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Text Tools. QuickTextPaste. QuickTextPaste. Listen N Write. QuickTextPaste. Here’s How to Get Accurate Voice-to-Text Conversion for Free. Free dictation apps that convert your speech accurately to onscreen text do exist.

Here’s How to Get Accurate Voice-to-Text Conversion for Free

I learned that when I stumbled upon Dictanote in the Chrome Web Store. Speech recognition technology has become quite impressive in recent times. It has given you assistants like Google Now, Siri, and Cortana to make your routine digital tasks easier. But dictating notes is one task that’s not quite simple even now. While you do have a few voice-to-text apps to choose from, they might not work for you for various reasons. For example, Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking is excellent, but comes with a hefty price tag. Usually, getting dictation apps to understand my speech is a nightmare, because their error rates for non-American accents seem to be pretty high. With Dictanote I faced no such problems.

It turns out that there are other Chrome-based speech-to-text apps, such as Voice Recognition, that share Dictanote’s accuracy levels. Of course, these apps may be accurate, but they’re not flawless. The Leading Speech Text Site on the Net. Free Online OCR - convert scanned PDF and images to Word, JPEG to Word. Text Analysis, Text Mining, and Information Retrieval Software. Commercial | online | free Text Analytics Platform: WordStat, ProSuite, QDA Miner - Free Trial On-line Text Mining / Text Analytics Tools, keyword analysis and webmaster tools.

Text Analysis, Text Mining, and Information Retrieval Software

Vivisimo/Clusty web search and text clustering engine. Wordle, a tool for generating "word clouds" from text that you provide. Commercial Text Mining / Text Analytics Software ActivePoint, offering natural language processing and smart online catalogues, based contextual search and ActivePoint's TX5(TM) Discovery Engine. Many packages above offer free or limited trial versions. Information counterfeits. Home > Research Help > General Research Help Topics > Evaluating Internet Information > Information counterfeits Information and Its Counterfeits: Propaganda, Misinformation and Disinformation If counterfeiters put pictures of their family members on their handiwork, nobody would be fooled.

Information counterfeits

What constitutes a good fake is how well it resembles the real thing. This document will help you be able to distinguish real information from its three lookalikes, or counterfeits: propaganda, misinformation and disinformation. Understanding the counterfeits will enable you to become a much more critical consumer of information. Information This is probably what you're looking for when you use the Internet for academic purposes. For example, "8,000,000" and "9%" are not information; they are bits of data.

Fetch. Free PhraseExpander Alternative. Text File Formats. Internetový obchod Chrome - HoverReader. Textanalyse mit linguistischen online Tools. Kostenlos Plagiate finden -


Peter Ellis Jones — CUT, COPY, PASTE... SWAP. As someone who uses a computer all day, cut, copy and paste are three of my most treasured friends. Every now and again though, I find myself needing to swap two pieces of text. It usually goes like this: Find and select text A and cutFind and select text B and paste text A next to itSelect text B and cut it.Go back to where text A was and paste text B in that spot And every time I do it, I’m slightly annoyed that this could be made slightly more efficient with the introduction of a new command, swap.

Swap is like cut in that it removes whatever is selected and puts that in the clipboard. Find and select text A and cutFind and select text B and swap, putting text A where text B was and storing text B in the clipboardGo back to where text A was and paste. So that’s what swap does. 1) Download Swap.workflow from here and save it to ~/Library/Services. 2) Open up System preferences, go to Keyboard, select the Shortcuts tab and click on Services in the select box on the right. That’s it!


Slova. Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator. Slab Logo Design. The Graffiti Creator. TitanPad. Szófelhő. Black Fog Games. TextTool TextTool is a text editor that makes it easy to manipulate text through multiple, built-in, powerful transformation options.

Black Fog Games

If you've found yourself needing to sort, dedupe, split, join, change case, URL encode, or search and replace text, TextTool can help. With the use of a powerful API, TextTool can also be integrated into your complex workflows with ease. iPhone iPad.


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