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Are you going to spend time without pedaling a bike? Are you going to spend time without pedaling a bike? Up and down - How to replace gears on a bike? Congratulations cyclist performance - Happy Children's day. Have you noticed how a child gets when they see a cyclist performance? Have you seen how she behaves when she’s inside a bike shop? Remember how eager you were to get your first bike? Following this thought why not present your child with a bike? This post is just to congratulate our children cyclists, but taking advantage of why not talk a little about the advantages of biking in the child’s life?! Cycling has several educational benefits for the child. Increases resistanceenhances agilitystimulates and develops the balancecreates an ecological awarenessencourages social interactionimproves self-esteemstrengthens bonesreduces obesityimproves blood circulationthe child learns values such as tolerance, respect, and solidarityassists in trainingAnd strengthens family ties.

Have you ever noticed a child’s face as she pedals? The Road market has been growing steadily in the world, so TSW and Groove, for example, have expanded their range of models. Trek bike reviews.