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Jasper Colin is a global data intelligence provider, offering data centric actionable insights solving most critical business questions for investment firms, agencies, and corporate customers across the globe. Jasper Colin's unique data intelligence solutions are driven by best-in-class next generation technology catering to several unmet needs of our clients in their journey from data to decision. Founded in 2007, Jasper Colin has regional offices in US, UK, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, and India.

Real time Insights - A Catalyst to Your Business Growth. JCR - Your ultimate partner of business growth. Propel Your Business Growth with Trusted market research partner. Enable Businesses Become Future Ready with JCR Data Intelligence. Pharmaceutical market research company. Win Over New Market Research Challenges With JCR Business Intelligence. Retail Industry Revolution. Restaurant industry is shifting from Twenty2.0 to Twenty2.1. Market Research Facilities Year - jasper-colin-research. Survey Design to Research Your Business. Jasper Colin Research. Stay Ahead of the Curve with JCR Advance Business Intelligence.

Advanced Analytics to Mitigate Business Risks. JCR - A Trusted Market Research Partner. Impact of market research on business success. Why does your business need market research? Market Research Services for Desired Business Outcomes. Market Research Solutions for Business Growth. AI-based survey programming to grow your brand. World Best Online Survey Process to Collect Quality Data. Custom Dashboards for B2B & B2C Surveys. Branding. JCR 360° Performance Matrix belongs to Clients’ Satisfaction. Business. Drill Down Analytics for in-depth Data Analysis. Customer Decision Journey. Highly Engaged B2B & B2C Panel for Quality Online Market Research. Survey Programming to Drive Meaningful Business Insights. CLT (Central Location Test) for Smarter, Faster & More Profitable Business Decisions.

FGD (Focus Group Discussion) to Get in-depth Data for Enhanced Business Success. Turn Your Business in to Big Corporation with JCR. In-Depth Interview (IDI) to Gain Rich Data. Build Your Business Credibility With Marketing Collateral. Full Service Market Research Firm for Actionable Market Insights. Accelerate Your Business With Technical Business Intelligence. Advanced Sentiment Analytics to Identify Customer Sentiments. Minimize Your Losses by JCR Fraud Detection. Best Business Intelligence and Market Insight to Go Peak of Business. Processes Driven by Best-in-Class Technologies. Know the Customer Behavior with JCR Customer Analytics. Strategic Consulting Company US. JCR Market Acumen. Data Visualization Consulting. Data Driven Approach to Take Quick Business Decisions. Working from home has become an integral part of new normal life due to recent COVID-19 pandemic. COVID 19 B2C Study Result. COVID 19 Public Study Result. Phone based survey for business growth.

Jasper Colin Research Inc. continuously engage in providing consistent and reliable quality services to its clients by process-driven, best breed intelligence and technology. ISO 20252 Certification is a milestone and recognition for such efforts. Data collection services for market research. Market Research for Market insight. Market Research Benefits. Jasper Colin market Research services for Business Growth. Global Market Intelligence Provider - Jasper Colin Research Insightful Missions. How restaurants win hungry shoppers - Sumit Suri - Medium. We all have to eat.

How restaurants win hungry shoppers - Sumit Suri - Medium

And when people are on the go especially during the busy holiday shopping season they’re often looking to grab a bite close by. We all know this because “restaurants near me” has been the most popular “near me” search for the last five years. Also, despite the growth in online shopping, more than half of purchases still happen in-store during the holidays. And when you consider food-related and restaurant searches, like “restaurants,” “restaurants near me,” and “food near me,” commonly appear in the top 20 searches for many retailers, it’s easy to see why the holidays are critical for restaurants.

As proof, a recent study conducted by Google and Numerator found that of the top highest sales days for restaurants last year, 72% of them occurred in October, November, and December. That said, it’s clear restaurants around the world have a unique opportunity to turn hungry holiday shoppers into your next customer. Mobile First. Are Your Digital Ads Engaging With Audience. Spends on digital advertising continues to rise, and is forecast to top $203bn in 2018.

Are Your Digital Ads Engaging With Audience

Yet despite continuing growth, marketers from the most valuable global brand lose confidence in digital advertising’s ability when they are not able to create a seamless, personalized experience, in the decisive moments that matter between people, brands and industry. In today's marketing world most people feel they are being bombarded with increasingly intrusive messages. And while that criticism is aimed at advertising as a whole, the consent is that poorly executed digital advertising is propulsive the trend. How can digital marketers ensure that their campaigns run smoothly across all the channels and platforms of their choice, without alienating people along the way?

How do you detect fraud in financial institutions? Fraud detection is one of the top priorities for major banks and leading financial institutions, which can be addressed using machine learning.

How do you detect fraud in financial institutions?

In banking, fraud may include falsify checks or using stolen credit cards. Other forms of fraud may involve emphasize losses or causing an accident with the sole intent for the pay-out. With an unlimited and increasing number of ways someone can commit fraud, detection can be difficult to accomplish. Activities such as downsizing, reorganization, moving to new information systems or confront a cybersecurity breach could weaken an organization's ability to detect fraud. This means facilities such as real-time monitoring for frauds is recommended. How do you detect fraud? Difference between market research and design research. Market research is an effective tool to assist your business planning.

Difference between market research and design research

It is about collecting information that provides an insight into your customers thinking, buying patterns, and location. Build a bond between brand and customer experience. 50-60% of buying decision are depends on the bond between brand and customer experience.

Build a bond between brand and customer experience

In our latest study we find, creating strong relations — either positive or negative — can help build a bond between customers and brands, which is definitely a goal all business share. Positive relations are vital to a good retail customer experience as a loyal customer is more likely to consider your brand than a one-time customer. A brand’s connection with customer’ relations, also known as brand intimacy, directly affects the growth of its business. Brand intimacy encourages bonds that are reciprocal and are deepened by relation. The user must have engaged with or repeatedly tried a brand before a connection is built between them and expected friendly experience. A strong connection is determined by the degree of overall positive feelings a customer has toward a brand and the extent to which a person associates with the brand and key attributes.

Ways to win tech shoppers this Holiday Season Sale. In this connected world consumer electronic brands have endless opportunities to build sarong connection especially during shopping seasons.

Ways to win tech shoppers this Holiday Season Sale

Tech devices consistently top in the list of five most purchased gift categories from last two years. Today market trends and the consumer behavior, tech brands not rely on the retailers to build a connection with consumer. Quantitative Research vs Qualitative Research- What your approach. The process of conducting primary market research and collecting market research data and information can be broken down into two methods; quantitative and qualitative research.

Quantitative Research vs Qualitative Research- What your approach

Each method involves a different process, and reveals different information. However, it has been noted by business professionals and academic experts that in order to gain a full understanding of a business environment, the market place and the consumers within it, it is wise to conduct both quantitative and qualitative market research. Quantitative Market Research Quantitative market research is the collection of numerical data often resulting in statistical analysis to understand trends in the data.

Learn How Top Companies Build a Better Data First Strategy. Data empowers marketers to make better decisions and take smarter risks, but sometimes the best intentions lead to the wrong solutions.

Learn How Top Companies Build a Better Data First Strategy

Understand data isn’t always easy, and I’ve seen marketers come up short by not allowing themselves the space to learn, grow, fail, and improve from their collective experiences.You can learn from that campaign who falls short of its goal and teach better as much as that meets your goal and succeeds. Marketer wish to do the right thing from their learning and make campaign successfully meet the goals. We spent time on Google leading analytics not only studying the technical aspects of measurement and relationship that users form between audience trough digital media, but also understands how top companies strengthen their strategy using analytics. Jasper Colin Research on LinkedIn: "Passenger car sales over a decade: Jasper Colin Research covers the Worlds's undefeated market-China in detail! #automobile #china #PassengerCar #sales #usa #JCR "

Think Beyond Purchase – Understand Shopper’s Journey. Today marketers understandably tend to possess over purchases.

Think Beyond Purchase – Understand Shopper’s Journey

Even if they understand an entire consumers journey leads up to a purchase, the actual sale is the tangible result of all their efforts and the thing that puts money in the exchequer. That means many ends up focusing on where that purchase gets made, either online or in-store. This is an important data point, in our research people preferred purchase certain things from online and some from store. But the truth of today shopper’s before purchase any thing they browse and research online whether they have intend to buy from store.

In our research we talk some shoppers regarding their purchase journey about 60-80% people browse and research online and see the factors like features of the product, customer reviews, pricing & warranty before make any purchase. Effective ways to drive e-commerce sales using push notifications. Today most of the successful business drive more sales with push notifications.

Effective ways to drive e-commerce sales using push notifications

Now a typical shopper has options to make a purchase at least ten different shopify stores. But as a business, these very options are costing you new sales and even taking away your existing customers. Mistakes eCommerce seller make during product listing. Every eCommerce seller knows that when it comes to selling products online, ads creative and content on that is the king. When consumers cannot hold a product in their hands, top-quality content can bridge the gap – through rich information, pictures, videos, and more.

Optimizing online content serves manufacturers and retailers alike; but often, we still see product listings on the ecommerce sites that leave shoppers under-informed or simply uninspired. AS we talk some eCommerce sellers, they know well what does and what doesn’t speak to customers. Below are some common mistakes you look before you list your product on eCommerce platform. 1. 2. Online shopping for premium products increasing globally. Today online shopping culture increase globally, as people gets exclusive product ranges and compelling deals to make purchase effectively. While online has been growing as a channel in several developed markets in recent years, it’s broadening in scope, and is fast becoming a popular shopping destination for consumers around the world, particularly those looking to purchase premium products.

According to a recent Nielsen survey, 45% of global consumers say they are shopping for premium products online from their home country e-retailers, whereas almost a quarter (24%) say they’re purchasing from overseas e-retailers. Boost your business performances by testing ads effectiveness. For advertisers, the changing media landscape means there are more ways to reach customers with effective advertising than ever before, with a steady shift to online formatting. At the same time, as per the market competition ad budgets are hardly grown but development timelines have been reduced. In this demanding new environment, advertisers and agencies need fresh approaches to testing ads effectiveness: Boost efficiency (cost and time)Leverage learnings across mediaMine insights across and within ad campaignsAccommodate new and emerging ad formatsFocus on what makes you differentDesign visually creative ad designsYour message should be clearUnderstand International nuancesUse the wisdom of crowd before launchTargeting options available to you.Run of Network OptionsRelevance of Network Niche Publishers Device options as per your customers likely to use as per your product and service.

Know your audience. Enhance your business with customers behavior data. Today business using big data & machine learning to learn about customers behavior. With customer behavior analytics, business is able to make data-driven decisions because they have an individual-level view of their customers. When business know exactly what customers want, what they do and look for, and how they may act in the future, they are in a better position to create personalized customer experiences and increase customer loyalty. McKinsey found that 50% of companies making use of customer behavior analytics are likely to have sales significantly above their competitors, 6.5 times more likely to retain customers, and 7.4 times more likely to outperform competitors in making sales to existing customers. Overall, organizations that correctly utilize customer behavior analytics are 19 times more likely to achieve above average profitability. We reach out to our respondents and collect market research insights to help our clients take smarter decisions.

In the age of assistance, delivering growth starts with predicting future by beholding data. As a marketer, chances are you’ve used consumer insights to understand what your customers want and then delivered relevant experiences to them. But have you ever used intent signals to predict what your customers want? Today, marketing technology allows you to do just that. The reality is the customer journey is nothing short of dynamic. As the journey continues to shift and change shape, it’s becoming harder for marketers to make sense of all the consumer intent signals people leave behind. Because as people look for what they need, they switch between channels and devices. Achieve the goal with automated marketing.

Top Marketers use Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to drive growth. Automation and machine learning technologies are changing the way marketers drive results for their customers and brands. But there’s still a significant gap between those who are just talking about machine learning and those who are taking action. Chatbot’s: Future of market research. Business Insider experts predict that by 2020, 80% of enterprises will use chatbots. According to Lauren Foye, by 2022, banks can automate up to 90% of their customer interaction using chatbots. A survey conducted by Spiceworks showed that 40% of large companies employing more than 500 people plan to implement one or more intelligent assistant or AI-based chat robot over corporate mobile devices in 2019. According to Relay, 65.1% of companies using chatbot technology are engaged in web software, and 58% of companies using chatbots technology are focused on B2B.

Voice Integration Is Going Up Everyday. Consumer Behaviors you need to Know. Consumer behavior is the study of how people respond to products and services, followed by their marketing and selling. Calculating Risk for Businesses. Business Risk: Anything that threatens a company's work to meet its target or achieve its financial aim is called business risk. These risks come from a variety of sources, so it's not always the company head or a manager to blame. Instead, the risks may come from different sources within the firm or they may be external—from regulations to the overall economy.

Optimizing Business Performances. Solutions that differentiate You. We all know that unless we’re different from our competitor, we can never expect the price we get to be more than what they get. We also know unless we show customers what makes us different, there is little reason for them to buy from us because of our services & our customer-oriented approach. Understanding the voice of customer through AI. Voice of Customers (VOC)? In Simple terms VOC is “customers voice”, capturing customer feedback, expectations, preferences and opinions about their experience in interacting with your brand or service.

Business Growth is Our Aim. Bring a new Experience to your Business. Jasper Colin Research. Changes Ways of work for business you need. If you relying on the same technology, ideas and strategies that may have worked in the year’s past. Today’s marketplace is completely change, global marketplace demands quick responses to economic conditions in order to remain in business. Reducing Business Costs by knowing your customers. A strategy that Creates results. Analyze today and predict future. Jasper Colin Research. Take your business to the next level. Jasper Colin Research.