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AI for CPE Management – Cox Communications. What is AI for CPE Management?

AI for CPE Management – Cox Communications

The Tallgrass.AI tools, Business IQ (BIQ) and Business Analysis System (BAS), provide the foundation to use artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning to identify customer equipment that will fail prior to an actual failure. The technology applies in many industries, offering service providers the ability to prevent equipment outages or failures, and proactively improve the customer experience. Client Cox Communications, Inc. (Cox) is the third-largest cable television provider in the United States, serving more than 6.2 million customers providing digital cable service, high speed internet, digital telephone, and home security services to residential customer and business class services in their Cox Business organization. Key Problem The legacy Watchlist standard for failure of a customer equipment device is at 4 or more malfunctions within a 365-day rolling time-period. Solution. Key Features of Master Data Management Solutions.

Make the most of your Data with DSaaS from Tallgrass. Master Data Management - Strategy or Technology? Conclusive Report on Robotic Process Automation Solutions. Advanced Data Analytics Solutions. Since opening our doors, the Tallgrass mission remains the same – to bring the power of big data insights and analytics to our clients.

Advanced Data Analytics Solutions

Innovation comes from, one, acknowledging yourself; two, studying and understanding the issue; and three, finding a solution. We are change agents that step into your world, confirm the state of your data, then redefine it allowing optimizations to propagate. This changes the overall data literacy of your organization. We provide customized business & data solutions, applying cutting edge technology to niche challenges that generate significant revenue and/or cost savings.

Our proprietary technology and methods guide decision makers from a dysfunctional tactical mindset to a forward-thinking strategic outlook. We define these behaviors and flag them independently. In short, we discover and seek to prove complex behavior by isolating it and playing that behavior back through historical data. Operational Literacy powered by Strategic Decision Support System.

Top Business Intelligence Solutions of 2020. Decision Science As A Service. Business Transformation. THE ELEPHANT Every boardroom has an elephant … or two.

Business Transformation

These elephants are the looming issues everyone would rather discuss another time. The questions yet to be asked — by a person willing to ask them. It’s a common phenomenon that in today’s complex business environments, executives put off focusing on vital business issues that are not openly discussed in terms of their urgency and impact. Want to know where the elephant is when it comes to balancing the future with the present? Look at your progress on the big bets driving that future. ​ Balancing investment for the future with the needs of sustaining success in your current business model can often seem like a mutually exclusive proposition – particularly when the transformations required to deploy future-enabling capabilities, technologies and systems can be so disruptive to the conduct of everyday business. These companies are shining a light on the way forward. THE WAY FORWARD How industry leaders are investing in the big bets.

Data-Driven Decision Solutions. TG/on-trends The world’s largest and most successful companies are pouring investment into Big Data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), but fear — rather than the opportunity to profitably leverage data — is the driving factor.

Data-Driven Decision Solutions

According to strategic advisors NewVantage Partners, the “fear of disruption’ by rivals using data and AI to their advantage in an increasingly competitive global landscape will fuel additional investment into these technologies over the next few years. The firm’s latest survey, “Data and Innovation: Leveraging Big Data and AI to Accelerate Business Transformation," was compiled based on responses from C-level executives at Fortune 1000 organizations including American Express, Capital One, Ford, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, and Mastercard.

In addition, 87.8 percent said there is now an “urgency" to invest as 55 percent of companies have now poured at least $50 million into their own Big Data and AI projects. Decision Support System. Companies that can redefine their strategic vision in response to market demand have an advantage.

Decision Support System

Communicating this achievement to the market and its response in real-time allows them to make informed business marketing decisions with ease. It’s no longer enough to make a decision unless you can systematically measure the benefits of its value and compliance to that value. With the empowerment of machine learning and AI, the process to measure the intensity of decision making – adhered to the emergence of marketing decision support system software solutions like Tallgrass. The Tallgrass structure of a decision support systemis unique in how it aligns strategic goals to the low-level tactical behaviors hidden within the data.

The goals impacted by decisions and driving change are ordered in real-time for better and worse. What is Data Health/Bias? How RPA Evolves Competition Ecology for Modern Businesses - Tallgrass. How AI Based Business Decisions Redefine Success? What is Data Literacy and Why it Matters? Dawn of New AI-Based Insurance 2.0 – How? - Tallgrass. Big Data Analytics / Business Intelligence Solutions. Advanced Data Analytics Services.