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View topic - Tuning Rings. View topic - Survey. I like a warm, woody, thick, round, mid to upper-mid range timbre that has a slightly retarded bloom which is thick with gooey goodness.

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Sustain must be controllable and warm but not muddy. Definitely not shrill. Clear note articulation. Think Big Full Size Classical Harpsichord and nice quality wind chimes. The timbre, not the uncontrolled sustain. View topic - Johnny Raw making a handpan. Hello All, I am new on this great forum (well, i knew it and used it for quite some time, but now i am a member )I post my first and second posts in the welcome part of the forum, and now i repost it in this part because i think this part of the forum is better to obtain more information.( Hope it is legal to repost...

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(I wont do it again administrators) ) (POST 1)Hello, My name is Jan, 18 years old and i am living in the Netherlands.Since almost a year i am interested in handpans, since i saw a musician playing Hang in Paris.I started saving money and looked every single day on the web for information, music, video's and offers.I learnt alot, but i am bad with saving money and that's when i thought of making one.So i started with a lid of a 55 gallon barrel. View topic - Using Stainless Steel for Handpan.. Some materials are not strong enough or tough enough to handle the forming processes and/or tuning processes used.

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Others that can withstand these requirements often result in a poor sound because of other material properties. These properties relate to the propagation of sound through solids, and are the elastic constants: Young's Modulus, E: a proportionality constant between uniaxial stress and strain. Poisson's Ratio, n: the ratio of radial strain to axial strain Bulk modulus, K: a measure of the incompressibility of a body subjected to hydrostatic pressure. Secrets of the Steelpan: Unlocking the Secrets of the Science, Technology, Tuning of the Steelpan - Anthony Achong. Subject:(steelpan) – OATD. You searched for subject:(steelpan).

subject:(steelpan) – OATD

Showing records 1 – 6 of 6 total matches. No search limiters apply to these results. Wesleyan University. Early Career Engineers, Conferences and Careers. By Soren Maloney What are musical steel drums?

Early Career Engineers, Conferences and Careers

The steel drum is the only acoustic instrument developed in the last century. In the United States the instrument is known as the steel drum whereas throughout most of the Caribbean, the instrument is commonly referred to as the steelpan or pan. The steelpan has its roots in the drumming traditions of the two largest ethnic groups in Trinidad and Tobago – Afro and Indo Trinidadians, and was invented around the Second World War. Ellpitical measurements final. View topic - My first sweet salad bowl :-) View topic - Deepdrawn VS Airhammered shells ?? Don marco wrote:@ Logan, Uneven thickness in the appropriate places is far more superior than even thickness everywhere imho....again the finest steel pan builders do this meticulously by hand.

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I have imagined for years having a shell with graduated thickness. The center would be the thickest for the lowest center note. One side of the shell would be thicker and graduate to the opposite thinner side in order to account for ideal thickness moving up the scale into smaller notes. The Pan Page - A Forum for the Steel Pan Instrument. HsP making hand pan shells. View topic - Deep drawn shells. View topic - Build Thread! DVAI, spécialiste de découpe de la plaque inox et du fond de cuve. View topic - Corrosion Inhibiting Product Testing Results. Abstract Corrosion inhibiting products were applied to nitrided mild steel specimens and subjected to various corrosive conditions intended to mimic handpan use and storage in an accelerated way.

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The products that performed best in this test were (in no particular order): Shooter's Choice, Ballistol, Break Free CLP, Froglube. Products that performed nearly as well: Eezox and ACF-50. Purpose. View topic - ॐ The evolution of building SHiVA's PAN ॐ. What Type of Metal is the PANArt Hang (Drum) Made From? View topic - Some progress in my work. View topic - My first SteelPan Hybrid. Greetings all!

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Index - The Research Papers of Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer - Steeldrums. The Steelbands (Pan) of Trinidad and Tobago - TT Steelbands Home Page. A change arose to Panorama when Pan Trinbago introduced the new 2004 Panorama format.

The Steelbands (Pan) of Trinidad and Tobago - TT Steelbands Home Page

The change affected the Conventional steelbands only, by dividing the competition stable of some 65 steelbands, into 3 new categories. Small, Medium and Large. Ostensibly it brought a long overdue equity in distribution of prize resources and better matched the band sizes in competition. As inevitable, some disagreed with the change, but their argument was weak, and as expected from a culture under stress and from the old-school who resisted any change, was nothing more than the mantra ‘Oh, it masshin' up de culture!’.

The Pang Instruments. 1.

The Pang Instruments

The Pan Page: Steel Pan Tuning - a Handbook for Steel Pan Making and Tuning - PDF files. Acoustics and manufacture of Caribbean steelpans. Index page. It is currently Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:54 am View unanswered posts • View active topics Welcome Welcome to our forum, all you need to know is here. 804 Topics 6337 Posts Last post by PascalT Wed Mar 09, 2016 7:27 pm Gatherings and Gigs Announce and discuss hanpan gatherings and gigs. 594 Topics 7143 Posts Last post by hippinschick Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:54 am Players' Connection Meet up in real life ! 376 Topics 3663 Posts Last post by Batu Tue Mar 08, 2016 12:38 am Who is online In total there are 41 users online :: 11 registered, 0 hidden and 30 guests (based on users active over the past 5 minutes)Most users ever online was 186 on Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:28 pm. Le Hang et ses alternatives. Le Hang est un instrument de musique inventé en Suisse par Felix Rohner et Sabina Schärer en 2000. Il s’agit d’un instrument à percution inspiré du Steel Drum.

La particularité des Hang de PANart et de vibré un peu comme les bols chantant tibétain ce qui produit un son ample est très agréable. Un petit exemple de ce que ça donne : Voilà un site très documenté avec en particulier les publications des inventeur du Hang sur sa conception, son accordage, etc. => Hangfan. Il y a tout ce qu’il faut pour concevoir un Hang (sauf la recette de l’alliage et surtout le coup de main !) The Weird Little Industry Behind a Mesmerizing Instrument.

Josiah Collett, a 10-year-old autistic boy from Broxbourne, England, had always struggled with social interactions. HandPans Magazine - The PANArt Hang, HandPan, and Hank Drum Explored. Paper Hang 2007. How to Make a Hand Pan Drum. Pizza as we know it developed in Naples, Italy between the 16th and 19th centuries. It came to the United States with... Making a Steel Drum Steel Pan Tenor Pan.

Fine Tuning Double Seconds, tuned by Dave Beery. Mini "Tuning Tuning Tuning" video hosted by Dave Beery. PROPANE-TANK hank drum. Found music: How to Build a Hank Drum. Over the holidays, I had some down time to finally build a new "Hank Drum" based on the plans by Dennis Havlena. Here's a link to the plans: I've been in love with the Hang Drum, but alas, I haven't been able to find an affordable one to purchase yet (but you can read more about that adventure on my other posts).

Here's the story about my creation process in building my own Hank Drum. Step 1: Purchase a brand new 20 lb propane tank. The Art of Making Handpans with Dave Beery and Stevan Morris. Over a decade ago, a new instrument was born in Bern Switzerland called the Hang developed by Sabina Scharer and Felix Rohner of PANArt. Related to the Steel Pan family of instruments, this new ‘sound sculpture,’ as it was called, quickly captured the hearts and minds of musicians all around the world. HAPI Drum, Steel Tongue Drum, Official HAPI Steel Tongue Drum Site, Hang Out and Explore New Musical Horizons.

Ohm Handpan.