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Blog Archive » easiest knitted sweater zipper install ever. One of the more dreaded knitting finishing techniques is installing a zipper.

Blog Archive » easiest knitted sweater zipper install ever

I admit it, I’ve never been a fan either. There are multiple helpful zipper tutorials out there, and I’ve used a few of them. I always came back with the same issue though; you lay out the sweater, you center the zipper underneath and try to baste in the zipper. The problem is as soon as you pick up a piece of knitted fabric, it does what knitted fabric does. It stretches and drapes and wiggles out of that straight taut line. Fab Finish For Knits: Bound Edges. Darlings, your Pressinatrix has had a bad week.

Fab Finish For Knits: Bound Edges

She installed her new Reliable boiler iron at the office, and has been happily pressing away. But The Pressinatrix also sews at home, and therefore is in great need of her pressing equipment there as well. Alas, tragedy struck. You see, The Pressinatrix believes that her home iron, a wonderful Consew gravity feed that has served The Pressinatrix dutifully for nigh these last seven eight years – my, how time flies.

Well, The Pressinatrix believes that her Consew discovered that The Pressinatrix had taken up a dalliance with the Reliable. Heartbreak ensued. Fortunately, the hole left by the intense heat was on the inside of the hem, so no one could see it, but it was a complete sartorial tragedy only narrowly averted because of The Pressinatrix’ quick reflexes. Unfortunately, The Pressinatrix’ lesser self alter ego would not allow The Pressinatrix to run out and purchase another Reliable. Sewing Tips: Gathering and Sewing With Knits.

.I know, it’s been a while since my last sewing tips.

Sewing Tips: Gathering and Sewing With Knits

Tutorial: Stabilizing and gathering knits with clear elastic (…and the book comes out in one week!) - Coletterie. Two Ways To Tame Knit Fabric Hems. Hemming the knit garments that we sew can often be a frustrating experience.

Two Ways To Tame Knit Fabric Hems

Wavy, stretched-out, lumpy, and uneven hems are all too common. Here are 2 easy ways to get great looking hems on knit garments every time! The first way to hem knit garments and the one I use most often is by "Crowding the Needle". As you can see in the photo above, as the un-stitched part of the hem of this knit top approaches the needle, I push it towards the needle. This lets the feed dogs do all the work while I gently guide the fabric, deliberately "pushing" it towards the needle with one hand...while I keep the garment straight by guiding it gently with the other hand behind the presser-foot.

The second way to tame knit fabric hems is by using any of the various brands of Clear "Water Soluble" embroidery stabilizers...such as the brand-name product, "Solvy" Tutorial: Sewing hems on knits with a twin needle - Coletterie. Resources for Sewing With Knits. Are you scared of sewing with knits?

Resources for Sewing With Knits

While they do have a reputation for being a little trickier to work with than woven fabrics, they're really not so difficult once you get to know them. How to Sew Knit Fabrics: Sewing With Jersey 101. Babies love wearing cozy knits!

How to Sew Knit Fabrics: Sewing With Jersey 101

Ladies love wearing cozy knits! The Season of Cozy is upon us, but when we asked the Prudent Mamas, we discovered everyone is nervous about knits. Finishing Techniques for Knit Fabric // Stretch Yourself. This series is sponsored by Baby Lock.

Finishing Techniques for Knit Fabric // Stretch Yourself

For over 40 years, Baby Lock has been dedicated to the love of sewing by creating machines for sewing, embroidery, quilting and serging – all with ease-of-use, high quality and a touch of elegance. It doesn’t take long to realize that sewing with knits is easy and very forgiving. Once you get a hang of the construction (Miranda‘s covering how to construct a knit tee today) it all comes down to the finishing details.

The small touches like hemming and top stitching are hands down the most important thing when it comes to making your garment look professional. Just learning a few simple tips can totally make the difference between a homemade looking garment and completely professional looking one. A word on needles and feet. Finishing Neck Openings: A neckband is definitely the most common neckline finish, and certainly the method I use the most. Sewing with Knits...It CAN Be Fun! January 6th, 2009 Email 3 users recommend.

Sewing with Knits...It CAN Be Fun!

The cover-stitch and overlock - Shwin&Shwin. I love sewing with knits, which is nice because I love wearing knits, and my kids love wearing knits.

The cover-stitch and overlock - Shwin&Shwin

However I used to HATE sewing with knits and it was simply because I didn’t know how. Knits are different for sure, but they aren’t so bad and once you figure things out you will be whipping through knits like nobody’s business. So a while back I shared my Knits 101 post, and Ribbing 101, and today I am sharing all about the cover stitch and the overlock stitch. Both require special machines, but you don’t need special machines to sew with knits, they can just be helpful. The cover stitch is the double (or triple) stitch used for hemming knits or topstitching seams that need stretch. Sewing with Jersey & Knits (Links) I collect useful links.

Sewing with Jersey & Knits (Links)

It’s my thing. And now that I’m embarking on some sewing projects which will work better with some of those piles of information readily at hand and tidily organized, it seems that I might as well do that organizing on here, so anyone else with an obsessive desire to research 97 different ways to do something can also partake of my linkful bounty. Now, obviously the subject of sewing with jersey and other knit fabrics does not have a great deal to do with historical sewing, but many twentieth century styles involve knit fabrics, plus knits can be used for modern interpretations of even more styles, as well as for current designs. I love many mid-twentieth-century vintage styles as well as true historical costumes (you know, really old stuff), and I’ve found that I can get away with wearing 1950s styles in everyday life, which is not so much the case for, say, 1850s.

Tips and Care for Sewing Elastic. Sewing Elastic Types. You tell me.... How about the sewing elastic that bunched up inside that skirt you made, so you never wear it. How about the underwear with the stretched out elastic waistband? And the bathing suit that lasted only a few months because the rubber is popping out of the elastic? So yeah, it does make a difference. Sewing with knits. I get a lot of comments after I do a post involving sewn knit fabric. A lot of the wow, you sew knit fabrics kind of comments. Lycra info (see comments) Remember these? Those pants that fit so nicely? Well, soon after I blogged about them I discovered that after about an hour of sitting, they looked less like that and more like I was trying to beat Eminem in a baggy pants competition.

No, I did not photograph my butt in baggy pants for you. This has been a long-time issue for me. Jeans that fit in the store would stretch out to be two sizes too big. Stabilizing knits (stay tape, elastic, interfacing) (top: stay tape, middle: clear elastic, bottom: regular elastic) Thanks for following along with the series so far! Today we're talking support systems - stabilizers, elastic, interfacing, etc. To recap, you can read all the Never Fear Knits posts here. Sewing with knits. Remember Sewing 101? It was a fun little series we did last year, and well since then we have though a lot about adding to it.

It won’t be like the series last year where it was nearly everyday for 5 weeks, but there will be some lessons here and there. Starting today with sewing with knits. It is the number one thing we get asked about. Knits make people nervous, or frustrated. 1. 2. 3. A stretch stich requires a fancy foot to do the stitch. 4. Then you thread your machine with two spools of thread. 5. Then when you hem, it is nice and smooth. Handling knits (totally stable interfacing) Diy spray starch: no curled edges. EASY T SHIRT NECKBAND. How To Sew a Classic T-Shirt Neckband. September 3rd, 2008 Email 148 users recommend This lovely neckband is easy to sew! Cal Patch The unfinished neckline as you begin... Carefully measure the circumference with a tape measure. Finishing details for jersey knits. In making my grey striped jersey dress here, I opted to re-inforce the shoulder seams.

The grumpy person's guide to knit bindings. The tank was forced gently placed on Maia and it fits super well. And the back's not too shabby either. Because Millie asked so nicely about the way I did the binding, here's my compendium of different methods of knit binding. And why I don't like them. Except my own way, which I love. Neckline Binding. And now on to my favourite knit neckline finish. Knotted Keyhole Knit Top. The original Coldwater Creek top: Finish knit shirt neckline with Stretch Magic. Adding cowl neck to t-shirt. Tank Top With Fold-Over Elastic As Binding: Video Tutorial. A casual edging for knits. Copy Your Favorite Tee. Photo: Jack Deutsch When you sew your own T-shirts, you can refine the fit, alter necklines and shape to flatter your figure, and make tops in the perfect fabric.

Not Your Ordinary T-Shirt. Elastic stitched in seams for knits. Basic t-shirt sewing instructions.