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2. How to validate user input in a NoSQL web application. Like many other modern JSON databases, RethinkDB is schemaless: the developer doesn’t have to define a fixed structure or specify field types when creating a new table.

How to validate user input in a NoSQL web application

In cases where validation is desirable, it’s up to the developer to build it into their application. Shifting the responsibility for input validation from the persistence layer to the application layer gives developers a lot of flexibility in how they choose to implement the capability. Adding Social Sharing in a Node.js Single-Page Application. Single-Page Applications (SPAs) are powered by client-side rendering templates, which give the end user a very dynamic experience.

Adding Social Sharing in a Node.js Single-Page Application

Recently, Google announced that they crawl web pages and execute JavaScript as a normal user would, resulting in sites powered by SPA frameworks (Angular, Ember, and Vue, to name a few) being crawled without Google penalty. Beyond search, other web crawlers are important to your site’s visibility—namely rich social-sharing robots that rely on meta tags are still blind to JavaScript. In this tutorial, we will build an alternate route and rendering module for your Express and Node.js server that you can use with most SPA frameworks and that will enable your site to have rich sharing on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. This tutorial deals exclusively with web robots that extract social sharing information. Do not attempt this technique with search engine web crawlers.

Inspecting the page, in the head tag, here are the relevant tags that generate this preview: What about testing in NodeJS? Part 2 (Toolkit) If you read our Part1 blog you should now have a pretty good idea of what testing is about and how it concerns us all!

What about testing in NodeJS? Part 2 (Toolkit)

So... here comes the interesting part about how we apply everything we read with NodeJS. Please keep in mind that this should be used only as a reference guide, since I could not write about every tool out there! It is a place for finding all the necessary tools gathered together instead of searching around for each of them. Although I have some personal preferences, the important thing to remember is to TEST CORRECTLY! Better Node with ES6, Pt. I. Update (April 11, 2016): No substantial changes; just wanted to remove some redundancy in the introduction so it reads a bit cleaner.## Introduction.

Better Node with ES6, Pt. I

Node Hero: Understanding Async Programming in Node.js. This is the third post of the tutorial series called Node Hero - in these chapters you can learn how to get started with Node.js and deliver software products using it.

Node Hero: Understanding Async Programming in Node.js

In this chapter, I’ll guide you through async programming principles, and show you how to do async in JavaScript and Node.js. Upcoming and past chapters: Getting started with Node.js Using NPM Understanding async programming [you are reading it now] Your first Node.js server Getting data from a database Communicating with third-party APIs Structuring your projects Authenticating users Testing Node.js applications Debugging Node.js Securing your application Deploying Node.js application to a PaaS Monitoring and operating Node.js applications Synchronous Programming In traditional programming practice, most I/O operations happen synchronously. Try(FileInputStream inputStream = new FileInputStream("foo.txt")) { Session IOUtils; String fileContent = IOUtils.toString(inputStream);} What happens in the background?

Real Time chatting app using Nodejs, Mysql, AngularJs and – Part 1 - CodersHood. Var app = angular.module('login-register',[]); app.directive('fileModel', ['$parse', function ($parse) { return { restrict: 'A', link: function(scope, element, attrs) { var model = $parse(attrs.fileModel);

Real Time chatting app using Nodejs, Mysql, AngularJs and – Part 1 - CodersHood

Event Emitters in NodeJs. In this tutorial we will be exploring the built-in events module in NodeJs and particularly the EventEmitter class through a couple of practical examples.

Event Emitters in NodeJs

I'll start off by showing you how to create an instance of the EventEmitter and then move on to building our own Node module which inherits from the EventEmitter. So what exactly are event emitters? In NodeJs, any object that emits an event is an instance of the EventEmitter class which exposes 2 important functionalities: The ability to trigger events using eventEmitter.emit(someEvent, optionalData)The ability to assign one or more event handlers to a specific event using eventEmitter.on(someEvent, eventHandler)

Node Hero: Understanding Async Programming in Node.js. You Don’t Know Node: Quick Intro to Core Features. UPDATE: Want to learn React.js and Node.js+Express.js+MongoDB, but never have time due to other projects?

You Don’t Know Node: Quick Intro to Core Features

Join us over the weekend of April 30-May 1 in San Francisco, CA for the two-day Node+React course. Learn more at This essay was inspired by the Kyle Simpson’s series of books, You Don’t Know JavaScript. Using Lodash as a Collection of Micro-Libraries · Ken Powers. After a year of using NodeJS in production. This is a follow-up to my original “Why I’m switching from Python to Node.js” post.

After a year of using NodeJS in production

I wrote it just over a year ago in response to my frustrations with Python and why I was going to try Node instead. Fast-forward a year of in-house CLI tools, client projects and updates to our company’s products and this is what I’ve learned. Not only about Node, but Javascript in general as well. Easy to learn, impossible to master Node is so easy to learn. All this to say that it feels like the Node ecosystem is constantly moving. Packages that consist of trivial code no more than 10 lines of code are downloaded in the thousands every day from NPM. You’ll never master something that moves at break-neck speed, not to mention the potential of dependancy instability. Good luck handling errors. A Beginner's Guide to npm — the Node Package Manager. Node.js makes it possible to write applications in JavaScript on the server.

A Beginner's Guide to npm — the Node Package Manager

It’s built on the V8 JavaScript runtime and written in C++ — so it’s fast. Originally, it was intended as a server environment for applications, but developers started using it to create tools to aid them in local task automation. Since then, a whole new ecosystem of Node-based tools (such as Grunt and Gulp) has evolved to transform the face of front-end development. Real-Time Analytics Dashboard with NodeJs,, VueJs. In this tutorial we'll be using NodeJs,, and VueJs to build a real-time web analytics dashboard, similar to what you would find on Google Analytics. Have a look at the demo to see what the end product will look like and feel free to clone the GitHub repository which has the completed code for this tutorial. At a high level, our analytics system will work as follows: A user loads our pageA new socket connection is created via the client-side JavaScriptThe client-side JavaScript sends the NodeJs + server information about the user (which page they are on and which website referred them to ours) over that socket connectionThe server adds the connection to a list of active ones and computes the total counts for the pages and referring sitesThe server then sends the computed statistics to the dashboard over a socket connection to display the information Let's start of by setting up the project structure and installing the Node modules we'll be needing for this application.

Setting Up 5 Useful Middlewares For An Express APIJScrambler Blog. If you are building an API using Node.js and Express, this post will show you some tips and tricks to improve the security and performance of a RESTful API. In this post we are going to create an Express API which has only one endpoint to simplify our example. To start off, let’s setup our project. Open the terminal and type the following command mkdir my-api cd my-api npm init The npm init shows a quick quiz to setup some descriptions and generate the package.json file which is the main file that we will use to install some modules for our project.

Let’s now install the Express framework running the following command npm install express --save. Debugging with Node. Node has a wonderful debugger. As a front-end developer I’m mainly using Chrome’s tools but sometimes I run things in Node environment and this native feature comes handy. In this article we’ll see how to debug in the terminal using Node’s debugger. When to use Node’s debugger The native debugger is useful when we run Node programs trough the terminal and we want to see how they behave. We can run something in the console and expect what’s doing line by line. Designing a RESTful API with Node and Postgres - Michael Herman. In this tutorial we'll create a RESTful web service with JavaScript, Node, Express, Postgres, and pg-promise.

Our app will include the following endpoints: Building APIs… by Caio Ribeiro Pereira. Currently, we live in a period in which the majority of users use different types of devices to connect to the internet. The most popular devices are smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Developing systems for different types of devices requires the work of building web services, also known by the name of API (Application Program Interface). Basically, the APIs are back-end systems that are designed to work only with data in a centralized manner, allowing client-side applications to be developed separately, to have a unique interfaces to the final user.

These client-side applications are typically mobile apps, desktop applications or web apps. Read Building APIs with Node.js. An early look at three high-impact ES6 features coming soon to Node.js. Google is currently developing V8 4.9, which will ship in the upcoming Chrome 49 release. V8 4.9 is a particularly exciting update, because it includes support for 91% of the ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) standard. GitHub - dbuarque/basic-express-api: Just a another express api using Mongoose, ES2015, Webpack, Mocha. Build A Weather By SMS Service With Twilio and NodeJS. Bots are rising and today we’ll build a service that sends weather forecasts of any city by SMS. Twilio provides a set of messaging, voice, video and authentication API’s. Building a File Uploader with NodeJs. Whether you're building a blog, image gallery, dashboard, file host, etc.. chances are you'll be needing a way to upload files via your web application.

Node.js and Visual Studio Code End to End. Visual Studio Code for Node.js Development. Something very peculiar is happening in Microsoft. They recently released a new IDE called Visual Studio Code and it's basically a Visual Studio for the web, specifically tailored to JavaScript/TypeScript development, in both the server-side and client-side. What's even more peculiar is that the official introduction video on the main page of Visual Studio Code features a Microsoft engineer demonstrating the IDE on a Apple Macbook Pro, right beside a huge Microsoft logo.

What the heck?! At first sight, it may seem contradicting, however, it was filmed this way to boast that VS Code works cross-platform, yes, even on Mac (it's actually built with Electron), and that Microsoft is finally supporting other platforms for its developer tools. Create-node-project. A chatroom for all! Part 1 - Introduction to Node.js - Canadian Developer Connection.

History of Node.js on a Timeline. Atomic Spin. What are the best resources for learning Node.js. What are the best resources for learning Node.js Two resources cover the two different sides to learning Node (and learning programming in general — Learn All the Nodes and Nodeschool’s Learn You Node Learn All the Nodes — Lecture 1–8 are remarkably comprehensive intuitive overview (start here: Learn All The Nodes) — you only need the free videos :) GitHub - eugeneware/generator-nodejs: A Yeoman generator for node.js modules. GitHub - ospatil/generator-node-typescript: Yeoman Generator for TypeScript, NodeJS and Gulp. GitHub - yeoman/generator-node: Create a Node.js module. Npm Documentation. One of the key steps in becoming immersed in an ecosystem is learning its vocabulary. Node.js and npm have very specific definitions of packages and modules, which are easy to mix up. We'll discuss those definitions here, make them distinct, and explain why certain default files are named the way they are.

Node.js Tutorial: Building web apps. Getting Started with Node.js and Mocha - Semaphore. Node.js Best Practices. How I build Node.js Applications. Introduction to Using NPM as a Build Tool. Easily Develop Node.js and MongoDB Apps with Mongoose. Generator-mongoose. Express-mongoose-generator. Build a RESTful API Using Node and Express 4. Tutorial - Getting Started With Node.js, Express, MongoDB.

Node.js Tutorial. Write a todo list with Express and MongoDB. Testing and Documenting Node.js APIs with Mocha and Acquit. How To Use Mocha With Node.js For Test-Driven Development to Avoid Pain and Ship Products Faster. How To Test Your Express Controllers. NodeJS Best Practices And How To Earn More As a Freelancer. Best practices for Express app structure. How to test your MongoDB models under Node & Express. Callback Hell. Node.js Flow - Callback Hell vs. Async vs. Highland Streams. Avoiding Callback Hell in Node.js. Replacing callbacks with promises in Node.js. An Introduction to JavaScript Promises With Node.js. Bluebird – Promises in NodeJS. Setting up Unit Testing with Mocha and Chai - JavaScript Video Tutorial #free.

Unit Testing with Mocha and Chai - JavaScript Video Tutorial #free. Basic Front End Testing With Mocha & Chai. Onsen: Mocha + Chai.js unit testing for ES6 with Istanbul code coverage. Make Your Node.js API Bulletproof: How to Test with Mocha, Chai, and SuperTest. Building Automated MochaJS Tests for your Node.js Application. Unit Testing with Mocks in Node · Sebastian Van Sande. Testing express routes with mocha, chai, supertest, and mockgoose. GitHub - mfncooper/mockery: Simplifying the use of mocks with Node.js. Mockgoose. Node.js - Mocking/stubbing Mongoose model save method. Node.js - Mocking mongoose using Sinon. Node.js - Mocking MongoDB connection for MEAN application unit testing.

Unit Testing Strategies in Node.js. Node.js Tutorial (Part 1) - Step by Step Testing Node Apps. Node.js - Testing Express and Mongoose with Mocha. Unit testing - Stubbing the mongoose save method on a model. Mongoose-simple-fixtures. Future-proofing Your Apps: Cloud Foundry and Node.js. Future-proofing Your Apps: Cloud Foundry and Node.js. Code.DanYork.Com. The Event Loop and Non-Blocking I/O in Node.js. To Node.js Or Not To Node.js. A Full Javascript Architecture, Part One – NodeJS. A Quick Introduction to How Node.js Works - DZone Performance. Why Node.js beats Java and .Net for Web, mobile, and IoT apps. Node JS Processing Model – Single Threaded Model with Event Loop Architecture. Introduction to Node JS – Node.js Basics.

Node.js Components – Node.js modules, NPM install update uninstall example. Node JS Environment Setup – Node.js installation. What You Need To Know About Node.js. The Birth of Node: Where Did it Come From? Creator Ryan Dahl Shares the History. Basics of libuv — An Introduction to libuv. Submitting a Pull Request to Node.js with ChakraCore.

JavaScript Unit Test Code Coverage Using NodeJS. A Jade Tutorial for Beginners. Boilerplate Project for Materialize Using Grunt, NodeJs and Sass. Adding Core support for Promises by chrisdickinson · Pull Request #5020 · nodejs/node. User Authentication with the MEAN Stack. Introduction to Express. Unit Test Your JavaScript Using Mocha and Chai.