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Myl historias: septiembre 2010. "La enorme cantidad de demandas y problemas distintos a satisfacer, produce una barrera por encima de la cual la idea arquitectónica principal tiene dificultades por emerger.

myl historias: septiembre 2010

En ese caso, si bien involuntariamente, hago lo siguiente: olvido por un momento el enjambre de problemas -después de tener bien fijada en el subconsciente la atmósfera del propio trabajo y el sinfín de exigencias diversas-. Paso entonces a un método de trabajo que se asemeja considerablemente al del arte abstracto. Guiado sólo por el instinto, desprendiéndome de las síntesis arquitectónicas, dibujo composiciones, a veces francamente infantiles, y de esa manera surge, poco a poco, desde una base abstracta, la idea principal, una especie de sustancia general que ayuda a armonizar entre sí numerosos problemas parciales contradictorios" ALVAR, Aalto.

De palabra y por escrito. Iglesia de las tres cruces. El artículo entero (pero con distinta traducción) aquí. Canon CREATIVE PARK. Model Gallery. Kirigami Maple Leaves Instructions. Kirigami Maple Leaves is an interesting design where you've a ring or cicle with three connecting maple leaves in it.

Kirigami Maple Leaves Instructions

To create this pattern, you will have to start by folding the hexagon base. Made this origami? Comment and Submit your photo using the comment box at the end of this page! Kirigami Maple Leaves Step 1: Start by folding the origami hexagon base. We've created a separate page of instructions for it. Follow the instructions from Steps 1 to 6 for the origami hexagon base and you should have the following to start with. Kirigami Maple Leaves Step 2: If possible use a compass to draw the top 2 lines, as we've done below. You could draw it free hand but you may end up with a less than perfect circle. Kirigami Maple Leaves Step 3: Complete drawing the pattern as shown below.

Download. PopUp basic technics. Free Animated Mechanical Paper Models. Pop-up Card (Cake) - Others - Craft Cards - Gift & Card. 3D Text made easy. January 23, 2009 at 3:13 pm I ran across a very cool Instructable the other day on making pop-up words, and realized this would be a great project for the Cricut.

3D Text made easy

Alas, the fonts listed in the article do not work on the Cricut. You can adapt this to Cricut cutting with any suitable font by adding tabs one by one in Inkscape, SCAL or maybe even CDS, but… I decided it would be quicker to just make a new font. To prepare your cutfile in SCAL, choose the pop up font in the library window, set the size and start typing. If you are using Solly PopTab font you can insert scoring guides using the minus key. Next add rectangles above and below the text with the edges just overlapping. With everything set to weld, your preview and finished cut will look like this. I score the bottom line and top 2 lines before removing the paper from the mat so that I can use the dashed lines as guides. For the time being you’ll have to go to Fontstruct to get my pop up font called Solly PopTab.

CornerstoneLAE: Pop-up cards. Detoured again!

CornerstoneLAE: Pop-up cards

My hot air balloon pop-up was supposed to be finished by now :( Instead, this little bumblebee card jumped to the front of the list. The best part of this one is that those bees hover on paper springs. The slightest little movement causes them to buzz around! Simple and effective. Pop Up Card Tutorial Lesson 1. Level of Difficulty: Easy THE BOX (Also know as the Parallel Fold or the Step) While simple to construct, the box is extremely versatile.

Pop Up Card Tutorial Lesson 1

It lends itself beautifully to cards with strong graphical elements. Pop Up Lessons/How To Books. How to Make Pop Up Cards Lesson 1: The BoxLesson 2: Box Variation Lesson 3: The V-FoldLesson 4: Box Cut Separately Lesson 5: Box Tabs and SlotsLesson 6: V-Fold Tabs and Slots Lesson 7: Pop Up Words 1Lesson 8: Pop Up Words 2Lesson 9: Pop Up Words 3 Lesson 10: Pop Up Words 4Lesson 11: The X (Slotted Shapes)Lesson 12: Slotted X with StrapLesson 13: Slotted X with TabsLesson 14: Asymmetrical Slotted XLesson 15: X Form CardsLesson 16: V-Fold PivotLesson 17: Asymmetrical V-Fold Pivot Lesson 18: 180° Open Top BoxLesson 19: 180° Box with Closed TopLesson 20: 180° Open Top BoatLesson 21: 45° Open Box Lesson 22: Tabletop Floating on Boxes Lesson 23: Tabletop Floating on I-Beams The Best Pop Up Card Instruction Books My personal favorites!

Pop Up Lessons/How To Books

Most are available from Amazon or Book Depository. Popupology. Kirigami Free Downloads. If you love the art of folding and cutting paper, you'll be excited to learn that the Internet is an excellent resource for free Kirigami patterns.

Kirigami Free Downloads

Try some of the following free patterns to create something fun. You won't believe all the things you can make with these great designs. Four Free Kirigami Patterns These free printable .PDF Kirigami patterns make it easy to learn the basics of this fun paper craft. To download the patterns, click on the image to open the file in a new tab or window, then download or print the pattern. This Kirigami people circle is an adorable twist on the traditional paper snowflake design.

This snowflake with heart embellishments would be cute as a Valentine's Day party decoration. A pink pear shaped lantern is a cute decoration for a baby shower or for a young girl's birthday party. This round turquoise lantern uses a technique similar to the pear shaped pink Kirigami lantern. Extreme Cards and Papercrafting - Pop Up Cards - Origamic Architecture - Sliceforms - Kirigami.

I like the idea of spiral pop up cards, but sometimes the design gets a bit awkward looking as the loops get bigger.

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting - Pop Up Cards - Origamic Architecture - Sliceforms - Kirigami

My spiral pop up card features both an "invisible" acetate spiral, and a spiral that doubles back on itself to make it a bit more compact. (Wow, shiny paper is hard to photograph, isn't it?) During the summer I made a butterfly spiral card like this which I gave away without blogging it, or even photographing it. WHAT was I thinking? I finally got around to making an autumn design using the same spiral.