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Insurance Software Companies. Hedge Fund Portfolio Management Software. Online Hotel Management System. Health Insurance Software Solutions. Travel Insurance Software. Post Office Kiosks. Post Office Self Service Kiosk, Save time and post your letters and parcels at an in branch of post office self service kiosk.

Post Office Kiosks

From posting parcels to buying stamps and packaging, it's the same reliable service, but quicker. Key advantages of post office self service kiosk Esteem for cash: a quicker benefit at no additional expense On-screen help and staffs close nearby: controlling you through every simple step for the assistance with self service kiosk post office A decision of postage: from important and earnest things to conveyances that need a signature to both UK and worldwide goals How post office kiosk functions Before you pop, under control which extensions offer the administration here.

Posting assets or money via post office self service kiosk? The recompense accessible is £20 for first and second class things, and £50 for any Royal Mail Signed For things. Sim Card Dispenser. Airport Kiosk Manufacturers. Airport kiosk manufacturers are intended for an Interactive Airlines Check in System.

Airport Kiosk Manufacturers

Airport kiosk is for the airport transports organizations giving Check In offices to its clients, for easy and bother free administration of Check In. The self service kiosk airport addresses security by hindering voyagers from malevolent assaulting or hacking into their subtle elements of Check In. The airport kiosk secures the voyagers' details. Telecom Kiosk. Self Service Kiosk Manufacturers. Online Hotel Management System. Hedge Fund Portfolio Management Software. Insurance Claims Management Software. Health Insurance Software Companies. Travel Insurance Software.

Insurance Claim Management Software. Roadside Assistance Software. Insurance Software Companies. Online Hotel Management System. The MedinyX hotel management system helps you as a standalone property, boutique hotel, or multi-chain property to take in direct bookings and payments.

Online Hotel Management System

With its advance reservation calendar, you can manage all Hotel Booking Tasks through the online hotel management system. Online Presence Reporting Booking & Check In Service Appraisals Measurements Payment Standard Guest Management The online hotel management system is useful in converting a maximum of visits into actual bookings and in turn generating higher incomes on every booking. The hotel management system, unlike other hotel software, provides comprehensive as well as sophisticated platform to manage the numerous properties or hotels that hoteliers possess. Best Restaurant Management Software. Restaurant Software MedinyX provides comprehensive and robust restaurant software with features that handles all your day-to-day restaurant requirements and helps in making order entry easier, making your customers satisfied and happier with your well-structured and well-managed restaurant business.

Best Restaurant Management Software

With the help of MedinyX’s restaurant inventory management software, it is made easy to manage all the inventories which may be located at various places and keep track of all items in real time, hence allowing you to never be short of any important item. The restaurant inventory management software not only avoids the need of manual checks and updates but also prevents losses and inaccuracies. Being a simple restaurant management software and system, it provides an easy to use and time saving platform to manage all transactions, recipes, table layouts & guest seating, hence generating higher revenues. Online Hotel Management System. Airline Ancillary Services. Remote Medical Services. With a rich experience of more than 35 years, Asia Medical Assistance provides extensive services, globally as well as locally, ranging from remote medical services, insurance solutions as well as security services.

Remote Medical Services

AMA is committed to giving top class assistance services to its large clientele, belonging from different countries and backgrounds. The onsite medical services are one of the many other assistance services that we provide to companies and employers, giving them a better way to ensure the proper health and wellness of their employees. With all the resources available- in the form of trained personnel as well as equipments, Asia Medical Assistance can set up onsite medical clinics in or near your workplace, giving your staff the assurance of prompt medical aid. With the help of onsite health clinics, employers can ensure that no time is lost in giving your employees access to emergency medical services, in case of work-injuries or other problems. Medical Assistance Services. Travel insurance We at AMA understand this need and are there to see how we can help each other fulfill our needs.

Medical Assistance Services

AMA not only could act as a service provider but also a partner in saving unnecessary costs which could have incurred directly by your members or by the services availed. Health insurance Guarantee of Payment. International Health and Medical Services. Airline Ancillary Services. Onsite Medical Clinics. International Health and Medical Services. Warranty Claims Management. Roadside Assistance Software. Insurance Software Companies.

Hotel Reservation System Software. Best Restaurant Inventory Management Software. Online Hotel Management System. Self Service Kiosk Post Office. SIM Card Vending Machine. Self Service Kiosk Manufacturers. Telecom Kiosks. Kiosk Information Systems. Online Hotel Management System. Hedge Fund Portfolio Management Software. Insurance Claims Management Software. Health Insurance Software Solutions. Software For Insurance Companies. Online Hotel Reservation System - Medinyx. Hedge Fund Portfolio Management Software - MedinyX. Insurance Claims Management Software & System - Medinyx. Airline Flight Insurance and Travel Insurance Solutions. While travelling, people are sometimes unfortunate to find themselves in troublesome and inconvenient situations.

Airline Flight Insurance and Travel Insurance Solutions

This has lead to the popularization of airline travel insurance that protects travelers from such adversities-like sudden flight cancellations, lost or delayed baggage, accidents, etc. Hence customer loyalty is maintained by protecting them from such losses and ensuring them a pleasant and safe flight, using airline flight insurance. Airline travel insurance can be offered to customers to give them the much desired support and stability in case of some travel related issues that may arise unexpectedly. This protects customers’ finances even if they have to cancel their flights last minute or require emergency medical attention onboard. The airline flight insurance covers for prepaid and non-refundable flight tickets among other expenses. Insurance Administrative Services. Asia Medical Assistance carries out insurance administrative services for companies as a third party claims administrator, handling health insurance claims and more.

Insurance Administrative Services

Managing a health program requires a deep and extensive knowledge to ensure and monitor that the schemes are being conducted in the right clinical and financial manner. With decades of experience and knowledge in the insurance field, the administrative professionals of Asia Medical Assistance deliver top-class insurance administrative services. Roadside Assistance Software, Roadside Assistance Solution. Online Hotel Management System, Best Hotel Management Software - MedinyX. Best Restaurant Inventory Management Software. Online Hotel Management System. Online Hotel Booking Engine, Hotel Online Booking System - Medinyx. Travel Insurance. MedinyX Software Solutions presents the revolutionary solution to improve your insurance sales- M-KIOSK SYSTEM, which works as an Insurance Policy Sales Platform.

Travel Insurance

The M-KIOSK SYSTEM is Secure, Reliable, Quick and provides you with updated information using Real Time Reporting. M-Kiosk System is designed as an interactive policy sales device. This system is for the insurance companies providing travel insurance to its customers, for effortless and hassle-free service of travel insurance policy. There are always instances when people decide to take-off for a vacation on a whim and require immediate travel insurance. The M-Kiosks can provide them exactly what they need within seconds, along with the required documents. Kiosk Information Systems. Kiosks for the banking industry can cost a fraction of the price of an ATM implementation and it’s a sure way of cutting the bank lines besides providing a user friendly and accessible banking experience to costumers.

Kiosk Information Systems

The M-Kiosk System is the system for smooth and secure banking in order to provide your customers the best banking experience. The M-Kiosk can be used for withdrawal, deposit, printing of account balance sheets, money transfer to other accounts and much more. Saving your clients the waiting time in long queues and allowing staff to be allocated in other key customer service and sales areas.

All the banking kiosk transactions are performed with the maximum security since the M-Kiosks utilize biometrics to authenticate the transactions carried out by your customer, keeping them safer from fraudulent activities. MedinyX Kiosk System. Self Service Kiosks Manufacturers. Online Hotel Management System, Online Hotel Reservation System - Medinyx.

Hedge Fund Portfolio Management Software - MedinyX. Medical Claims Processing, Insurance Claims Management Software & System - Medinyx. Health Insurance Software Company, Health Insurance Software Solutions - Medinyx. Travel Insurance System, Software for Insurance Companies - MedinyX. Post Office Self Service Kiosk, Post office kiosks - Medinyx. Sim Card Dispenser, Sim Card Vending Machine - Medinyx. Self Service Kiosk Airport, Airport Kiosk Manufacturers. Telecom Kiosk, Telecom Kiosks Manufacturer. Kiosk Information Systems, Self Service Kiosks Manufacturers. Claim Management System, Insurance Claims Management Software. Health Insurance Software Solutions, Health Insurance Software Company. A COMPREHENSIVE AND COMPLETE HEALTH INSURANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Medinyx health insurance software is a market leader in empowering insurers and brokers to set up a nationwide solution in a very short time span, in order to implement Travel, Health, Motor and Liability Schemes through health insurance software.

Medinyx also has its expertise in implementing Banca-Assurance Schemes interlinked with the multi-channel distribution systems that include member or policy and scheme management. Business to Direct Customer Sales Channels (B2C) Health Insurance Software Companies successfully acquiring and retaining customer depends on your ability to make the right proposition to the right prospects at just the right time. MedinyX B2C Inbound/Outbound Sales Solutions, combines business intelligence, cost-effective technologies, and exceptional service to help you convert more prospects into lifelong customers. Business to Business Sales and Distribution (B2B) Business is all about growth.

Online Warranty Claims Management System - MedinyX. Managing insurance claim manually is a daunting job. MedinyX understands it and developed software that allows gadget insurance claims management and warranty claims management to be done more efficiently. It is a powerful platform that stores every single piece of relevant information for gadget insurance services. Our Gadget Insurance Management System offers your company the feature of a central database. With this system, faster and efficient document organization for claims handling is possible with just a single click. Incoming warranty claims can be verified and placed digitally within the relevant case using the online warranty management system.

Online Hotel Booking Engine, Hotel Online Booking System - Medinyx. Best Hotel Reservation Software, Online Hotel Reservation System Software - Medinyx. Hotel Reservation Software The Hotel Reservation Software helps convert the online visits into bookings and in generating higher revenues on every booking that is done. The online hotel reservation system delivered by MedinyX, not only efficiently increases your booking rates but is also based on the latest software technology, giving you unmatched results and revenue. With added functionality and being easy to use, the hotel reservation system software by MedinyX marks a place for itself among some of the best hotel reservation software. Some of the key features of the hotel reservation system include:

Best Restaurant Inventory Management Software, Restaurant Software - Medinyx. Online Hotel Management System, Best Hotel Management Software - MedinyX. Holidays for Dialysis Patients International, Dialysis Vacation Packages. Travel Insurance System, Software for Insurance Companies - MedinyX. Health Insurance Software Company, Health Insurance Software Solutions - Medinyx. Medical Claims Processing, Insurance Claims Management Software & System - Medinyx. Hedge Fund Portfolio Management Software - MedinyX. Online Hotel Management System, Online Hotel Reservation System - Medinyx. Medical Travel Assistance Services - Asia Medical Assistance. Asia Medical Assistance is always there to assist and support travelers whenever they need it, no matter where they are travelling to. Any problem that may arise - from travel issues to medical emergencies, AMA understands what needs to be done and how, and provides travel assistance services to alleviate such unpleasant situations giving the traveler the much desired comfort and assistance.

Our travel assistance and medical assistance services give travelers the needed support and complete peace of mind, even when they are a long way from home. With just a single call, travelers and their dependents can be assured of the best assistance services from the AMA team anytime and anywhere. The medical travel assistance from AMA includes emergency evacuation and repatriation services, such as transportation of the patient to a medical facility or that of a minor to his/her hometown. It also takes care of the transfer of medical records and medications from one place to another. Company Offering Travel Risk Management Solutions - Asia Medical Assistance. The intelligence-driven Travel Risk Management Solutions provide a global overview of possible travel risks to your employees or staff travelling to high risk places.

Based on relevant and updated data, travel vulnerabilities can been timely exposed, allowing you to ensure the safety of your staff, maintaining productivity, reducing operational risks and securing the company reputation. The travels to high risk areas are assessed and possible mitigation steps are recommended by the travel risk management companies. Asia Medical Assistance provides Travel Risk Management Solutions to companies to help them contact and protect their employees in the face of possible disasters. Early warnings can be given after assessing geographical, health, political and social conditions of their destinations. Your employees are given access to 24/7 risk information and travel related advice. Insurance Administrative Services, Third Party Claims Administrator - Asia Medical Assistance. Airline Flight Insurance and Travel Insurance Solutions - Asia Medical Assistance. Ancillary Services Airlines, Airline Support Services - Asia Medical Assistance. AMA provides Ancillary services to Airlines and helps improve your overall customer experience, initiate new income opportunities, accomplish higher proficiency & lead the competition with our innovative solutions for airlines.

The efficient and effective sales & reservations solutions help you to reach your target audience, consequently increasing customer loyalty while delivering your brand promise. It’s no doubt that airline ancillary services are the stepping stones to increased airline revenues and better customer satisfaction as well as more popularity. Product Flexibility. International Health and Medical Services - Asia Medical Assistance. Traveling with Dialysis: Traveling While on Dialysis: Is Not At All worth Worrying Matter.

The patients who have the need for dialysis they always make sure whether they are choosing the right center or not. They always look for the best care possible. It is not easy to get the best and reliable services. Enjoy the Dialysis Vacations with an Unforgettable Healing Experience – Medium. In the contemporary times, there is no need to bid adieu to the international holidays just because a patient needs regular kidney dialysis; all one is to plan the things properly. In Dialysis centers, they offer a trusted dialysis services as well as an exciting holiday. Dialysis vacations are the best way to the patient for a refreshing from the monotonous and tedious daily routine.

These centers provide the hassle free dialysis holidays with a very sincere care. Medinyx — Exemplary Restaurant Inventory Software. Expanding Business through Online Hotel Management System. The importance of efficient Hotel Software or the Property Management System for hotels and other accommodation properties cannot be stressed anymore. In the modern era, effective software solutions for the hotel industry have become one of the most important factors, which can significantly contribute to the long-term success of the hotel business. In the past decade, there has been a consistent rise in the number of budget travelers around the world, which has also led to a comprehensive rise in the number of mid to small sized hotels in this industry.

This altogether has considerably changed the landscape of the complex Hospitality industry; along with it, the Hospitality IT industry. MedinyX is one of the pioneer providers of efficient Hotel software solutions. Seamless Software Solutions for Hotel Industry. Information technology continues to yield improved productivity to almost all industrial spheres globally; enhancing the quality of services by combining it with easy-to-use and versatile software developed by IT professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in multiple industries.

MedinyX is a renowned software solution company, which has established dominance in providing some of the best and fully automated software giving greater control to hotel owners over their businesses. Hotel and Restaurant Management Software: Preeminent Restaurant Management Software. Now restaurant executives need not waste time to painstakingly ensure their business growth through tedious analysis and inspections, thanks to the restaurant management software now available. When used properly, these eminent tools can help you in streamlining systems and cut the fat off your restaurant business. Medinyx — Robust International Prepaid Calling Cards. Distinguished International Roaming SIM Cards. Exquisite Module of International Roaming SIM Card.

Roaming globally with your existing local SIM card can amount to exorbitant mobile bills as the local network service providers levy hefty roaming charges when we use our mobile phones abroad. To keep away from these unbearable roaming bills it becomes quite necessary to look out for cheap calling options that can provide you with a secured calling network at lowest possible rates. Global roaming sim card is one such eminent option that provides you with complete calling and data features that also at just a fraction of your regular network international roaming cost.

Global roaming sim cards providers have roaming agreements with international wireless service providers therefore they able to provide enhanced facilities which works without extensive roaming charges in most of the countries in the world. Global Roaming Sim Card: International Roaming Prepaid SIM Card. Save Big through International Calling Cards. The simplest way of avoiding the steep international roaming charges that are levied by your local network provider when you travel overseas is through the use of an eminent International roaming SIM card.

This SIM allows you to efficiently communicate through your mobile phone without worrying about the exorbitant roaming charges. Distinctive Kiosk Information Systems. In the modern times, self-service has become more relevant in most of the industries than ever before. Most of the industries have adopted the self-service kiosks and their use has continued to grow over the past decade among many customers centric businesses like airlines, hospitality, entertainment, banking etc. Medinyx — Enhanced Customer Satisfaction through Integrated...