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Improve Spam abuse protection in dovecot by restricting access to mail accounts by IP address (e. g. with ISPConfig 3) This howto will show you how to add ip restrictions to single mail accounts when using dovecot with MySQL. This is especially useful if you need to access a mail account from only one single ip or a few ips or if you want to block specific ip addresses from accessing the mail account (e. g. due to spam abuse). HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
50 UNIX / Linux Sysadmin Tutorials

50 UNIX / Linux Sysadmin Tutorials

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all TGS Readers. To wrap this year, I’ve collected 50 UNIX / Linux sysadmin related tutorials that we’ve posted so far. This is lot of reading. Bookmark this article for your future reference and read it whenever you get free time. Disk to disk backup using dd command: dd is a powerful UNIX utility, which is used by the Linux kernel makefiles to make boot images. It can also be used to copy data.
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