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My Cardboard Life » Made from real cardboard. Home of 高松和樹 距離感主義 Kazuki Takamatsu. Bohyun Yoon. Aleah Chapin. Architectural sketches on Behance. The Negative Space of a House Cut Inside a 908-Page Book. Your House is limited edition artist’s book by Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson that depicts the negative space formed by his home located outside Copenhagen.

The Negative Space of a House Cut Inside a 908-Page Book

Every structural detail of the house from the roof, windows, and even a basement crawlspace are depicted within the thick layer of laser-cut paper. The 908-page books were designed by Michael Heimann and Claudia Baulesch and published by the Library Council of the Museum of Modern Art back in 2006. Sarahdennis. MINNI HAVAS. Ali Cavanaugh. One last time August 29th, 2013 one last time 12″ x 12″ modern fresco Summer August 21st, 2013 Summer 16″ x 20″ modern fresco muse over August 10th, 2013 this little grouping of paintings will be included in my solo show next month at Robert Lange Studios muse over 12″ x 12″ modern fresco over 12″ x 12″ gauzy I and II 8″ x 8″ each press on July 16th, 2013 Press On 15″ x 22″watercolor on clay Transfiguration July 3rd, 2013 Some new paintings that will be featured in my solo show at Robert Lange Studio in September.

Laura Plageman. Laura Plageman is an artist and educator who lives and works in Oakland, CA.

Laura Plageman

Her images explore the relationships between the process of image making, photographic truth and distortion, and the representation of landscape. She is interested in making pictures that examine the natural world as a scene of mystery, beauty, and constant change – transformed both by human presence and by its own design. Kevin Van Aelst. Minnihavas. The Visions Project: Tarot Cards & Art Prints by James R. Eads. The Prisma Visions Collection and the Light Visions Tarot Deck will be available through after December 2013.

The Visions Project: Tarot Cards & Art Prints by James R. Eads

The Visions Project is a two part project. The first part is the Light Visions Tarot Deck, a set of 78 cards I began creating over a year ago. The tarot deck is a unique and whimsical play on the classic tarot deck and features hand-drawn highly detailed cards. Despite the small frame of the cards, each was executed on such a large scale that the cards have developed into individual works of art. The second part of the project is The Prisma Visions Collection, based on the first 23 cards of the tarot deck. Funding for this project would provide a means to print the full 78 card Light Visions tarot deck and The Prisma Visions Collection. The Light Visions: Major Arcana The Light Visions Major Arcana has already been completed and is currently available for sale at

The Light Visions: Minor Arcana Thank you. $18,000 Stretch Goal- PASSED! Ambera wellmann. Visarute angkatavanich / Photos. FarbstifteBox. View photo #My Drawings #farbstiftebox #stickers #boxes #books 6 days ago 7 View photo #farbstiftebox #Cinthya Espitia #Drawing #Violet #sketch #my drawings #long hair #big eyes #pale 2 weeks ago 2.


J.C. LEYENDECKER. Au carrefour étrange: Manuel pratique d'hypnotisme - 1941 - Doing this takes a lot of time!

Au carrefour étrange: Manuel pratique d'hypnotisme - 1941 -

If you save pics or enjoy the place (or not), take 3 seconds to make a comment! No feedback no communication, no communication no blog... Les images et les textes postés sur le carrefour ont pour seul but de faire découvrir des artistes. Leurs ayant-droits sont priés de se manifester si leur diffusion pose problème. Copyright owners can contact me for any problem. 김범 일러스트 - 04 (스압) Helena Hauss - Biro pen illustrations - Bic pen illustrations. Kevin Van Aelst. Antony Gormley. Catfish Deluxe. Marco Basta. Secuencia de fotos de NVM Illustration. Mattias Inks. Moth: A New Woodcut Print from Tugboat Printshop. Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth over at Pittsburgh-based Tugboat Printshop just announced a new woodcut print titled Moth.

Moth: A New Woodcut Print from Tugboat Printshop

Shown in production here, the final piece will be a 2-color print measuring 18″ x 25″ and is now available for pre-order. Art and design blogs everywhere were smitten earlier this year with their equally beautiful Moon print. The duo also has an upcoming exhibition of woodcut prints at the Arm in Brooklyn, opening Thursday, November 7th. Artist Hanjo Schmidt.