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Hero Design Studio Hero Design Studio Hello! Yeh, we know this website has been sorely neglected. We have some new and big stuff in the works, including a brand new website and webstore. No idea on the timeline but for now make sure to check out our etsy store for our newest work.
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Ingrid Siliakus’ Paper Architecture
Portfolio book on the Behance Network
vectorial works 2010/2011 on the Behance Network
Last week I ran into Ayanaki’s printed dolls. I have to admit that those dolls melted my heart! Ayana says that by making those dolls she is mixing two of her favorite love, illustration and sewing. You should take a closer look at those lined dolls… I love the way Ayana uses those lines! Ayanaki | Ayana Nissan | Colorful Touch | DesignBreak Ayanaki | Ayana Nissan | Colorful Touch | DesignBreak
Yoko Furusho Yoko Furusho Copyright © Yoko Furusho All rights reserved Web by Atsushi Kaneishi *Wordpress *Jquery FEBRUARY 2014 Editorial Illustration JANUARY 2014 Ad campaign in Mexico DECEMBER 2013 Fabric Design DECEMBER 2013 Event Poster Illustration DECEMBER 2013 blog: X'mas exhibition in Tokyo NOVEMBER 2013 Book cover illustraion NOVEMBER 2013 Editorial Illustration OCTOBER 2013 My first book published!
YOKO FURUSHO's ILLUSTRATION BLOG YOKO FURUSHO's ILLUSTRATION BLOG Sorry, English version is below Japanese part for this time↓ 逆さまから見ても、世界は変わらない。 そう、河童が言ったときに、私の方向性は決まったのだと思いました。人のことはわかっても、自分のことはわからないものです。
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Leen’s | The very pink of prints Leen’s | The very pink of prints Mona Hi there! I’ve been absent for a long time, but finally I’m back to show a sign of life. Even a big sign of new life!
emma leonard: PORTFOLIO

Dominique Falla: graphic design, illustration, photography and DVA research Google Zeitgeist ’13 I was very lucky to be flown to Arizona in September to install a large scale string […] Design Montage Poster I recently collaborated with Jack Tierney, from Listen to the Graphics on a cute limited edition poster […] Columbia Law School Magazine I recently completed the cover and inside spread for an article in the Columbia Law School Magazine […]

Dominique Falla: graphic design, illustration, photography and DVA research

Testosterone Overload by ~DSil
Animals in Alphabet on the Behance Network

Visual News - The Cure For Eyeball Boredom

Visual News - The Cure For Eyeball Boredom {*style:<b>*}While it’s obvious to adults that fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, there are no fun commercials or packaging for these foods to convince kids that they can be fun to eat.{*style:</b>*} Awesome dad, Beau Coffron, AKA {*style:<a href='http://www.lunchboxdad.com/'>*}Lunchbox Dad,{*style:</a>*} took it upon himself to make the foods he wants his kids to eat artistic and fun to eat. Turning regular foods into storybook and movie characters, his daughter gets a new surprise every time she opens her lunch box.