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Feeding Broodmares. By ensuring that all your mare’s nutritional needs are being met as soon as she conceives you give your foal the best chance of a healthy future.

Feeding Broodmares

Photo: Kevin Thompson/The Horse Q. I’m having my mare bred this month. MENSAJERIA. Criadores de caballos y Venta de caballos en Distrito Federal - Directorio Ecuestre MéxicoHorse& Luxury. 7.

Criadores de caballos y Venta de caballos en Distrito Federal - Directorio Ecuestre MéxicoHorse& Luxury

FINCA LAS LOMASMéxico, D. F.Venta de caballos frisones, potros y yeguas, excelente calidad y precio, caballos en existencia, nextel id 62*173679*1 y *28. The Ultimate Guide to Migrating From Apache to Nginx: Part 1. We'll use a PHP application, Drupal, as a base example of how a migration from Apache to Nginx could work, but a lot of information presented here could be applied to other web application technologies.

The Ultimate Guide to Migrating From Apache to Nginx: Part 1

To make the example more realistic, we will use the Drupal CMS as a standard of PHP application. Not because this application is the best of all existing applications, but especially because Drupal 7, as a semi-object semi-procedural entirely-stored-in-document-root piece, is a good example of debt-based PHP application where a good HTTP server configuration can have a great impact. I'm pretty sure you will find in this study valuable things even for other PHP applications. This is also an advanced study of Drupal on Apache, as you will not always have the ability to migrate to Nginx, but you should really study your web server configuration at all times.

And showing an advanced Nginx configuration without showing the equivalent thing on Apache would be unfair. Nutrition New Year's Resolutions. Nutrition plays a vital role in keeping your horse healthy and capable of achieving all the goals you are setting for the new year.

Nutrition New Year's Resolutions

Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt/The Horse. When Do Horses Need Vitamin E? Good quality grass pasture is an excellent source of vitamin E in all natural forms.

When Do Horses Need Vitamin E?

Photo: Q. Building Your Open VPN Server (with OpenVPN) Background I need a VPN server of my own to can get into my home network when away from home.

Building Your Open VPN Server (with OpenVPN)

I happen to have a sheevaplug server which should handle running OpenVPN, put the two together and I get my own VPN Server! Promotional Products by Amsterdam Printing. LED Starlight Promotional Pen. Horse Body Parts, Size & Condition. Parts of a Horse The illustration below shows the main parts of a horse.

Horse Body Parts, Size & Condition

Knowing these parts is useful if you ever need to describe a problem to a veterinarian. Knowledge of some of these body parts is also important when doing a body-condition score for your horse. Measuring a Horse’s Weight and Height For a variety of reasons, it is important to know your horse’s height and weight. Weight—Measure your horse’s heart girth and body length. Hipico la Cantera. En Club Hípico la Cantera le damos la mas cordial bienvenida a un gran Club Hípico en las Montañas.

Hipico la Cantera

Nuestra inmejorable ubicación le permitirá entrenar en un práctico ambiente privado rodeado del bosque. Si viene de otra cuidad, puede consultar nuestras recomendaciones de hospedaje. En nuestro club puede encontrar Caballos de Salto de talla mundial. ALTERNATIVES to Hay for Horses - Whether because of drought, too much rain, or hurricanes that destroy crops, hay for horses is a precious resource!

ALTERNATIVES to Hay for Horses -

This shortage has caused many people to look for hay alternatives or ways to stretch short supplies. Ten years ago your only real choice was chopped alfalfa hay or hay cubes, but recently more options have become readily available. Alfalfa Cubes: These are generally not as rich as alfalfa hay but they do have high levels of protein, energy, and calcium. Consistently Consistent. Stampede offers the ultimate hay cube, peak harvested and naturally sun cured to provide maximum palatability, performance and nutrition.

Consistently Consistent

With guaranteed ingredient analysis, Stampede Cubes are consistently consistent in quality across all seasons and are easy to store. Alfalfa & Timothy Hay Cubes. Premium Alfalfa/Timothy Cubes. Recommended For: Growing horses (moderate to rapid growth), underweight horses, performance horses, mares in late pregnancy and lactating, breeding stallions, senior horses, horses with sensitivity to carbohydrates and horses with gastric ulcers Other Product Benefits. Ontario Dehy Inc. - Timothy-Balance<SUP>®</SUP> Cubes. La terminal virtual de pagos. Procesa y Recibe Pagos en Línea. Cómo recibir pagos online para tus ventas - MercadoPago. Comisiones PayPal - PayPal México. Comprar no cuesta, recibir pagos muy poco.

Con PayPal no pagas comisión al comprar. Si compras en sitios web extranjeros hay un cargo por conversión de divisas. Si eres vendedor, pagas una comisión competitiva al recibir pagos, por lo general de 4.0% + $4.00 pesos por transacción, pero esta baja conforme crecen tus ventas. El gateway de pagos más avanzado de México. Worldpay. Treating Chronic Laminitis. Frequently, the chronic laminitis horse is confused with the acute case, and is often treated the same way.

This misunderstanding and misconception continues to stifle progress in the field of podiatry. Many definitions of acute and chronic have been proposed, however when we have working knowledge of the sequence of events that can be clearly identified by a physical exam, radiographs and venograms we can formulate a treatment regimen tailored not only for this stage of the syndrome but for each foot involved. Personally I consider cases to be in the chronic stage after the acute phase has passed through the largest window of response, which normally occurs 4-6 weeks from onset. An exception is the high scale case that goes off the radar screen within the first few days of the syndrome. The feet are physiologically dead within hours of onset and slough in a matter of days. Services – Safram News. Web Parcel – prepare your parcel for shipping online. Road Services. Inicio. REMOLQUES BULLDOG. Tavasci. SSL setup for OpenERP - TeckZilla. Step 1. Install Apache and required modulesOn your server install apache2 by typing sudo apt-get install apache2sudo a2enmod ssl proxy_http headers rewrite.

Openerp-server.conf for OpenERP 7 explained - VION Technology Blog. Here are the options that you can use in your openerp-server.conf file to tweak your OpenERP 7 installation. In one of my previous posts Install OpenERP 7.0 from trunk I’ve written how to start your server with a start scrip just changing the ports and all other default settings. You can also start your server with a specified config file with -c command. .

/server/openerp-server -c /path/to/openerp-server.conf Here is the config file spitted into parts for easy understanding. Server startup config – Common options. OpenERP Warehouse Management Module. OpenERP Warehouse Management Module. ANCCEMEX - Asociación Nacional de Criadores de Caballos Pura Raza Española de México - Doma Clásica. Grupo Marengo. Equitación de Trabajo, Working Equitation. Fanless Computers, Fanless Embedded PC, Digital Signage Player, Rackmount Chassis, Server Case, Storage Array, Single Board Computers, POS Computers, Panel PC, Industrial Computers, Fanless Industrial PC.

E-Invoicing Compliance Blog: Mexico Factura. With the announcment on May 31, 2013 of the updates to einvoicing in Mexico, there is a huge amount of interest - yet one potential failing of many companies. CFD is sunset, there are no "grandfather" clauses in the updates. Many organizations have been lulled into a peaceful sleep with the older knowledge that the government would still accept CFD. This is because in the past (and by past I mean before May 31, 2013) you could still send CFD XML if you had been doing CFD prior to Jan 1, 2010. There have been a number of CFDI mandates since then, and the CFD "grandfather" clause had always applied. UNTIL NOW -- in the resolution posted on the Mexico SAT website CFD is no longer viable as of January 1, 2014: The official documentation of the legislative changes was published: El 31 de mayo de 2013 se publica en el DOF la 2ª Resolución de Modificaciones a la Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal para 2013 (2ª RM para la RMF 2013).

The Duratran Company. How to: Interior use. Our Invisa-view Cling (perforated vinyl) media retains all of the high quality features you’re used to with our exterior invisa-view perforated vinyl, but has the exciting new capability to be installed from inside! Features a 70/30 perforation vinyl pattern, meaning 70% of the film is retained and 30% is removed. The meshy pattern offers enough print surface area for enhanced image resolution and color reproduction while retaining the films one way visibility.