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Flipped Classroom Model

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Webinar with Alan November and Dr. Eric Mazur. This is a very special episode of our podcast series.

Webinar with Alan November and Dr. Eric Mazur

It’s an archived recording of our first of what we hope will be many live webinars complete with audience Q&A at the end. In this conversation, Alan talks again to Dr. Turning Learning on Its Head! Home. Flipped Classroom. Teacher Vodcasting and Flipped Classroom Network - A professional learning community for teachers using vodcasting in the classroom. The Flipped Class: A New Paradigm in Education. Jonathan Bergann and Aaron Sams are two science teachers from Woodland Park, South Dakota who are leading a revolution in instruction called “The Flipped Class.”

The Flipped Class: A New Paradigm in Education

Stated simply, their method involves flipping what happens in the classroom with what happens at home. Rather than lecture live, they make videos for their student to watch at home. Class time is spent working with students to better understand the material covered in the videos. Harvard Education Letter. Since she began ‘flipping’ lectures and homework assignments, high school science teacher Shelley Wright has noticed something: the number of students failing her course has dropped from the usual three to zero.

Harvard Education Letter

Departmental exam scores are higher, too. Wright, who teaches grades 10, 11, and 12 at Cornerstone Christian School in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, is one of a growing number of converts to the practice of inverting—or flipping—the daytime class lecture, on the one hand, and nighttime reading and problem-solving homework, on the other. When Wright teaches, she introduces a topic in class through activities or groupwork, and then asks students to watch a related lecture from the not-for-profit tutorial creator Khan Academy or from the TED conference website for homework. Instead of filing into the class the next day for a lecture, students are prepped to apply what they’ve learned.

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