work on improving the one you are living in now? Timberland Exteriors, Inc. Roof Construction to Keep the Elements Out. The roof is arguably the most important part of any house. After all, there’s a reason “having a roof over your head” is a common expression; it’s one of the most basic human needs. That’s why, when building a new house or maintaining the one you live in, it’s important to make sure the roof is constructed to be durable, long-lasting and aesthetically sound and to ensure that when it does need repairs, they are carried out efficiently and professionally by people that can be trusted to do the job right. If you need a new roof designed and built, or there is a problem with the one you currently live under that has to be dealt with, it’s time to look for a roofing contractor in St.

Roofing contractors minneapolis. St paul roofing contractor. Vinyl Siding Contractor Minneapolis. Vinyl Replacement Windows Minneapolis. Paul Trautmann. Timberland Exteriors™- Home Improvement Minneapolis. Home improvement minneapolis. Timberland Exteriors. Log in Home Categories There’s more to see... Come take a look at what else is here! Discover and save recipes, DIY ideas and more Join Pinterest to find (and save!) Oops! Sign Up or Creating an account means you’re okay with Pinterest's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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