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3D animación

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Python + BGE Python to talk to Arduino. I was reading this and then test it using BPY. froze Blender, however, it is also working, in a way it is doing the talk to Arduino and sending/receiving Serial data.Need to somewhat understand BGE Looping better.

Python + BGE Python to talk to Arduino

My conclusion is that the PySerial really does not work correctly in Windows because it keeps resetting the Arduino when being called to check. --- I need to check if there is a difference on Mac.I want to see a simple example of how INITIALIZE (one time looping) and LOOP works. Prof. Monster gave a nice PDF on Looping, but still confusing because we need example.This kind of work if I want a 1 time only execution, however for the PySerial thing that I am doing, this does not work somewhat.... Using Blender for Android. Blender for Android hasn't been updated for almost a year and I almost forgot it was there.

Using Blender for Android

You can still download it from though, and Dimitris shows us how it works. Part1: A small videotutorial on Android.Part2: How to install Blender on Android.Part3: Some thoughts about what is and what could be. How to create YouTube 360 degree videos with Blender. Now that YouTube is accepting 360 degree videos, it's time to explore how to use Blender to generate this content!

How to create YouTube 360 degree videos with Blender

Pedro Gaspar shows us how. Youtube started to accept videos in 360º, so I decided to try and make a video with Blender for the new feature.I used Blender Cycles! It was easier than I thought to change the settings on the camera! If I had a museum, it would look like this! Watch the Video on YouTube - it currently works on Google Chrome and on the Youtube Android app.I used old videos published on my youtube page to fill the screens, as well as some posters and a 3D statue that I made for an old project, using 123D Catch.I explain step-by-step what I did in my web page - I hope you find this interesting!

Related Blender Sightings I used to think we shouldn't post Blender sightings on BN anymore, but they just keep coming! June 26, 2009 In "Fun" Educational Video: The PN Junction Francisco M. June 17, 2013 In "Video" 3D Photo compositions in Blender January 7, 2013. ⚓ Query: Open Tasks. ZIL-137 para Spin Tires. Python and HTML Processing. Abstract Various Web surfing tasks that I regularly perform could be made much easier, and less tedious, if I could only use Python to fetch the HTML pages and to process them, yielding the information I really need.

Python and HTML Processing

In this document I attempt to describe HTML processing in Python using readily available tools and libraries. NOTE: This document is not quite finished. I aim to include sections on using mxTidy to deal with broken HTML as well as some tips on cleaning up text retrieved from HTML resources. Prerequisites Depending on the methods you wish to follow in this tutorial, you need the following things: For the "SGML parser" method, a recent release of Python is probably enough. Activities Accessing sites, downloading content, and processing such content, either to extract useful information for archiving or to use such content to navigate further into the site, require combinations of the following activities.

3D Model Download,Free 3D Models Download. OSM2World. Studio. Modelo 3D Humanos / CG Modelos Descargas gratuitas 3D Model Download,Free 3D Models Download. Human Verification. <div id="noscript-warning">Blender Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled<img src=" alt="" class="dno"></div>

Human Verification

Architecture. Cómo se hace un videojuego. Hace algunos meses salió una nota que causó revuelo entre las mujeres del área de tecnologías, Barbie te decía que podías hacer un videojuego, tú tenías la idea y te conseguías un hombre que te lo programara, ¡así de fácil, sin complicaciones!

Cómo se hace un videojuego

Esto me hizo pensar: “¿Hasta dónde ha llegado el mito de necesitar un programador, sin mencionar que tiene que ser hombre, para hacer aplicaciones o juegos?”. Yo la única pregunta que tenía era ¿qué necesitaba para empezar a hacer un videojuego?. Muchas de nosotras pensamos que es necesario tener conocimientos de programación para siquiera pensar en desarrollar uno, pero la verdad es que lo único realmente indispensable son las ganas de crear una idea que se convierta en un juego. Adentrándome al tema, me di cuenta que es necesario que alguien te oriente sobre el ¿qué buscar? Y ¿dónde? Tener una idea sobre el juego, algo divertido, entretenido que atrape a quien piensas que lo vaya a jugar.

Por @geekgirlsmx / @liloo999 @zuthiel_sua. TF3DM - 3D Models for free. Blender Addon List: Architecture.