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Top 10 Secure Dropbox Alternatives. People tend to have a love-hate relationship with Dropbox.

Top 10 Secure Dropbox Alternatives

It is so convenient and it simply works. No way to argue that fact. Sending a quick link to somebody of your new photo collections or syncing recipe ideas over to multiple computers has never been easier. The simplicity of using Dropbox has made it to one of the most known cloud storage and syncing services on the web, with an almost insultingly high valuation just short of 10 billion USD. Setting it up is really simple: just create an account, install Dropbox on a machine and violá you end up with a working system that even your grampa can use (hey son, look at those incredible bird photo collection of mine, impressive right?)


Duck Duck Go. Google. Epic Privacy Browser, a more secure and private chromium-based web browser. Seguridad. Deep Web. Social Media. OSINT-2ool-Kit-On-The-Go-Bag-O-Tradecraft. 22 File-Sharing Tools for Easy Collaboration. Working online means we often have files we want to share with teammates or clients.

22 File-Sharing Tools for Easy Collaboration

While emailing attachments is still a popular choice to send files, it has restrictions on file size. It's also not conducive to collaboration, as it doesn't allow for multiple people to work on the same file at once. Instead of overflowing email inboxes with attachments, we can make use of a variety of file-sharing tools, all cloud-based, with many including storage facilities to track your transfers. These tools also save you from the setup, cost and maintenance of running your own home server (VPN), and make it easy to upload files to share with friends or colleagues, access remotely (on any device), or store for later.

Big Data Stares Down the Human Slave Trade. From burner phones to Bitcoin, human traffickers stay at the front of the tech curve.

Big Data Stares Down the Human Slave Trade

But outside the US, many anti-trafficking agencies are still using 20th-century methods: spreadsheets and paper. That makes sharing and analyzing data almost impossible. “Pushing people toward cloud-based systems is imperative,” says Sarah Jakiel, deputy director of the Polaris Project, an anti-trafficking organization based in Washington, DC. Infographic: Thomas Porostocky | Data courtesy of the Polaris Project Now Polaris is getting the chance, thanks to a new partnership. Polaris already has been able to shed light on some newly discovered participants in the human-slave trade in the US: gangs like the Crips, Bloods, and Zetas. Use These 6 Extensions To Improve Privacy & Security On Firefox.

You are being watched on the Internet – but if you use Mozilla Firefox, some of its great add-ons can help protect your privacy and security on the Web.

Use These 6 Extensions To Improve Privacy & Security On Firefox

Now, be warned that none of these are going to be completely foolproof. In fact, there’s is no completely safe way to use the Internet. But for most regular users, the protection that these extensions and tools offer will be enough as safeguards. HTTPS Everywhere One of the first extensions you should install in Firefox is HTTPS Everywhere, which encrypts much of your web browsing. What’s HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure? Adblock Plus You may be surprised to hear that popular extension Adblock Plus can do a lot more than just stop annoying ads. We do have one request if you use Adblock Plus. DoNotTrackMe It’s common knowledge now that websites track you to sell ads, including giants like Google and Facebook. One cool feature in DNTM is the email mask. Ghostery. 14 Alternatives to Google Analytics. Analytics platforms are essential for merchants to glean insight into what drives their traffic.

14 Alternatives to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the popular choice, but there are many other analytics tools available. Here is a list of analytics tools to help you collect and measure your customer data. Some of these applications are general analytics programs, akin to Google Analytics, to quantify traffic. Other applications look at specific aspects of the customer and should be used in conjunction with a general analytics program. Piwik Piwik. Piwik is an open source, web analytics solution that’s self-hosted. KISSmetrics KISSmetrics.

The Best Tools for Finding Information When Google Isn't Enough. Location Is Your Most Critical Data, and Everyone's Watching. A few years ago, one foolproof way of saving the battery on you phone was to turn off GPS.

Location Is Your Most Critical Data, and Everyone's Watching

You didn’t really need it. At most, it was an added convenience in a few apps. But it’s time to turn GPS back on. Your location has become one of the best things about your phone, your smartwatch, and every other connected device you carry. Our tech is learning to adapt to us, nestling into every aspect of our lives so it is more responsive, more useful, and more intuitive. Your phone’s ability to pinpoint your exact location and use that info to deliver services—a meal, a ride, a tip, a coupon—is reason for excitement. Follow Me One frigid and rainy winter day in New York City a few months ago, I sat in Foursquare’s SoHo office as CEO Dennis Crowley drew dots on a whiteboard. I moved to San Francisco three weeks ago, and Foursquare’s invisible tracking beam has been an amazing asset for learning the city.