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Raw Concrete

Wood Tables Embedded with Photoluminescent Resin by Mike Warren. Back in August, industrial designer Mat Brown shared a method for creating wood shelves inlaid with glow-in-the-dark resin.

Wood Tables Embedded with Photoluminescent Resin by Mike Warren

Not to be outdone, Mike Warren just released a tutorial of how to fill the naturally formed voids in pecky cypress with photoluminescent powder mixed with clear casting resin. The effect is pretty amazing. Furniture catalog. Karl Mikael Ling. Connecting Site... Contemporary Low Table With 8 Legs Covered With Epoxy Resin. Soudabrooklyn on Instagram. The Young & Norgate furniture collection. ‘The initial collection from Young & Norgate is a venture into pared back design, incorporating considered functionality that is built to last.

The Young & Norgate furniture collection

Each piece is made to order and is one of 100. As with everything we do, we are open to ideas and special requirements, whether it be timbers used or finishes applied. Colours and dimensions are flexible to your tastes and requirements. ANIMATE BEDSIDE TABLE An ideal accompaniment to any bedroom suite, the Animate bedside is individual in character and eye-catching in appearance. Designed to showcase the drawer mechanics whilst allowing for a harmonious integration with the outer shell of the cabinet. Soudabrooklyn on Instagram. Pin-Up-Inspired Furniture Collection Marrying Retro Style and Functionality. Reminiscent of Pin-Up clothes, the sideboard and bedside tables shaping the Unbutton Collection dive into the idea of unbuttoned beauty and seduction.

Pin-Up-Inspired Furniture Collection Marrying Retro Style and Functionality

Being inspired by a provocative retro style, these furniture items are perfectly suited for bedrooms that aspire to showcase a playful, yet elegant decor. Imagine these attractive furniture details adorning your bedroom, always reminding you of their harmonious design. Young and talented Romanian designer Cristina Bulat imagined these sideboard and bedside tables as retro furniture displaying a curvy design and a striking detail that gives the collection its name.

The Unbutton Collection by Cristina Bulat has a deep visual impact due to their stylish “unbuttoned” detail. Reminiscent of Pin-Up models posing for photographers and painters, these slits add character to the furniture’s functionality. Pin-Up-Inspired Furniture Collection Marrying Retro Style and Functionality. Creative wooden storage. Design wooden storage. Ingenious Storage Unit For Just About Anything: Arara Nômade. Surprising and practical, the Arara Nômade storage unit envisioned by Brazil-based designers André Pedrini & Ricardo Freisleben caught our attention :”The design is a unique play on the easy-to-assemble furniture we all love.

Ingenious Storage Unit For Just About Anything: Arara Nômade

The closet requires no screws or glue to assemble, it is merely an intuitive structure that is easily packed and unpacked.” This ingenious closet may not look so impressive when empty, but as you start filling it up with personal objects, it has the ability to transform into a precious home object. From clothes, shoes and favorite books, this unusual furniture piece can be resembled with a friendly personal attendant who will take care of your every storage need.

Its wooden finish makes it easy to integrate in a variety of interiors, whether modern or traditional. LAX Wall Mounted Shelf, Sleek with Clean Lines. First time when I posted about the LAX Wall Mounted Shelf it was more than a year ago, but then were focusing on a Wall Mounted Desk Office, but the LAX Wall Mounted Shelf was also present in that picture.

LAX Wall Mounted Shelf, Sleek with Clean Lines

The LAX Series by MASH Studios combines sleek, minimal elegance with practical space-saving solutions built into the designs. The pieces feature simple lines and a clean palette of a light walnut finish and white shelf doors, helping you create a contemporary environment that is clean and free of clutter. The entertainment shelf has sliding doors and is made from solid English walnut with a natural oil finish, aluminum with powder coat, white. Affixed to a wall, this cabinet adds storage, decorative space and color to any interior. This piece can be yours for $623.00 from here. A Desk with Built in Chair. The DeskChair by Wolf Brinkman is a really unusual idea that has an integrated comfy chair built inside the desk itself that faces away from the desk and your work area.

A Desk with Built in Chair

When I’ve saw for the first time this design, I was left without words, because usually I’m looking for things that can really be used, and for something like this I didn’t found any use at that moment. Neutra's Sleek & Stylish Bathrooms Inspired by Nature. This original collection of bathroom furnishings and fittings from NEUTRA takes its inspiration from the natural wolrd.

Neutra's Sleek & Stylish Bathrooms Inspired by Nature

The purity of water, the energy of stones, and the warmth of wood all combine to create a unique collection that creates a pleasurable new approach to well-being. From sinks, tubs and shower floors to shelving, all the products in the collection are contemporary yet functional. From various types of stone, to wood and aluminium, the materials used all appeal to the senses in a way that evokes the feeling of nature and creates an holistic atmosphere that encourages relaxation. High-tech office desk Katedra by Desnahemisfera.

A New Tactile Design Experience: Quilted Wood Daybed by Elisa Strozyk [Video] You may already have heard of Elisa Strozyk, a young designer who successfully managed to convert wood into… fabric.

A New Tactile Design Experience: Quilted Wood Daybed by Elisa Strozyk [Video]

We featured a post on Freshome on her wooden textiles a while back, better explaining her work. For today, we would like to show you her quilted wood daybed, which was designed for ‘The Thread That Binds Us’ exhibition at Plusdesign Gallery during Milan Design Week 2012. According to Mocoloco, the original project is a great example of Elisa’s pursuit of experimental textile design. The daybed is an upgrade of a found furniture piece from the 1950’s.