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Facebook Twitter Plugin Information API Docs. In response to: “If only I had written some.. Plugin Information API Docs

Sorry! -DD32″ – My tagline i left in the Plugins API for WordPress (This was a copy-paste job from an email i sent to the wp-hackers list: Some basic documentation for the Plugins API: Note: The request should look something similar to this: $_POST['action'] = The action to perform, $_POST['body'] => A Serialized Object (with properties which are explained below). Actions: query_plugins plugin_information hot_tags query_plugins Accepts an object with a property of either:browse – A bbPress View to “browse”, eg, “popular” = – The term to search fortag – Browse by a tagauthor – Browse by an author (Note: .org has a few plugins to extend the author search to include contributors/etc) return array of objects: An array of the same object that plugin_information returns plugin_information return object: Takes an object of:number – The number of tags to return, Defaults to 100 return array of objects: (key will be tag slug)

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Social Media. If you’re a WordPress blogger and you’re looking to use social media to reach more readers, there are plenty plugins to enhance your blog’s optimization for social media.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Social Media

Here are 10 of the best. Share This – Choose which sites you want to target and let your readers vote for you with this plugin. Share This even allws you to change the colors to match your website. Unlike most plugins, it also provide tracking reports. Sociable – One of the more popular WordPress plugins for social media, Sociable will place buttons to several social bookmarking sites on each of your posts for users to easily submit and vote for you.

Antisocial – Antisocial is simply a different version of Sociable that adds nofollow tags to the links pointing towards the social media sites. Gregarious – Promote your blog posts on Digg, Reddit, and more with Gregarious. Notable – Similar to Sociable, Notable will place buttons on your blog posts to different social media sites. What’s Your Opinion? Debug Bar. SEO WordSpinner Plugin - SEO Content Spinning Tool for WordPress. Web Application Development - Usability Dynamics, Inc.Usability Dynamics, Inc. Andrew Forster - Caymanian Web Development Specialist. Codemirror 2 editor for WordPress admin area. WP-Property - WordPress Powered Real Estate and Property Management. Developed by the same people who brought you WP-Invoice, comes WP-Property.

WP-Property - WordPress Powered Real Estate and Property Management

As always, integration is seamless, the system is expandable and customizable, functionality is rich, and we are here to support it. This is not a "collection" of plugins, but one full suite. You will not have to download and match together a plethora of other plugins, in the hopes of them working well together, to have all the features you need. Check out our premium WordPress real estate theme.

Be sure to check out the WP-Property Forum if you need help. Common Shortcodes We have setup a "Shortcode Cheatsheet" page for your convenience. Include search form into page/post content. [property_search] Include search widget on content of a page or a post. Shortcodes are used to display listings. [property_overview pagination=on] Show all properties and enable pagination. Usage of custom attributes added in the Developer tab for queries, example: [property_overview house_color=blue,green] List all blue and green properties.

WP-Invoice - Web Invoice and Billing.