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Things to Consider When Selecting a University in UK by Seek Academy. By Seek Academy Training Institute At this point, many students may have received their final results from the respective universities whereas some of them are still awaiting the same.

Things to Consider When Selecting a University in UK by Seek Academy

A large majority of students would like to start their master’s degree overseas as it offers better exposure and work opportunities. Seek Consultants: Types of Australian Universities You Can Apply To. There are three types of students; those who know what they want to study and from which college, those who know the course and are open to universities that can provide them with opportunities, and then there are those who don’t know what they want to do.

Seek Consultants: Types of Australian Universities You Can Apply To

In short, they don’t have any specific aim in mind about the country, college, or course Seek Consultants is the best Student Visa Consultants, and can help students from all these categories to choose a university and course. There are many reasons to Live and Work in Australia. “The land down under” is for one, ranked among the world’s most livable cities. Things to Know Before Visiting Liverpool for Studies – seekconsultants. The UK has become a hub for international students and there are a large number of cities and colleges in the UK for studies.

Things to Know Before Visiting Liverpool for Studies – seekconsultants

Each city has its own set of advantages and disadvantage. Despite the disadvantages, thousands of students travel to the UK for higher studies. In the UK, London is the best city in terms of job opportunities and colleges. Also, it is the capital of England and therefore, students tend to gravitate towards it more hoping for a good overall environment to live and study. Some of the most popular cities in London are Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool. Statement of Purpose for MBA - seekconsultants’s blog. Most international B-schools require the aspirant to write some essays as a part of the admission process.

Statement of Purpose for MBA - seekconsultants’s blog

The remaining asks the aspirant to write a statement of purpose for the business management courses. Seek Consultants not only are the best Student Visa Consultants in Delhi but also provide SOP Writing Services so that the students can easily commence with the admission process. For an international MBA degree, the students are required to show their IELTS score, resume, entrance exam scores, some recommendations, and some other miscellaneous information. This essentially is the first round of the MBA interview process.

How to Write the Perfect SOP by Seek Academy. By Seek Academy Training Institute One of the most important criteria for getting admission into one of the top universities or colleges in India or elsewhere in the world is an SOP.

How to Write the Perfect SOP by Seek Academy

SOP stands for Statement of Purpose and in it, you should be able to articulate as to what you stand for and what you want to achieve and why this course matter to you the most. This is all that goes into an SOP. Generally, a typical SOP would consist of 400 – 500 words divided into 4 or 5 paragraphs. Seek Consultants: Medical Tests Required for Canada Student Visa. Students who have enrolled themselves in any Canadian educational institute for a period of over 6 months are required to furnish past medical records and also go through a general medical exam.

Seek Consultants: Medical Tests Required for Canada Student Visa

Canada immigration department mandates that the person goes through a medical test. The medical test is to be taken at a designated medical practitioner’s office. The doctor may ask the following things: 1. Students over 10 years of age need to get an x-ray of their chest. Immigration Policies of Different Countries – seekconsultants. When we talk about migration, you will hear two very similar terms; one is emigration and the other is immigration.

Immigration Policies of Different Countries – seekconsultants

They are virtually the same word aside from their beginnings. Although they both refer to migration, they take on slightly different meanings. Emigration is leaving a country to move somewhere else, whereas immigration is the process of entering a country. So, when people migrate, it is important to recognize that they are both immigrants and emigrants at the same time but which term you use depends on whether you are leaving or entering the country. 7 Benefits of Student Forex Cards When Studying Abroad - seekconsultants’s blog. Studying abroad is a unique experience and requires a lot of preparation by both parents and students.

7 Benefits of Student Forex Cards When Studying Abroad - seekconsultants’s blog

Students have many concerns but their main concern is the cost of living and how will they transact in a foreign land. Handling finance abroad is a task and can be very intimidating. Seek Consultants: Types of Student Visas: USA. Some of the greatest and most renowned universities in the world call the USA home.

Seek Consultants: Types of Student Visas: USA

It is a hub for international students seeking quality higher education. However, the initial process can be overwhelming as there is a bunch of paperwork to be completed. Also, applying for a relevant visa is absolutely necessary. Student Schengen Visa by Seek Academy. By Seek Academy Training Institute Student visa Europe is more commonly known as the student Schengen visa.

Student Schengen Visa by Seek Academy

Schengen is nothing but the area in 26 European countries which allow the free movement of people. These countries follow common rules, have a common currency, and a common judicial system as well. Some of the major countries in the Schengen area are; Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Canada Express Entry – seekconsultants. Canadian immigration has a system called Canada Express Entry for easy selection and immigration of skilled workers into Canada. The main objective of Express Entry is to select skilled workers for immigration to Canada. The process is electronic and involves the federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers. Earlier, it was debated that Express Entry will increase unemployment. Surprisingly, it has been found that due to Express Entry, the unemployment level has gone down and it also impacted the economy in a positive way.

Express Entry created approximately 70,000 new jobs in Canada. Student Visa Canada - Seek Consultants. Why Canada? Canada is well known for its quality education and high standard of living. Capital of Canada is Ottawa with two official languages English and French. Student Visa Australia - Seek Consultants. Why Australia? Australia is one the popular destinations among the students due to it tremendous education system and best facilities available for local and international students.

Educational instates of Australia come under the top world ranked in and getting educated in Australia is “Value for Money”. Education from Australia has global recognition which is the biggest advantage for the international students. Study Overseas - Seek Consultants. Canada Express Entry – seekconsultants. Immigration - Seek Consultants. Seek Consultants: Study in UK on a Budget. It is a dream of students to study in UK. No doubt UK is a big city and there are a lot of distractions in the form of historic sites, big malls, and so much more to see and do.

Also, you have to deal with studies as well. So, it is a good idea to plan in advance your strategy on time and most importantly money management. Best European Countries to Study - seekconsultants’s blog. European universities have become a favorite study destination of Indian students in recent years. Most European universities have a stable academic calendar and the student knows right from the very beginning the various start and end dates of semesters and so on. This also allows them to plan their holidays accordingly. Universities in Europe are considered to provide excellent knowledge in the field of science, technology, and medicine. The knowledge gained is very much applicable in international scenarios. International Students Must Know Before Applying for a Job in Canada by Seek Academy. By Seek Academy Training Institute. Canada Student Visa Requirements – seekconsultants. Over 150,000 international students are accepted into Canadian universities every year.

The high-quality education system, job opportunities, cultural diversity, and low tuition fee are some of the most attractive features of Studying in Canada. Also, Canadian universities have links with big companies and chances are that you might start earning just after 3 – 4 months of the completion of your course. But first of all, you have to get your student visa. Seek Consultants: Mistakes you Should Avoid when Applying for Foreign Education. English Language Requirements for Higher Studies in Abroad - seekconsultants’s blog. International students are required to prove their proficiency in English language because the medium of education in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand is English. Seek Consultants the best Student Visa Consultant can guide you on which English tests to appear for depending on the country which you are aiming for. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most popular English proficiency test all over the world.

New Zealand also accepts the IELTS score as a proof of English language proficiency. Universities at UG level may ask for an original or photocopied scorecard. Canada Student Visa Requirement by Seek Academy. Why Canada is Favorite Destination for International Students – seekconsultants.