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Online Native American Gallery. Beautiful Coffee Mugs for Sale, Buy Online Now. Shop Best Coin Purses Online by Navajo Artist. 4 Native American Art Jewelry Styles You Should Try. Be it a gift for a loved one or shopping for yourselves, the timeless pieces of jewelry and accessories never fails to bring happiness.

4 Native American Art Jewelry Styles You Should Try

The earth stones, designs, and materials used in Native American art jewelry give an essence of nature- sky, sand, and purity. Moreover, the symbolism and sterling silver make these pieces are considered as an epitome of beauty by those who wear them. Shopping for jewelry can be time-consuming, given that there are tons of combinations available in different beautiful colors sizes from small to large, detailing, and connection to nature.Let’s see how native American art jewelry can be styled in ways that would not only look good on you but also catch the eye of all those around you.

Rings Generally, rings have gorgeous turquoise, onyx, coral, and other types of stones. Pendants Pendants or neckpieces can never go wrong when it comes to styling. Earrings Just like rings, earrings have their own style statement and charm. Cuff Bracelets. Navajo Art On Mouse Pad For Sale, Order Yours Now. Shop Linen Drawstring Backpacks Online by Navajo Artist. Linen Drawstring Backpacks. 4 Reasons Why Navajo Art Coffee Mugs Make For Perfect Gifts.

Hunting for a present for someone special?

4 Reasons Why Navajo Art Coffee Mugs Make For Perfect Gifts

Or did you forget that it’s your colleague’s birthday and have no clue about his likes and dislikes? Well, you can never go wrong with Native American coffee mugs! Regardless of whether it’s Christmas, a friend’s birthday, an anniversary, or you just feel like surprising someone, mugs are god-gifted solutions for those who can never decide on what to gift to people they love! Ceramic Mugs For Sale Online by Navajo Artist. Shop Mouse Pad Now with Navajo Artist. Baby’s First Laugh Ceremony: A Unique Navajo Tradition. Sand Painting by Navajo Art, Know it's Importance. Navajo sandpaintings, even though one of the most popular forms of Navajo art, were not created to be art but rather a part of a sacred healing ritual or ceremony performed by medicine men.

Sand Painting by Navajo Art, Know it's Importance

Also known as dry paintings, sandpaintings meant “places where gods come and go” in the native Navajo language. While a traditional sandpainting is meant to be created and destroyed in a day, since the 1940s, the Navajos have created permanent paintings for public display, albeit with altered designs to protect and maintain their religious significance. Shop Online Gaiter Face Covering by Navajo Art.

Buy Designed Cosmetic Bags with Mirror Compact by Navajo Art. Shop Tri-Fold Wallet with Navajo Ganado Red Rug Design. Three Layer Face Mask By Navajo Arts and Crafts. Navajo Art on Stainless Steel Tumbler. What Sets Navajo Rugs Apart From Other Native American Rug Designs. 3 Important Characteristics Of Navajo Sandpaintings. Turquoise in Native Indian Jewelry – The Color And Symbolism. Turquoise is a sacred stone that has been prized for hundreds of years for its beautiful blue-green color and mystical healing properties by Native Americans.

Turquoise in Native Indian Jewelry – The Color And Symbolism

It is a precious stone that is seen in several pieces of Native Indian jewelry and is traded in markets around the world. The members of Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Pueblo have created and are still using turquoise in their vibrant jewelry – be it necklaces, cuff bracelets, and earrings, due to prehistoric myths. Best Four Strand Kingman Turquoise Necklace. Keeping Native American Culture and Traditions Alive. The importance of keeping cultures alive stems from the need to preserve the identity of a people.

Keeping Native American Culture and Traditions Alive

As a culture fades away, so does an entire people. Imagine not knowing your heritage, once popular holiday traditions, customary dance forms and art, family recipes served on special occasions, and more. If we don’t keep our traditions alive and let our past die out, we won’t have anything to pass on to the young generations. How To Layer Your Native American Jewelry. Get an exclusive deals on Navajo Design Trifold Wallets. 4 Reasons Why Navajo Art Coffee Mugs Make For Perfect Gifts. Traditions Of Song And Dance In Navajo Culture. Music and dance are an integral part of Native American cultures, with them being used to strengthening community bonds and as a celebration of a bountiful life.

Traditions Of Song And Dance In Navajo Culture

But there is so much more to it than this. Songs are used as vehicles to pass down stories from one generation to the next, a reminder of their roots, their traditions, the rules of the tribe, and their genealogy. In addition to this, they are used to commemorate special occasions such as marriages, funerals, and so on. As expressions of joy in everyday life, to bring happiness in the community or as a form of prayer during rituals — songs and dances enrich the lives of the Navajo people. Check out our Navajo Coin Purse Collection.

Explore Wonderful Navajo Artwork from the Comfort of Your Home. Any conversation about art will be incomplete without mentioning Navajo artists and the artwork they bring to life on different canvases.

Explore Wonderful Navajo Artwork from the Comfort of Your Home

The beautiful elements of this Native American Indian art are not only mesmerizing to look at but also fill you with a sense of hope and goodness. If you want to explore Navajo art in all its glory, we advise you to look for an authentic online gallery by Navajo artists. Trust us, you would not be disappointed! To be an art enthusiast, you don’t have to frequent a traditional gallery. You have a lot of options to browse through sitting in the comfort of your home. Celebrities Come Together to Support People in Navajo Nation to Fight Coronavirus. Traditional Navajo Ceremonies: The Yeibitchai Dance Or Night Chant.

The history of the development of a religious belief system in the Navajo tribe isn’t well known.

Traditional Navajo Ceremonies: The Yeibitchai Dance Or Night Chant

Most of the present-day information comes from the data recorded by the Europeans who came into North America in the sixteenth century, but even the records are not completely accurate because the Europeans were neither familiar with Native American cultures and nor they did they understand any. This issue was further amplified by the fact that even the tribes themselves were reluctant to divulge any information. The Night Chant or The Yeibitchai Dance is one such ceremony for which you may not come across a lot of detailed descriptions.

An ethnologist and linguistic expert, Washington Matthews, is one of the very few people who wrote extensively about it in his book The Night Chant, which was published in 1902. Dating back to around 1000 BC, the ceremony takes place over nine nights, and it is believed to have been first performed in Canyon de Chelly. Traditional Navajo Ceremonies: The Yeibitchai Dance Or Night Chant. How to Take Care of Your Native American Jewelry. Famous Navajo Chiefs Design. Navajo Ganado Rug, Morning Blessing Art, Crystal Rug Design Products. Choose Native American Art Jewelry Online. Navajo Coffee Mugs. Navajo Art: Perfect For Coffee Mugs. Posted by jasminmaclean on March 24th, 2020 Starting your morning with a cup of coffee sounds perfect!

Navajo Art: Perfect For Coffee Mugs

While for some coffee has become an energy drink, others drink it to stay up and focused while working. Many of you may not know but coffee has amazing health benefits as well. This elixir is a wonderful antioxidant and has an awesome brain-boosting ability. Coffee lovers often have favorite mugs as well! How to Become a Pro in Art Collection - Tips For Beginners. There is no age for collecting art.

How to Become a Pro in Art Collection - Tips For Beginners

Some people start collecting early, whereas some get introduced to this passion of theirs at a later stage of their lives. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is how you approach your newly discovered passion. When you are interested in an item that you saw on an online or offline art gallery, for example, a Native American gallery, it's important that you really understand what you looked at. You should take some time to do research on that particular item to learn about it so you don’t end up buying something that you didn’t want.Train Your Eyes to See Like An Artist.

Native American Bracelets. The term Native American Jewelry instantly takes our minds to silver jewelry embellished with turquoise and petroglyph symbols. In Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni culture, Indian jewelry holds great significance due to which their unique designs and styles have gained a worldwide reputation. 6 Most Popular Types of Navajo Rug Designs. The beauty and craftsmanship of Navajo rugs are unmatched.

Even though the Navajo people learned the art of weaving from the neighboring Pueblo, over time, they developed their own distinctive styles and patterns. The Navajo women, who are the primary weavers, expanded the designs beyond the traditional stripes and colors and transformed them into today’s popular styles such as Crystal and Ganado Navajo rugs. Since the beginning of 1920, the different types of rugs came to be associated with the region in which the unique pattern was first conceived or their specific influences. Here are some of them: 1.

The crystal design originated in the 1930s and underwent many changes over the years. 2. It was in the late 1800s that the Ganado style of rugs was first established by a trader named Lorenzo Hubbell. 3. Traders George Bloomfield and Ed Davis began this style in around 1914 at the Toadlena and Two Grey Hills tradeposts. 4. Choose Authentic Native American Indian jewelry Online. Visit Native American Gallery Online. 6 Prominent Colors and Their Meaning among Native Americans. From weaving to beading to face painting, Native Americans decorate their art and crafts with a variety of colors to make it more beautiful. But do you know most of their colors have significant meanings? Also, depending on the physical areas on the body, the meaning of the same color or design change. In other words, a specific color on the face holds a different meaning than the same color on another part of the body. How to Take Care of Your Navajo Sterling Silver Jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry looks beautiful, and when it is emblematic of the traditional Navajo art and culture it radiates a timeless and elegant appeal.

And given that you hold your sterling silver jewelry so dear, it is only normal for you to want to keep them in good condition for a long time. 5 Prolific Navajo Painters Who Helped Shape Modern Navajo Art. To better appreciate the beauty of modern Navajo art and culture, it is also important to educate yourself about those who made it what it is today. Here are some of the most prolific painters from Navajo Nation who created a lasting legacy in Native American art with their impressive legion of work: Quincy Tahoma Quincy Tahoma was a Navajo painter and muralist in addition to being one of the Indian Code Talkers who played a crucial role in World War II.

His early paintings saw soft and serene tones but with time, they began to depict scenes of war and hunting. He made use of bright, vivid colors and sharp lines that reflected the style of Native American paintings in the early 20th century. Gerald Nailor Sr. Gerald Nailor, born in Pinedale, New Mexico, had a formal degree in art, which he obtained at the U.S. Harrison Begay Harrison Begay is arguably the best-known contemporary Navajo painter. R.C. C. Beatien Yazz. Looking for Native American Gallery Online. Features of Hugely Admired Navajo Rugs. A Brief Insight into Navajo Jewelry. Though the history of Navajo jewelry is nearly 12,000 years old, it first gained attention in the 1850s when Atsidi Sani, the first Native American silversmith, impressed everyone with his magnificent work that included conchos, beaded Native American bracelets, and a variety of other jewelry items. Turquoise was later used in combination with silver, somewhere in the 1900s, by Atsidi Chon, another prominent figure in Native American jewelry making.

Valuing an Array of Unique Works of Navajo Artists. A Look Back in Time: The Artisan Turquoise Collections by the Navajos. Posted by jasminmaclean on December 15th, 2019 A Native American culture still bubbling in the urban era, the Navajos and their skilled artisan jewelry today are timeless contributions of the bygone days. Inspired by their exuberant tribal culture, the Navajo jewelry in the form of trinkets, earrings, and spectacular Native American bracelets mirrors the spontaneous tribal lifestyle in the years gone by, which brings us to the question- How did the Navajo culture start painting their culture in jewelries and what made turquoise the precious stone that Navajo jewelry makers simply couldn’t do without!

The Trailblazing Turquoise Exotic and oozing with elegance, a rare bluestone, the turquoise has been the lifeline of many ancient and modern-day jewelry. However, back in the days, turquoise or ‘Doo tl’ izh ii’ as the Navajo tribe called it held a very special place in the tribe. Native American Art Jewelry - Ornaments that Reflect an Era. Savor Warmth in Every Sip- With Navajo Artist Rendition Mugs. As they say, ‘Charm is what begets the soul’ holds true by all means. Silversmithing in the Navajo Culture and Turquoise Bracelets: A brief insight into the centuries-old art form. The Navajo people started making silver jewelry in the 1860s. Atsidi Sani, the popular Native American silversmith is often credited as the first Navajo who learned the trade from the Spaniards who came here in search of silver and gold. How Do Navajo Design Wallets Make for Eminent Accessory? You might be wondering how an artist-designed wallet is different from a regular one.

Well, there is a lot of difference between both. Not only an artist-designed wallet looks unique and brings attention to you, but it bridges the gap between fine art and fashion accessories as well. Navajo History 101 - The Art of Traditional Jewelry Making. Importance of Materials in the Native American Art. Check out Our Navajo Coin Purses Collections Online. The Importance Of Storytelling In The Navajo Culture. As the Navajo people explored their land, storytelling became such an important tool for them. Everything You Need to Know About Navajo Pitch Pottery. Buy Our Navajo Art Coffee Mug Collections Online. Purchase our Navajo Design Trifold Wallets at Affordable Price. Check Out Our Navajo Pattern Tri-Fold Wallet Selection. Hogans - The Legacy behind Traditional Navajo Homes.

3 Communication Rules That Navajo People Follow. Purchase Navajo Indian Artwork Canvas Prints. Choose Extensive Collection Of Navajo Design Wallets. Navajo Indian Art on Coin Purses. See Our Native American Gallery Online. Shop Authentic Native American Indian Jewelry Online. Visit Our Native American Gallery Online in USA. Check Out Our Native American Art Jewelry Collections. Buy Our Native American Coffee Mugs Online. Buying A Crystal Navajo Rug Online. Choose Stunning Online Gallery By Navajo Artist. Searching For The Ideal Native American Design Wallets. History Of The Native American Beads. Navajo Artist: Native American Beaded Wallets. Choose Native American Coffee Mugs Online.