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I go by Chen Jay on FB/Internet/Book. My job is highly related to data analysis on the cloud computing such like multimedia-related application, design thinking process and start-up a company with some amazing guys. Add me and send a message to me. It's nice to meet you. p.s: before you add me to your friend list, you have know that I am a message-generator, I will say sorry to broadcast too many msg to all of you. 人一輩子沒法做太多的事情,所以盡力讓每一件都做得精彩絕倫。 [加我好友] 請記得留言給我, 大部份我都知道你們是誰.

互動中國分享: 9個功能強大的信息圖製作網站 - ㄇㄞˋ點子靈感創意誌. Stinger: Interactive Query for Apache Hive. Apache Hive is the de facto standard for SQL-in-Hadoop with more enterprises relying on this open source project than any alternative.

Stinger: Interactive Query for Apache Hive

The Stinger Initiative is a broad, community-based effort to drive the future of Apache Hive, delivering 100x performance improvements at petabyte scale with familiar SQL semantics. Project Goals Speed Deliver interactive query through 100x performance increases as compared to Hive 10. Scale The only SQL interface to Hadoop designed for queries that scale from Terabytes to Petabytes. What’s New in Node.js v0.12 – Performance Optimizations. The long development cycle for v0.12 (nine months and counting, the longest one to date) has given the core team and contributors ample opportunity to introduce a number of performance optimizations.

What’s New in Node.js v0.12 – Performance Optimizations

This blog post aims to cover the most notable ones. Cork support for writable streams Writable streams now support a “corked” mode, similar to the TCP_CORK and TCP_NOPUSH socket options from `man tcp`. When corked, data written to the stream is queued up until the stream is uncorked again. This lets Node.js combine smaller writes into larger ones, resulting in fewer system calls and TCP roundtrips. The http module has been updated to use corked mode transparently when sending a chunked request or response body. PouchDB, the JavaScript Database that Syncs!

Design Thinking

Design. Chen Jay - Dashboard. Social Media Management Dashboard - HootSuite. BOD 2012. A Developer Dashboard for All Your Tools. A Developer Dashboard for All Your Tools Posted by Michael Chletsos on Wed, May 22, 2013 You ever have those really good ideas, create a product or website around it, and no one cares?

A Developer Dashboard for All Your Tools

That is what is happening with the Custom Tab at Assembla. It’s about my favorite tool in the stack there, since I can use it to extend Assembla functionality and tools without doing anything. Our team used to have a bunch of tools all over the place, New Relic for monitoring our application, Nagios for monitoring our servers, Jenkins for our CI, Kibana for log aggregation, and even a custom application for showing off our Developer stats.

Instead, I put them in Custom Tabs: Now, when we add a new tool to our stack, its immediately available and visible for all our developers to use from within the Assembla project. We also just added the favicon as default to Custom Tab tabs, I hope you enjoy this feature as much as me. To Check Out More Cool Features and Tools - Unsupported Browser. [cloud] EC2 like environment @ CJay 的英雄之旅. San Francisco Bay Area Professional Chapter. Toyota InfoTechnology Center, U.S.A., Inc.

San Francisco Bay Area Professional Chapter

(Toyota-ITC) together with ACM, announces sponsorship of Toyota ACM Quantified-Car Hackathon. Come join this competition to create apps that utilize the API for vehicle data on either iOS or Android platforms. At these events, Toyota-ITC will provide qualified developers with access to Toyota's vehicle data streaming API for the first time in the industry, in the US.The event will be preceded by API roll-out and idea brainstorming sessions (Ideathons).

Here you can learn about and discuss the API, generate app ideas and form teams. Step 1: Learn about the API. Free Online Meeting. Success Center. Evaluation Path Registration. Beta Testing On The Fly. Teamwork without email. Plaxo. Phonevite - Share Your Voice - Community-Based Voice Broadcasting - Phone Tree Service. Peach|日本初の本格的LCC(Japan’s first LCC) JIRA Service Desk.


[春節企劃] 1/23 有錢人養成計畫杜拜 11 天自由行 $25,360. 照片:杜拜帆船酒店 by Jamie (旅知故事 013, 寒假又要到了,與其和小孩在家裡看不特別的特別節目,大吃大喝養三圍,不如飛去杜拜,在杜拜一年最涼爽 (但還有 25 度) 的時候,參觀世界第一高塔、世界最大黃金市集、世界最豪華酒店。

[春節企劃] 1/23 有錢人養成計畫杜拜 11 天自由行 $25,360

參與我們. HackNTU 臺大黑客松年度小聚 - 活動通 Accupass. 每一個人心中都有一個英雄,都想要用自己的力量讓這個世界變得更好!

HackNTU 臺大黑客松年度小聚 - 活動通 Accupass

Hacker 運用技術做出豐富人們生活的產品; Entrepreneur 建立商業模式讓好產品被大家所用。 而當 Hacker 遇上 Entrepreneur 這個世界即將翻轉! 心中住著理想的你,絕對不能錯過這次 HackNTU 的年度小聚! 我們為大家邀請到來自矽谷的連續創業家 David Dupouy ( ) 與大家分享從工程師到創業家,進而成為創業圈的推手的心路歷程,與大家一同思考如何讓你的產品成為真正的生意! [SOTM.TW 2013] The mapping status of bus lines in Taiwan. People.

Research at NTU

Fast Data Processing with Spark. eBook: $22.99 Formats:

Fast Data Processing with Spark

A Type System for a Semistructured and XML Data Base (4) A Type System for a Semistructured and XML Data Base (4) Sparktrend - Let's turn your outfit dreams into reality! GraphLab Notebook. To Go. proudly announces: ' To Go' - a package containing the software for the well-known open data website To Go

Data Mining Community's Top Resource. Solr. Big Data Research. 阿貝好威的實驗室: Hadoop Cluster 如何使用Ambari 安裝與啟用 Kerberos. Scala Examples - Advanced. To compile and run on Windows one of the above Scala programs, let's say sort.scala, we can simply proceed as follows: > mkdir classes > scalac -d classes %SCALA_HOME%\doc\scala-devel\scala\examples\sort.scala > scala -cp classes examples.sort [6,2,8,5,1] [1,2,5,6,8] The name of the Scala executable is examples.sort where examples is the name of the package containing the sortobject.

Scala Examples - Advanced

Running the test on a Unix system is very much similar, except for the use of slashes instead of backslashes, and a different specification of the Scala home directory. Other Scala examples Finally, the following ressources contain Scala examples as well: The Scala distribution contains a directory examples with other source examples. Spark:一个高效的分布式计算系统. OpenStack快速入门 - Jack Zhou的专栏. 第一部分:OpenStack及其构成简介 一、云计算 云计算是一种计算模型,它将诸如运算能力、存储、网络和软件等资源抽象成为服务,以便让用户通过互联网远程享用,付费的形式也如同传统公共服务设施一样。

OpenStack快速入门 - Jack Zhou的专栏

因需而定、提供方便、动态改变和无限的虚拟化扩展能力是云计算的几个重要特征。 不同的“云”对应着不同的基础设施。 下面是三种广义的“云”: (1)基础设施即服务(IaaS) (2)平台即服务(PaaS) (3)软件即服务(SaaS) 译者注:Open为开放之意,Stack则是堆栈,OpenStack合起来如其名,就是许多Open的Softwares堆积的集合,但1 + 1 > 2,系统的功能更为强大。 Compute Engine Pricing - Google Cloud Platform. Movies Featuring the Nmap Security Scanner. For reasons unknown, Hollywood has decided that Nmap is the tool to show whenever hacking scenes are needed. At least it is a lot more realistic than silly 3D animation approach used in many previous movies (e.g. "hacking the Gibson" on Hackers, or the much worse portrayals on Swordfish). We always like to see Nmap in the movies, so we have catalogued known instances here. If you catch Nmap in another flick, please mail Fyodor.

The first person to do so wins a signed copy of Nmap Network Scanning and credit on this page when the movie is added! Movie script writers, artists, and digital asset managers are also welcome to email Fyodor for advice. This page only covers movies, we have a separate page coving news articles, reviews, books, and popular culture references. While Nmap had been used in some previous obscure movies, it was The Matrix Reloaded (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon) which really turned Nmap into a movie star!

Silicon Valley

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