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Hp designjet 130. Reading through several threads - I have a Designjet 130NR Printer with the dreaded 'wont print yellow' syndrome. I put a brand new print head and ink cartridge - same deal. I found the service manual for the printer, a link is out there, maybe it was on this thread, easy to find. I used it to remove the ISS assembly - which includes the base for the print head assembly as well as the 'rail' for lack of better terminology for the ink tanks.

Took all of 5 minutes to remove the center cover and end cover, less than 5 minutes to remove the assembly. For what its worth, I placed the print heads upside down in a plastic container with a small amount of isopropanol in the bottom thinking that would help keep them from drying out. As it turns out, its probably unnecessary. Anyway, I was able to remove the yellow tube from the assembly by carefully removing the mating half of the yellow feed line from the print head assembly on the ISS. HOW TO CLEAN, FLUSH AND PRIME THE HP DESIGNJET PRINT HEAD. HP NO85 PRINTHEAD/FADE RESIST CYAN. HP Cartouche d encre No85 Printhead/Fade resist yellow C9422A chez Microcity magasin d informatique à bruxelles & vente en ligne. Tête d'impression N°85 HP Série 130 JAUNE C9422A. Canon Printhead for Pro 9000, Pro 9000 Mark II, i9900, i9950, iP8500, iP8600. This is a new, genuine Canon printhead. Canon does not include ink cartridges with their new print heads. You can install the ink cartridges from your old print head in the new printhead if they still have ink in them.

This printhead also replaces the older style QY6-0055-000 printhead. Wondering what causes print heads to go bad? Dried nozzles can be caused by several things, including a poorly seated ink cartridge, or lack of use (letting the printer sit for a few weeks without using). Sometimes print heads can be "resuscitated". Sometimes the printhead problems are caused not by a defective print head but by a “gunky” parking station. For easier access to the parking station, open the cover of the printer so that the print head carriage comes to the middle (as if to replace an ink cartridge). (Note: we will not be responsible for any damage to property or persons which result from these instructions.) Print heads are not returnable. Genuine Canon Print Head QY6-0076-000 is the replacement for QY6-0055-000 - CRC (Tasktron Limited) HP DesignJet - an update. Frustrations and fixes. Background: Let me warn you that resurrecting an HP DesignJet printer from cold storage makes a date with Sophia Loren a piece of cake by comparison.

After the lovely Sophia has turned up two hours late, wants a change of venue and has thrown a shoe or two at you, things go swimmingly well as you gaze into her lovely brown eyes and luxuriate in the prospect of her gorgeous lips on yours. But try resurrecting an HP DJ, by comparison – and it is every bit the exemplar of its caste as Sophia is of hers – and before you know it you will be the one using bad language and generally throwing things in frustration. Having just gone through that process (the HP, that is, not the date with Sophia) you would not be surprised to find some bad language in what follows.

The problems discussed below are by no means unique to the DesignJet. It’s a couple of years since I wrote about head cleaning for the HP Designjet 30/90/130 wide carriage ink jet dye printers. Snow Leopard: DN_10PS_130PSsm.pdf. Imprimantes HP Designjet ultra bas de gamme - Amorçage des tubes d'encre. Re: Printing with pre-Intel Macs - HP Support Forum - 4202614. HP Q6662A pour traceur HP DESIGNJET 70/90 Informatique Moselle. c00382768.pdf. Genuine Canon QY6-0055-000 print head. QY6-0055 ou QY6-0076. Cannon I9900 head removal. Canon i9950 - Top half of Magenta not printing - Hi Trigger1937, Thank you for the comprehensive feedback. I've been impressed by your posts across a few different forums.

I did go through the deeping cleaning of the print head as you describe (picked that up from one of your other forum posts :-). I found a local Canon service centre that would look at the printer for $48 and give it a good clean through etc. Given that I can get a brand new Canon Pro9000 for $850, it seems crazy to go ahead and pay for the repair and I just buy a new one and put this i9950 on eBay as spares. For more context (which supports your last point), we moved from the UK to Australia at the start of the year and the printer sat in a box unused for 4-6 weeks while being shipped. Thanks again for responding and would welcome your opinion on the above, as well as any thoughts on a very good A3 photo printer if I do have to replace it. Imprimante Canon Pixma PRO9000 Mark II A3. J h min s jour heure heures Livraison gratuite Voir la description de l'objet Environ : (Saisissez ##1## ou plus) (Saisissez une valeur supérieure à ##1##) Votre enchère maximum : Un autre membre a surenchéri.

Un autre membre a surenchéri en plaçant une enchère automatique. Vous êtes le meilleur enchérisseur pour cet objet ! Vous êtes le premier enchérisseur pour cet objet ! Vous êtes le meilleur enchérisseur pour cet objet, mais un autre membre peut encore surenchérir. Cette vente est presque terminée et vous êtes actuellement le meilleur enchérisseur. Vous êtes le meilleur enchérisseur pour cet objet, mais le prix de réserve n'a pas été atteint. Un autre membre a surenchéri. Vous pouvez encore remporter l'objet ! Votre enchère est inférieure à l'enchère maximum d'un autre membre. Votre enchère a été rejetée, car elle est identique à celle d'un autre membre. Essayez d'augmenter votre enchère maximum. Vous êtes le meilleur enchérisseur! Vous êtes le premier enchérisseur. Votre enchère maximum est désormais de. Imprimante Professionelle HP Photosmart B8850. Topic sur les problèmes des imprimantes canon - Page : 15 - Imprimante - Hardware - Périphériques.

Copy service anspach. Jets d'encre Canon - Nettoyage des têtes - MAJ 25/11/05 - Imprimante - Hardware - Périphériques. Las de voir toujours les mêmes questions posées, j'ai décidé de créer ce topic, ainsi je n'aurai plus qu'à donner le lien, plutôt que de rabacher la même chose Je ne parlerai ici que des problèmes de têtes sur des imprimantes Canon, ce sont les seules que je connaisse, j’en suis à ma cinquième imprimante Canon en 20 ans. D’autre part chez Canon, cartouches et tête sont dissociées, ça facilite la maintenance, ce qui n’est pas le cas sur les autres marques. Tout ce qui suit s’applique aux anciennes têtes 4 picolitres (vertes) des séries BJC et aux têtes 2 picolitres (noires) des séries IP et MP, hors celles avec puce sur la cartouche comme IP1600, IP2600, IP4200, et autres à venir. Cliquez sur les photos pour les agrandir. Différence entre tête et cartouche:Pour les néophytes, et pour être certains de quoi l’on parle, vous trouverez ci-dessous les photos respectives de cartouches et têtes d’impression : 2 - POURQUOI EST-CE QUE LES TETES SE BOUCHENT?