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Summer 2011. Rnd 1: In tan, make an adjustable ring and work 5 sc in the ring, do not join, place marker to mark the first stitch of the next rnd: 5 sc.

Summer 2011

Rnd 2: [2 Sc in each sc] 5 times: 10 sc. Rnd 3: [Sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc] 5 times: 15 sc. Amigurumi Heart Tutorial. This quick and fun heart tutorial is a good starting point for anyone wishing to move beyond designing amigurumi plush that are mix of ball and tube shapes.

Amigurumi Heart Tutorial

The slip stitch join is a very useful technique that has many possibilities besides hearts :] Here are some ideas for it's use: straight legs for dolls and animals, fingers for hands, bunny or monster ears, plant branches . . . Difficulty: ❤❤♡♡ Advanced beginner This is a wonderful beginner's project but it does use a few advanced techniques: The magic ring, invisible decrease and a slip stitch join of the two halves.

Planet June has a wonderful tutorial of how to do the invisible decrease and the magic ring. Materials You'll Need:• Yarn in your choice of color(s)• Crochet hook - D to F depends on yarn weight• Stuffing - Polyfil• Yarn or Darning Needle• Scissors❤ Optional - keychain, phone lanyard, pin back, necklace chain, ornament hookCrochet Terms:This pattern is written in American terms. American (UK/British) Amigurumi Pattern. Pandapple from Sanrio free amigurumi pattern. Ringo!

Pandapple from Sanrio free amigurumi pattern

Materials 2.50 mm hook1.75mm hookSimilar sized yarn in rose pink, white, black, apple green, pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel green, pastel blueEmbroidery thread in black and whiteDarning needleCarpet needle (with large eye and sharp tip)Polyester fiberfillA small piece of pink felt Eyes (make two) With black embroidery floss and a 1.75mm hook: Chain 4 Round 1: Starting in second chain from hook, sc in the next 2sc, 3sc in the last sc. Round 2: Rotate the foundation row, don’t turn it.

Fasten off and leave a long end for sewing. With white embroidery floss and a darning needle, sew about 8 times over one of the stitches, near the top of each eye. Head. Free Easter amigurumi pattern: Haru-chan and baby Chioux. It’s been a year since we shared our first pattern, Sayo & Nara-chan.

Free Easter amigurumi pattern: Haru-chan and baby Chioux

Easter is almost here again and this time, we have Haru-chan and her pet chick, Chioux, to join us for the celebration. Spring is Haru-chan’s favourite season of the year. She is a big fan of jelly-filled chocolate and cute little animals. Her free time is spent rescuing stray animals – lil’ Chioux being one of them. That happened a long time ago, one cold, rainy day. Now the two are the best of friends and all ready for some Easter fun! Amigurumi. I found a Koala Amigurumi Pattern in the Woman’s Day website and I have some off-white and gray organic cotton yarns on hand, so I made a pair of these small little stuffed koalas for my kids in reverse color.


Some ideas to make it differently: 1. This adorable little koala is about 3-5″ tall only (depend on your yarn and the matching hook size), install a key ring on it’s head and turn it into a key chain, hang it to the bag’s zipper. 2. If we sew the limbs closer to the center of the body and insert 4 small strong magnets to the tip of each limb, you can make it “huggy” and hug on a tree branch or at the edge of your curtain or your pencil, ruler etc… 3. Owl - Mr. Murasaki. Who doesn’t dream of making their own stuffed toy?

Owl - Mr. Murasaki

Stuffed toy making can be from a few methods, besides sewing, AMIGURUMI (crochet or knit stuff doll) is one of the most popular methods. When I saw Mei Li’s blog (AmiguruMEI) for the first time, my jaw dropped. When I got to know that she designed her own amigurumi doll, I knew I need to know her more and introduce her to you. Visit her blog (AmuguruMEI) and you will know that I am not joking or exaggerate my statement. Baby Chick Amigurumi. Remember Jenny And Teddy Etsy shop that I mentioned in my How-To Amigurumi tutorial?

Baby Chick Amigurumi

Jane, the girl behind the shop who sells amigurumi patterns and the finished dolls is here to teach us how to amigurumi a little cutie baby chicky. I heart it when Jane showed me the photo and can’t wait to share this easy pattern that she specially designed for Craft Passion with you. She used light weight acrylic yarn with a matching 1.25mm hook size to make this 3- 3 1/2″ little baby chick. You can always substitute with other yarn and a matching hook size (read here on how to choose a correct hook size for amigurumi).

Jane has a personal blog under the same name “JennyAndTeddy” where she journals the amigurumi tips together with her amigurumi designing journey. How To Amigurumi. I heard friends and readers asking me how to do amigurumi, including patterns, materials, tools & tips etc…. you will find all the answers in this post: How-To Amigurumi!!!

How To Amigurumi

Frankly speaking, just like all other crafts, to make a decent looking amigurumi is not easy but it is not hard as you thought too. You need skill, skill comes from knowledge and practice…. and to success in crafting, you need patience and the “never-give-up” attitude – do it again and again until you are satisfied with the result. Amigurumi (編みぐるみ? , lit. crocheted or knitted stuffed toy) is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures.

The word is derived from a combination of the Japanese words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll. Get the complete guide on how-to Amigurumi after this jump. I spent months to master the skill of these cutie doggie amigurumies, no joke! Recommended Amigurumi Books (Amazon Store): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Free amigurumi pattern: Tuxedo Sam. Tuxedo Sam is a tubby little Sanrio penguin who loves to eat.

Free amigurumi pattern: Tuxedo Sam

He likes to be called Tuxedo-san; Sam is too old-fashioned, he thinks. Bubbles! Ahhhhhh… Bubblegum Polar Bear.