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Learn SQL online – A curated list of courses on SQL – Bafflednerd. MySQL 5.7.12 – Part 4: A new MySQL Command Line Shell. The classic MySQL command line tool is how most users – developers and administrators – interact with a MySQL server. From administrative tasks to trying out queries, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to call it the face of MySQL. With a new programming interface built into the MySQL Server, we need to properly support it at the client side in connectors, tools and of course, the command line client. The original client has some issues, like its tight coupling to the server code base or the fact it wasn’t really designed to be extensible, much less supporting a new protocol or a new API. And thus, the new MySQL Shell was born, built on a new platform. The MySQL Shell As seen in a previous post, the X DevAPI provides an alternative CRUD API for using MySQL as a JSON Document Store, without going through the SQL language.

Here’s a quick example, where we create a collection, add a couple of documents and then query one of them back. The shell session above is in JavaScript. X DevAPI in the Shell.