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Future Ready Librarians

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Leading In and Beyond the Library. AASL Infographic FINAL. Personalizing the Learning Experience: New Insights from Future Ready Schools – Medium. When done well, personalized learning has the potential to radically transform how we teach and learn and how we create more equitable opportunities for students.

Personalizing the Learning Experience: New Insights from Future Ready Schools – Medium

In the 2016 National Educational Technology Plan (NETP), our flagship policy document for educational technology, the U.S. Department Education defines personalized learning: Personalized learning refers to instruction in which the pace of learning and the instructional approach are optimized for the needs of each learner. Learning objectives, instructional approaches, and instructional content (and its sequencing) may all vary based on learner needs.

Future Ready Librarians Survey. Future Ready Librarians - Future Ready Schools. We are super excited that you are registering to join us at the Denver Future Ready School Institute.

Future Ready Librarians - Future Ready Schools

Complete the registration below to make it official! The Future Ready Librarians (FRL) strand of the Institute will provide opportunities to explore how librarians can support FRS via the FRL framework;learn how to develop teacher librarians as educational and instructional leaders;create conversations about the role of librarians supporting strategic work of schools; anddevelop networks and cross-functional teams to support and sustain FRL in districts. Since you are registering as a Future Ready Librarian, don’t forget to check to make sure your superintendent has taken the pledge and become familiar with the FRS Framework as well the FRL program.

About the Effort - Future Ready Schools. Launching Future Ready Librarians. The Future Ready Librarians initiative launched at ALA and ISTE this week.

Launching Future Ready Librarians

We heard the buzz at AASL sessions, in the ISTE Librarians Playground, at the ISTELibrarians breakfast, and more importantly, at sessions at both conferences where others outside our little tent could hear the message. The Future Ready Schools (FRS) initiative itself launched at the White House in October 2014. When a superintendent signs the Future Ready Pledge, he or she commits to implementing meaningful changes toward a digital learning transition that supports teachers, and addresses the district’s vision for student learning. district-wide outline seven tenets relating to digital learning. The program focuses around those seven tenets, or gears, with personalized student learning at the center: curriculum, instruction, and assessment;personalized professional learning;use of space and time;data and privacy;community partnerships;technology and infrastructure;and budget and resources. FR Librarians Factsheet. Untitled.