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How to build your own Uber-for-X App. Uber (if you haven’t heard of it) is a handy app that allows you to catch a cab without walking around to look for one.

How to build your own Uber-for-X App

And most importantly, it solves the problems of demand and supply that exists among cab drivers and cab seekers. Today, there are a variety of startups focused around Uber-for-X apps. The thinking goes that, what Uber did for cabs, they can surely do for other supply/demand problems. So during a hackathon, me and my friend decided to build a citizen-cop app. We figured it would be cool to build something that can help your friends in times of trouble! After some thinking, these were the following features that we agreed upon: Civilians will be able to request the nearest police officer in their neighborhood at the press of a button.

TopTracker - Time Tracking App. Free Forever. Marketplace. If my resume is weak, what can I have on my GitHub account to get hired as an entry-level software developer? - Quora. Form Design Inspiration — Muzli -Design Inspiration. RESTful-AngularJS-Spring-JPA-Hibernate. This is a very simple web app created using AngularJS, Java 8, Spring 4 MVC , JPA2, Hibernate, Maven, Git, GitHub and Heroku.


It provides RESTful services to create, update and view a singular Company and its respective owner(s) as well as services to retrieve and list all companies and owners stored in the underline repository. When viewed from a web browser, a client is able to place AJAX calls to all these services and visualize the respective response. Using Postman, a web browser or any similar tool, you can also call each published service manually, providing the necessary JSON for each kind of request. This Web app can be accessed through any web browser, curl, postman or any other similar tool.

Catalog. Administration panel. List of cool code project ideas - Google. How should I prepare for a software engineer interview at Facebook? - Quora. How to prepare for a software engineering job interview - Quora. If my resume is weak, what can I have on my github to get hired as an entry level software developer? - Quora. Niche: Reviews of K-12 Schools, Colleges, and Neighborhoods. What are some good beginner level open source projects online that I can involve myself in? - Quora.

What are some good open source projects for someone who just finished front end development certificate in FreeCodeCamp? - Quora. Collection of Coders Games to Improve Your Skills. Hey there!

Collection of Coders Games to Improve Your Skills

Sometimes we need to entertain and relax a little bit, but we can do it with a benefit of ourselves. Today we're going to review a collection of sites which will train your brain and improve your coding skills. Games Codecombat - is an awesome multiplayer game which helps you learn to program, not a gamified lesson course.Screeps - the world's first MMO strategy open world game for programmers.Git Game - is a terminal game designed to test your knowledge of git commands.Elevator Saga - your task is to program the movement of elevators, by writing a program in JavaScript. The goal is to transport people in an efficient manner.CodeChef — you can solve real problems and participate in different contests which are performed on the monthly basis.Codingame turns solving into a game where you receive points for every group of test you've is a series of puzzles and tests which measure your knowledge.

Puzzles Training. 8 Crazy Ideas For Building a Web Site. 8 Crazy Ideas For Building a Web Site Need some ideas for practicing HTML, CSS and JavaScript?

8 Crazy Ideas For Building a Web Site

Here are a few that you probably would not think of yourself. Many beginner web developers already know that they need to practice, practice, practice the new skills that they are learning. Building real projects will bring challenges that you will not find in textbooks or interactive tutorials. It will also help you gain confidence if you are going to use HTML. I see novice developers asking on Reddit, Quora, and Facebook and in every corner of the internet about what projects they should be building. 1. The Idea: A store that contains both a motorcycle repair garage and an open pit barbecue. Type of Site: Small Business Key Functions: Key Design Decisions: What Software Engineers Earn Compared to the General Population. In this notebook we'll compare the median annual income of software engineers to the average annual income (GDP per Capita) in 50 countries.

What Software Engineers Earn Compared to the General Population

It's shown how to scrape the data from a web page using lxml, turn it into a Pandas dataframe, clean it up and create scatter and bar plots with matplotlib to visualize the general trend and see which countries are the best and worst for software engineers based on how much they earn compared to the average person. The data comes from PayScale and the International Monetary Fund and was published by Bloomberg in May 2014. It includes figures for 50 countries for which data was most available to PayScale. The software engineer figures represent income data collected from May 1, 2013, to May 1, 2014, and use exchange rates from May 5, 2014.

The median years of work experience for survey respondents from each country range from two to five years. Setup. Software.