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Xmas Fare

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8 Christmas Traditions to Enjoy on a Tight Budget. Grinch Holiday Party Drink. Here’s a unique holiday drink recipe perfect for any Grinch fan!

Grinch Holiday Party Drink

DIY Hanging Treat Bag Advent Calendar - Hip2Save. 96Save Here’s an easy homemade advent calendar idea!

DIY Hanging Treat Bag Advent Calendar - Hip2Save

Better Homes & Gardens. Better Homes & Gardens. 20+ Salt Dough Ornament Ideas - How to Make Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments. Homemade "Christmas Crack" Toffee. Yahoo fait désormais partie d’Oath. 2017 Official CMA Country Christmas Playlists - CMA Country Christmas. 5 EASY and UNIQUE Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas. 5Save Need creative yet simple gift wrapping ideas?

5 EASY and UNIQUE Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

12 Salt Dough Ornament Ideas for Old-Fashioned Christmas Fun. Christmas Events In Colorado Springs, CO - Visit Colorado Springs. Enjoy a 4,675 square-foot, real ice rink, located on the west side of Acacia Park.

Christmas Events In Colorado Springs, CO - Visit Colorado Springs

The rink is a collaborative effort between the City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Services and Downtown Colorado Springs. Dates: November 14, 2017 - January 15, 2018Time: Varies depending on the day.Cost: $10 includes skates; Under 4 years old FREE with paying adult. Where To Find Santa In Colorado Springs. Location: Chapel Hills Mall, 1710 Briargate Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 Visit Santa in lower level center court.

Where To Find Santa In Colorado Springs

How To Make Turkey Stock. If you’re relatively new to hosting Thanksgiving, you’ve at least once looked at a turkey neck with dismay and confusion.

How To Make Turkey Stock

Maybe you were savvy enough to use it to impart extra flavor into your homemade gravy, or maybe you (gasp!) Threw it away while no one was looking. Whatever your history is with this underutilized ingredient, we won’t judge you; but we will tell you that the turkey neck is a bomb of untapped flavor potential that yields the most delicious turkey stock you’ve ever tasted—and you better not let it go to waste now that you're informed. Related: 11 Tasty And Nutritious Food Scraps You Can Actually Eat Watch the quick video above and read the instructions below to learn the simple process of making your own turkey stock, which you can use to make healing soups and stews, cook grains, sauté veggies, or simply sip.

(Slash your cholesterol, burn stubborn belly fat, solve your insomnia, and more—naturally! The Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe - Turns out perfect every time! 31 Creative and Fun DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - Part Two. 31 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas – Looking for something creative to gift this holiday season.

31 Creative and Fun DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - Part Two

Take a look at Part 2 of our homemade Christmas Gift Ideas. 31 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas – Part 2 Pin to Pinterest It’s easy to run to the store and pick up a gift. Upcycled Cereal Box Gift Bag and Christmas Craft. [TONYMOLY] Timeless Fermented Snail Cream – Vuty Design. DIY Salt Dough Christmas Tree Ornaments - Easy Salt Dough Ornament. Createdbyv. Chocolate Gravy Is the Pride of Appalachia. I am a gravy whisperer from Appalachia.

Chocolate Gravy Is the Pride of Appalachia

Gather round to hear me tell of something with the power to make your life—and biscuits—richer, fuller, and more delicious. I say to you, chocolate gravy. Mountain people who were born into the realm of chocolate gravy or were converted after the age of accountability love it. People from off might be confused and skeptical, so let’s parse the concept a word at a time. Gravy: Not all are made from meat drippings. To appreciate the wonders of chocolate gravy, one must first appreciate the alchemy of all gravy.

We’ll never know for sure, but the big bang of chocolate gravy was probably somewhere in the Mountain South and spread through the hillbilly diaspora. Those historians might be right, but I remain convinced that the first person who made chocolate gravy was a resourceful mama. Chocolate gravy seeks to soothe nerves, not fray them. There are two very different approaches, if not philosophies, to making Appalachian chocolate gravy. Ingredients. Make Candied Bacon As Soon As You Possibly Can. A side of bacon will always improve a meal, but nothing jazzes up brunch faster than candied bacon.

Make Candied Bacon As Soon As You Possibly Can

Candied bacon is sweet, salty, sticky, and crispy all at once—doesn't that just make your stomach grumble? When a crumbly mixture of brown sugar and black pepper is sprinkled over bacon and tossed in the oven, it oozes into a melt-in-your-mouth coating that offsets bacon’s saltiness in the most tastebud-pleasing way. If your finished batch of candied bacon actually makes it off the tray, use it as you would bacon in any breakfast—sandwich it, quiche it, accompany pancakes or eggs with it. However, the best way to harness the flavor power of candied bacon is to crumble it over sweets. How to Make Poached Pear Bread. Poached Pear Bread combines sweet fruit and tender quick bread together in one pan.

How to Make Poached Pear Bread

The bread is remarkably easy to make, we promise—watch our how-to video and see how it’s done. For this recipe, we use our Maple-Stout Quick Bread batter, whose flavors we absolutely love with the pears. But you can try any quick bread recipe you like; just know that you’ll probably need to bake it longer—about 5 or 10 additional minutes. After poaching the pears, don’t toss out the poaching liquid. Featured Products. Make Your Own Scented Pine Cones - Soap Queen. Scented Pinecones. Nintendo Reveals Switch Price and Details.

The Nintendo Switch Presentation finally aired and we have a release date for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s next generation console will be released worldwide on Mar 3, 2017 with a sale price of $299.99 USD. The console is evidently next gen, for it will not be region locked and will feature 2.5 to 6.5 hours of mobile playtime on a full charge. The Nintendo Switch was designed as a coming together of all of Nintendo’s previous console generations’ advancements. The original NES brought the console home to the family. The SNES introduced the X & Y buttons to enhance control and player experience. With a new close look at the console, we can see they pulled through. All in all, the Switch is clearly an everything-in-one kind of console. Kids Comics. Gratitude Tree Activity for Kids Tutorial.

Transform a Dollar Store Pumpkin into THIS with Spray Paint… Are you excited for Fall decorating?! Grab some spray paint and let’s transform some inexpensive items into a fun centerpiece for your table this Fall that won’t break the bank. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to spend a ton of money on seasonal décor since you’ll only be using it for a month or two. I recently picked up some dollar store pumpkins, leaf garlands, and two of those pumpkin candy pails from the thrift store for 69¢ each. My strategy was to spray paint all the items the same color for a more uniform and stylish look, and I’m LOVING the results! Rustic Homemade French Bread with Herb Butter Crust. Rosemary Olive Oil Rolls. It’s that time of year when many of you are hard at work planning your Thanksgiving menus. This year I’m not hosting so I am happily thinking of other things. Given my rocky history with this holiday (boy is that an understatement), avoidance of the topic right up until the very last minute has been serving me well the past few years.

Nevertheless, I do have quite a few great recipes to share with you for the holiday because I just love you all that much. Truth be told, at the moment my mind is much happier thinking of our recent vacations as well as starting to plan trips for next year. This recipe serves both purposes beautifully, as it was inspired by our trip to Italy but would be an absolutely perfect addition to a Thanksgiving table.