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Imaging Products. Nikon Capture NX 2 – Control and quality. Nikon Capture NX 2 takes a major step forward over version 1.x, offering a host of improvements.

Nikon Capture NX 2 – Control and quality

General improvements include: Workspaces — Capture NX 1.x was awful with more than one monitor; NX 2 not only seems to understand multiple monitors but allows the creation of user workspaces, in addition to four “canned” workspaces that exist by default: Browser, Metadata, Multi-purpose and Edit. The user can swap between these workspaces quickly.Palette layout — the settings are now directly visible in NX2, making it much easier to see overall options for multiple adjustment palettes.Improved file browser.

Much improved over version 1.x, the browser is now a usable tool in NX2, though its behavior is not entirely consistent with Nikon View, which can be confusing at times (check which program you’re using!). Improved speed: this is a subjective assessment, speed does seem faster than with Capture NX 1.x on Mac OS X. Let’s look at the three outstanding new features of Capture NX 2. Conclusions. Use Photoshop Lightroom 3 software to edit, manage & share photos. Imatch photo management. Image category management with IMatch.

I have discussed digital imaging workflows elsewhere.

Image category management with IMatch

In this article, I would like to focus on the asset management using IMatch. Category management The main reason why I selected IMatch is for its advanced category management. This masquerades as a hierarchical system, but it is actually a full-blown set theoretical system with: Inclusion relationships: if a category is under a more general category, anytime you search for the more general category, the images under the more specific category will also appear, without having to assign them to the more general category explicitly as well.Multiple inclusion (a category can belong to multiple larger categories.Derived categories: you can have categories that are defined using boolean formulas of categories and file system folder location.

Category schema To the left is a screenshot of the category window in IMatch. The figure to the left shows my categories. My familyMy mother’s sideMy mother’s sister YasmeenHer daughter Hajera. Imatch Review. This software is available for Windows PCs.

Imatch Review

A Mac version is not available By: Nick Rains There are a great many decent image viewers out in the marketplace – and many of the shareware thumbnail/viewers are extremely good at what they do. Most of the cheap ones only generate the thumbs, preview the files for editing and sometimes generate web pages out of the thumbs. For quick editing they are essential, I use one called IrfanView which is free, and generates previews extremely fast – like about 0.5sec per image to step through a sequence of RAW files on my local hard drive.

Some of the more commercial ones, such as IiView MediaPro, Canto Cumulus, ACDSee 7, Fotostation and Extensis Portfolio, offer much more sophisticated options, including the facility to archive the thumbnails into an image database for viewing later. OK, so we have all these images, in my case many thousands. Enter Digital Media Management software. Airlie Beach. The Database Database View Categories View Selection Tab.