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How Animals See the World - Infographic. And now for something a little different: an infographic (click to enlarge) showing how animals see the world (with reference to designing logos, of course).

How Animals See the World - Infographic

Related Logo Design Evolution Iconic Logos Through The Years: Logos have been present in some form or fashion for centuries. The idea of a symbol that identifies a product, service, or company is nearly as old as time. Naturally, the logo has seen some significant changes throughout human history, and particularly so over the… September 11, 2014.

DIY Logo Design - Designing Your Own Logo. If you are determined to have a go at designing your own logo, you might benefit from some advice by the experts.

DIY Logo Design - Designing Your Own Logo

I would never recommend a genuine business designing their own logo but for a project, a team, a club or a non profit organisation it might make sense and could be fun. If there is someone who sees themselves as a bit of a creative, this is probably the right person to put in charge. If they have any real world design experience, that´s even better. This inforgraphic has been put together to help you make some sensible decisions about important aspects of designing a logo without professional assistance. You are free to share this infographic by pasting the embed code below in to your blog or forum etc. DIY Logo Design – Top Tips (Infographic) Pittsburgh-SEO-Web on Pittsburgh Internet Marketing's RebelMouse. Unbound SEO.

Two Ways Car Dealers Can Increase Leads. Over the years, we have focused on building the right software and the best process to help dealers communicate with their website visitors.

Two Ways Car Dealers Can Increase Leads

It comes down to ease of use, scientific testing of our scripts, and impeccable customer service. These are all important, but at the end of the day, dealers want more leads. The number of form fills on most dealer websites have been on a steady decline despite sales going up. Much of this can be attributed to the continued rise of mobile website traffic; people are simply less likely to fill out a form on a smartphone than they would if viewing the page from a desktop. Still, the need to gather contact information and to take charge of the sales process has kept the art of lead generation from becoming obsolete.

While some would like to make it complicated, there really is an easy way to break down the improvement of lead generation on a dealer’s website. This is important, but it can also be expensive. What Your Office and Desk Say About You. “You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression” Have you ever wondered what your client is truly thinking once they leave your office?

What Your Office and Desk Say About You

Was that face made because they were impressed or because they were disgusted? How are you supposed to know what someone thinks about your office? Not a problem. This article will help you decipher what your office and what your desk say about you. Unorganized and Cluttered If the top of your desk is not organized and it is cluttered with objects, your desk is screaming to others that it needs help. Unbound SEO. Ker Communications. Muscle Builders. SEO Audit - Website Review - Search Engine Visibility Analysis Report. 3 Things You Must Know Before Buying a "Clinically Proven" Fat Burner. 5 Simple Fat Burners... that You Can Try for Nickels per Day!

3 Things You Must Know Before Buying a "Clinically Proven" Fat Burner

Free Report! Clinically proven fat burners.Cheap and affordable! Stop paying TOO much! Get instant access via email! Free for LIMITED time! We will never spam you. Enter your e-mail below to receive the download. SEO & Search Engine Marketing - The Ker Communications Approach. Search engines like Google want to give people the best answers to their questions.

SEO & Search Engine Marketing - The Ker Communications Approach

You have the best answers. Our job is to make sure the search engines tell everyone about it… …and you stand out from the crowd. Get Started or read on to learn more… Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is an essential part of a good online marketing strategy. Real search engine optimization is more than just throwing a bunch of keywords on the page and hoping they bring it to the top of the Google search results list. How Does SEO Work? To better understand what Search Engine Optimization is, it is important to understand how search engines work. Google’s own very informative How Search WorksBeginners Guide from, one of the best sources of search and inbound marketing information Our Methods Website Design and Search Engine Visibility Ideally, your website should be designed with both usability for people and search engine visibility in mind from the beginning.

SEO & Search Engine Marketing - The Ker Communications Approach. Ker Communications.