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Stress-Soother Tea. How to Make Nettle Infusions for Energy, Vitality and Allergy Relief - The Green Life. Start Your Morning with a Turmeric Honey Anti-Inflammatory Elixir | Hello Glow. We’ve gone a long winter without fresh, local produce and their nutrients and this is the time of year when we start to pay for it. We are at the peak of health imbalance right before spring starts and our bodies often surrender to end-of-winter flus and colds. And then we take over-the-counter medicines for these illnesses, adding one more burden to our already tired liver. While waiting for the sunny days to come, the only thing we can actually do to ease our transition towards spring greens galore is to turn back one more time to natural health boosters. For me, it’s always about turmeric. While I add it in different quantities to almost everything I cook (soups, stews, dips), I decided to also upgrade my morning lemon water with a splash of turmeric honey.

Inflammation is the root of most modern diseases, and adding turmeric to your daily diet is the simplest way to reduce it. Curcumin is the active substance in turmeric, a polyphenol with a wide set of health benefits. Ingredients. This Egg and Honey Drink Could Soothe Your Sore Throat. Have you ever sipped on a glass of eggnog and thought “This will surely soothe my sore throat!” Yeah, me neither. Apparently, we should think again. Known most commonly as kogel mogel or gogl-mogl, this concoction of egg yolk, honey, and milk is apparently good for what ails you. When it comes to cold-busters and sore throat-soothers, the flavors that come to mind are ginger, orange, lemon, maybe garlic or hot pepper to clear the sinuses.

These ingredients are pounded, juiced, and soaked into wellness drinks that are often sold as shots at juice shops for $5 a pop. While some recipes (which can hail back to 17th-century Central European Jewish communities) call for the drink to be made with raw egg yolks, I prefer not to tempt fate with salmonella if I’m already under the weather. Ladle an ounce or so of hot milk into the egg mixture and whisk well. Want More? Hibiscus Tea Electrolyte Replenishing Drink | Hello Glow. We’ve partnered with Ello to create this post. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors! This year I’m focusing on exercising mindfully. I’ve decided that in order for me to really enjoy my workouts and stick to them, I need to listen to my body and pay attention to its cues. Part of exercising mindfully includes my warm-ups and cool downs, not overdoing it, as well as making sure I’m properly hydrated before, during, and after.

I’m prone to nightly leg cramps – ouch! Taking my Hibiscus Tea Electrolyte Replenishing Drink to the gym has helped get rid of those nightly muscle cramps in my feet and calves as I’m drifting off to sleep. Ello sent me their Riley stainless steel bottle to try out and it happened to be perfect for bringing my homemade electrolyte drink with me wherever I go. For starters, Ello bottles are stainless steel which is durable, shatter-proof, doesn’t rust, and won’t impart any flavors. Now let me get back to my special electrolyte drink. Homemade Hot Chocolate - House of Yumm. Homemade Hot Chocolate. Warm up with this easy to put together creamy, silky, hot chocolate.

Customize with your favorite additions for a personalized treat! Homemade Hot Chocolate. So easy to make and definitely worth it. I’m always so disappointed with the little packets of hot cocoa that are always lined up in the markets this time of year. This easy recipe will be your new go to. It’s so simple, it’s kind of ridiculous. To make the perfect Homemade Hot Chocolate: Choose your milk. Go crazy! Yes please! And you can store this pre-made in the refrigerator and reheat in the microwave if needed, or if you make too much.

Print Homemade Hot Chocolate. Author: SerenePrep Time: 3 minsCook Time: 10 minsTotal Time: 13 minutesYield: 4 Ingredients 4 cups milk of choice 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder (unless making a white hot chocolate–Follow White Hot Chocolate recipe ) 2 tablespoons light brown sugar 4 ounces chocolate chopped (semi sweet or dark) Instructions SaveSave. Homemade Vanilla Steamer Recipe - Quick and Easy Steamed Milk. How To Make Banana Tea For Restful Sleep. What Is 'Golden Milk,' & Are There Any Health Benefits? Everyone knows what regular or chocolate milk is, but have you ever heard of golden milk? It sounds odd, but many swear by its purported health properties. Is there any truth to the idea that golden milk provides health benefits? Let's find out. Golden milk, defined Golden milk, also known as turmeric tea, is a beverage that contains ground turmeric.

This is combined with other herbs or spices, including ground pepper, ginger root or cloves. While it's called golden "milk," it doesn't necessarily have to contain cow's milk — instead, almond, hemp or coconut milk can be subbed in if there is a need to do so. Dr. More: These Foods Actually Improve Your Eyesight What's the deal with turmeric? Now that we know the ins and outs of golden milk, does turmeric, its most touted ingredient, really have any health benefits? More: What Are the Health Benefits of Ginger? Golden milk recipe Courtesy of Dr. Ingredients: Directions: Add the ginger root and cloves to the water. Your mileage may vary. Turmeric Collagen Latte Recipe - mindbodygreen. Within a single week back in 2014, I'd lost then gained 10 pounds. Cystic acne spread over every inch of my face, and I was so exhausted that standing to get a glass of water felt like climbing Everest.

My body was so puffy that my rings no longer fit on my fingers, and it took me 10 minutes to get out of bed in the morning because it hurt too much to stand on my feet. I was a fit 24-year-old trainer. Months later, after way too many doctors' visits, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease affecting my thyroid and hormonal functions, accompanied by a wicked case of leaky gut.

But at the time of this sudden onset of extreme symptoms? It just felt like my body had betrayed me. After being dismissed by discouraging doctors, I was desperate for help and sick and tired of being sick and tired. The golden fuel that helped me reclaim my health. I turned to golden milk for the curcumin in turmeric, what we now all know is a powerhouse for combating inflammation. Method. Make Ginger-Citrus Ice Cubes and Feel Like a Genius | Extra Crispy. Up until recently, I hadn't thought of all the alternative uses for ice cube trays.

Mine had always languished in my crowded freezer, filled with plain old water in different stages of solidity: alone, underutilized, and extremely boring. But there are so many ways to use an ice cube tray for freezing things beyond water—we've even covered freezing milk and champagne ice cubes. Especially as the weather gets hot and I begin to subsist exclusively on frozen things (popsicles are a perfect dinner) mixing up what you can freeze in ice cube trays is a gamechanger, and makes any drink better. Case in point: ginger-citrus ice cubes. I'll hold while you try and think of literally anything more refreshing than that. The cubes combine grated ginger, lemon juice, manuka honey, and a little water for dropping in literally whatever drink you'd like. Ginger-Citrus Ice Cubes Ingredients Directions This recipe originally appeared on Peach-Ginger Shrub Recipe - Edamam. Ginger Peach Shrub (Drinking Vinegar) | Kindred Kitchen.

I must admit, this month’s Recipe Redux member challenge threw me for a bit of a loop. The challenge? Whip up a recipe that can be made (or served) in a jar. Due to an (admittedly irrational) fear of killing all of my friends with botulism, I don’t participate in the art of jarring or canning. For me, the whole concept is simply too fraught with danger. What to do. I did attempt an overnight muesli, which totally fell flat (and I broke a tooth eating…long story). Finally, with the mercury rising to 90 degrees, I got to thinking about serious (and delicious) thirst quenchers. Enter shrub (or drinking vinegar as it’s sometimes referred to). First a brief history lesson. Many cultures have used vinegar for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. This recipe does not require any cooking and incorporates stone fruit and ginger instead of the more traditional berries.

Serve with seltzer or mineral water for a great, low-sugar, low-calorie alternative to soda. Tags: beverage, fruit share this: How To Make a Fruit Shrub Syrup - Recipe | Kitchn. Have you ever sipped a shrub? Not the bush out in your front lawn, but a fruit syrup, preserved with vinegar and mixed with water or alcohol to make a tangy, refreshing beverage. An old-fashioned favorite, shrubs have steadily made a comeback in the last several years — especially on cocktail menus — but they aren't solely the province of mixologists. Making a shrub syrup at home is a fun way to preserve and play with seasonal fruit, and you can follow this template for practically any fruit you have on hand. In addition to drinks, you can use the brightly flavored syrup in salad dressings and homemade jam, or as a glaze for meats.

The History of the Shrub The word "shrub" is derived from the Arabic sharbah, which means "a drink. " The Basic Process for Making Shrubs Although there are several different methods for making shrubs, the most common process involves creating a fruit-flavored vinegar and sweetening it with sugar. The Ingredients for Making Shrubs Making Shrubs Safely What You Need. Lavender Peach Shrub Syrup (#ForFoodAgainstHunger) | The Flavor Bender. Summer is Delicious. Turmeric Golden Milk Recipe - Powerful Golden Milk Drink. I recently shared a post that teaches you how to make golden paste, and this turmeric golden milk (sometimes referred to as just golden milk, turmeric milk, turmeric tea, or haldi doodh) is one of the best uses for your fresh batch of golden paste! Whew, that was a bit of a mouthful, but stick with me here because I really think you’re going to love this wonderfully detoxifying and disease-fighting drink.

Keep reading to find out how you can easily whip up a warm mug of powerful turmeric golden milk to enjoy before hitting the hay tonight. What is Turmeric Golden Milk? Turmeric golden milk is an ancient home remedy that’s known to work wonders on a list of ailments from the common cold to more serious conditions like arthritis and cancer. RELATED: Be sure to check out our turmeric latte recipe! Turmeric contains curcumin which is what gives it that gorgeous yellow color. It’s also what gives turmeric it’s healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin is also used as a skin remedy. Salty Watermelon Shrub Elixir. You know those sweltering, sun beating down, summer days……. where the wind just blows more hot air, and your clothes sticks to every inch that’s covered?

And you’re so thirsty you just need something, anything to drink, stat. And what winds up in your hand is a glass of wine, cocktail, or beer, and it’s gone in minutes. Like someone literally put a hole in the bottom of it because the icy, cold profile was just what your body was looking for. Or so you thought. And you quickly realize you shouldn’t have lifted your glass so fast. I’ve been avoiding that situation this summer with my love for shrub elixir‘s, ignited by Sherrie‘s magic at the final dinner of our Boss Babe Fest.

Maybe you’ve heard of shrubs or switchels: vinegar-based fruit drinks that were popular years ago, during the long days of harvesting, to refuel. The apple cider tang of a shrub mimics the puckery grapefruit, along with fresh lime juice & lime La Croix for brightness. Salty Watermelon Shrub Elixir Ingredients. Chilled Vegan Golden Milk + Turmeric 101. When media gets hooked on a food trend, they have a tendency to feature it day in and day out. Kind of like when a radio station plays that popular song every 3 hours…… Hence the reason you’ve probably heard you should be adding turmeric to your every day, or that acai berries should replace blueberries in your smoothies because of their high antioxidant properties.* And although I sometimes get tired of hearing about these “new” foods, the buzz works to introduce us to things that can benefit our health we may never have tried otherwise.

But I’m also a firm believer in understanding in order to embrace. Hearing about it is good for awareness, but for me to make it part of my life, I need to learn the how/what/why. So today, let’s talk details about turmeric, and end with a recipe for this cooling and restorative Chilled Golden Milk. What kind of plant is it? Where is it grown? What does it taste like? What are the health benefits? How can we easily add it to our daily lives? Ingredients. Pink Moon Milk {a dreamy sleep tonic} This moon milk recipe is sponsored by the Cherry Marketing Institute. I’m excited to be partnering with them this year to bring you more recipes and ideas about Montmorency tart cherries, which are not only delicious, but good for you too. From being very young and pushing for just two more minutes before getting tucked in, to consistently flying in the door at exactly curfew time in high school.

To college, where I wouldn’t walk out the door to party until after 9pm, and sleep until noon the next day. And now at 33, I’m the exact opposite – so excited for my head to hit the pillow every single night. The exhales. The slow down. The closing of the day. I’ve been consciously working on my nighttime routine to help calm my mind, and body, so that I’m able to fall asleep easier. I first started by agreeing to put my phone/computer screen down at 10:30pm, at the latest, as I’d find myself lying in bed, scrolling mindlessly through social media or emails, further provoking racing thoughts. The Skinny on Bulletproof Coffee & My Simplified Recipe! This week I posted about the effects coffee can have on the gut and digestion. Read that HERE if you’re having a hard time with bloat and gas and don’t know why-coffee could be the culprit (and there’s an easy fix so that you can still have your morning cup!).

Today, I’m going to breakdown the benefits of the famous Bulletproof coffee as well as share how I take my coffee to keep my stomach feeling happy. As a reader pointed out to me, coffee can either make or break your health. (thank you Elizabeth ) There are ways to make your coffee benefit your health rather then take away from it. I think everyone has heard of Bulletproof coffee. If you haven’t, basically it’s a way to take your coffee that will help with energy, brain power and even weight loss. Original Bulletproof Recipe: 2 cups of organic coffee2 tbsp. grass fed butter2 tsp.

**You must work up to the above proportions or you will get nauseated or experience bathroom troubles. My Recipe: I also tried unrefined coconut oil. Turmeric Latte with Coffee - Nicky's Kitchen Sanctuary. Yummy Drinks to Make in the Slow Cooker… I use my slow cooker as frequently as I can, for just about eeeeeverything. In fact, I have two of them because I often use them simultaneously. I recently used them to make gallons of hot chocolate, and that got me thinking… what other yummy drinks can be made in a slow cooker? Here are a few… 1.

Oh my goodness, these sound ridiculously good! 2. This yummy Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate only has a few ingredients and makes a creamy, delicious hot cocoa. 3. This drink sounds like Autumn in a cup. 4. Lots of great reviews on this Maple Pumpkin Spice Latte! 5. Mulled wine is a classic winter drink! 6. I just love a good dirty chai, so I can’t wait to try this! 7. I think these would be just as tasty without the rum, too. Written by Danielle for Hip2Save. Share Check these out... How to Make an Amazing Pumpkin Spice Latte (at Home) Wellness Mama. DIY Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer. Hot Apple Cider Tea - Premeditated Leftovers.