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Risotto, reservas… and a winemaker’s selection - Ruma Singh. The boutique SDU Winery in Karnataka’s Nandi Valley is all set to amplify its presence with its coming-of-age Winemaker’s Selection wine. And this one has Italy stamped all over it…. It was in 2014 when people first sat up and noticed Karnataka’s SDU Winery. Mere months after its launch, with little fuss or fanfare, the boutique winery beat India’s biggest wine producers in a blind tasting competition held in Mumbai, Top 25 Finest Wines in India, to claim top spot with its SDU Reserva Syrah 2012 as the best wine in India (read about it here). To add to its stash, three other SDU wines – the Reserva Chardonnay 2012 placed 7th and two of their entry-level Deva range (Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay) also placed at the same competition. As the shock waves receded around the wine industry, SDU retreated to its home nestled in the luxuriant greenery that is Karnataka’s Nandi Valley and life went on.

Tasting the Winemaker’s Selection 2014 with winemaker Andrea Valentinuzzi Tasting Notes: Risotto, reservas… and a winemaker’s selection - Ruma Singh. 'Ninety per cent of Bordeaux's Grand Cru châteaux are open for visits and tastings' - Ruma Singh. The Grands Crus Classés of Bordeaux include some of the most powerful names in the wine world: think of the top classified growths of Bordeaux, unparalleled in reputation and quality. The role of the Conseil des Grands Crus Classés 1855 is to provide legal protection and support to the many famous-name chateaux which come under its umbrella. To learn a little about the GCC 1855 as it is known, here is an interview from Bordeaux with Philippe Castéja, President of the Conseil des Grands Crus Classés 1855. Can you briefly explain the role of the Conseil des GCC 1855 today?

The 1855 Classification was created upon the request of the French Emperor Napoleon III to present the most famous Bordeaux wines at the Paris Universal Exhibition. Today, the Conseil GCC 1855 has the key role of protecting the 1855 classification and its members. We build educational programmes to explain the 1855 GCC wines to future decision makers and all people interested in great wines. Château Prieuré Lichine. 'Ninety per cent of Bordeaux's Grand Cru châteaux are open for visits and tastings' - Ruma Singh.

Best Wine Brands in India Online | Ruma Singh. After recounting innumerable tales centred around international wines, Indian wine industry professional Vishal Kadakia is creating on his personal story with his Indian wine, The Daily Dose A new age wine: Kadakia’s Daily Dose Where there is a bottle of good wine, there is a story worth listening to. This is wine importer Vishal Kadakia’s dictum. His company, Wine Park, has been importing a range of handpicked international wine brands from around the world for the last 7 years, establishing itself as a serious name in the wine industry in India. Each wine on his meticulously curated list (he refuses outright any import tie-ups he feels he can’t do justice to) comes with a tale: of its origin, how it was made, its creators, its successes and its growth trajectory.

The story so far: In April 2016, when Kadakia announced he was launching his very own Indian wine, it caused something of a buzz. The story in his own words, you might say. First things first. Vishal Kadakia. Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami, Chicago, Houston, New York. Some say the craze began with Jennifer Lopez. Others credit Beyonce or Kim Kardashian. But all these modern-day beauty icons can be credited with popularizing large, perky, shapely butts. Yes, the “big booty” is “in” and in a big way. Now that derrieres are no longer something to “work off” or hide, many women want more than they’ve got. So what can you do if you want a larger, rounder butt but can’t get it on your own? The Brazilian Butt Lift sculpts the buttocks and adds volume using the patient’s own fat from other areas of the body. Besides creating fuller, more shapely buttocks, the procedure has an added benefit: removing unwanted fat from areas like the tummy.

Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation Before you undergo a Brazilian butt lift, you will consult with one of our expert plastic surgeons to find out if the procedure is right for you and your goals. Ideal Candidates Procedure Recovery Choosing the Right Surgeon As Medical Director of mia Aesthetics, Dr. FAQs Yes you will. Taste of Food and Wine Archives - Ruma Singh. The 4-day Ferrari whirl winds up with a fascinating and instructive comparative tasting of top champagnes and sparkling wines… and then there’s the food it’s paired with…. Dinner at Locanda Margon: Roasted green celery, smoked eel, tomato, Ulidea Olive dressing, Tosazu vinegar (left); Home-made ravioli, Amatrice style (right) On the last day, the team at the winery had put together a very special comparative tasting of champagnes and sparkling wines of the world.

Undoubtedly, this was the high point of the trip for most as it underlined in very simple terms that Ferrari’s assertions of making world class wines were not just slick verbiage. In fact, this was a smart move to get everyone to put their palates to work and affirm the Ferrari quality, benchmarking their wines against famous sparkling wines. Non-Vintage Cuvées Ca’ del Bosco, Cuvée Prestige, Franciacorta Ferrari Brut NV, Trentodoc Letrari NV, Trentodoc Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV, Champagne Non-Vintage Rosés Ferrari Rosé, Trentodoc. News & Views Archives - Ruma Singh. The Institute of the Masters of Wine Riesling master class at Vinexpo 2017 One of the instructional highlights of Vinexpo 2017 was the Greatest Rieslings from Around the World master class presented by the Institute of the Institute of the Masters of Wine on 20 June 2017, first session of Riesling Day at Vinexpo. Guillaume Deglise, CEO Vinexpo, introduces the panel of MWs at the Vinexpo masterclass on Riesling Day In terms of sheer accumulated knowledge and experience the six MWs on the dais were hard to beat.

They included some eminent names: Gerard Basset MW (with more letters after his name than the Oxford dictionary), Justin Howard-Sneyd MW, Roman Horvath MW, Markus del Monego MW and Mathew Deller MW, moderated by Debra Meiburg MW. Each had picked the bests Rieslings from a single country of their choice: Austria, Alsace, Germany, North America, Australia.

The class was broken into 3 sections for tasting: the Dry Flight, the Open Flight, and the Off-dry to Sweet Flight. The Dry Flight: Q & A: What is black and red and the pride of Australia? - Ruma Singh. Easy answer: Penfolds of Australia, the world’s third most admired wine brand A week long visit to India by Sam Stephens, winemaking ambassador of Penfolds, the emblematic wine brand of Australia, turned the spotlight onto the noted Australian wine producer and its wines. In a series of high octane, glamour laden series of black tie wine dinners in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, the range of Penfolds wines was reintroduced to the Indian wine lover, from the entry level red wine to the iconic Grange. Penfolds, which features in the world’s top three most admired wine brands (it was #1 in 2016) and certainly commands respect in barrel fulls, is a New World wine with an Old World soul.

There is both terroir and structure in these varietal-driven wines, especially their higher-value red wines. The founder of Penfolds, a physican named Dr Christopher Penfold, started making fortified wine to help treat his patients’ ailments in 1844. But then that’s his job. Best Wine Brands in India Online | Ruma Singh. News & Views Archives - Ruma Singh. Wine of Thrones: HBO launches Game of Thrones wines - Ruma Singh. Will they appeal to the series’ legions of fans? Dear wine lover, here is a question for you. Would you buy a wine launched in the name of your favourite television show? Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones biggest wine aficionado In a brand new merchandising blitz, HBO is doing just that: cashing in on the massive popularity of Game of Thrones, by licensing the release of a portfolio of three wines – two red wines and one white.

But the biggest question today is (now that we know Jon Snow’s parentage): would you buy these wines? Cersei is queen of all she surveys – wine in hand Let me begin by saying that I’m not an apologist for celebrity wines, aka wines made and marketed with celebrity names behind them. What is especially intriguing is the fact that these new Game of Thrones wines have been made by a reputable winemaker. The reviews of the wines are coming in. None are cheap. The Game of Thrones wines GoT wine fan #1: Tyrion is GoT’s biggest wine drinker, bar none. Bordeaux meets Ukraine on the 45th parallel - Ruma Singh.

For my first trip to Ukraine, I was not really sure what to expect. Since I was travelling with Bordeaux wine consultant Olivier Dauga, who has been visiting this country for ten years now, I knew I was in safe hands. Ivan and Alla Plachkov with Olivier Dauga and his wife Cathy We were on our way to Kolonist Winery situated south of the Odessa region, in an area called the Danubian Bessarabia. This was where viticulture started way back in ancient Greek time. The journey was slightly long, with a few bumpy roads (that many Indians would be quite used to) but upon arrival it was worth the wait. The view of the vineyard was breath-taking, planted on south-western slopes leading down to the biggest fresh-water lake in Ukraine called the Yalpug. Ivan Plachkov and his wife Alla, owners of Kolonist were excited to show me their winery that was founded in 2005, and eager to listen to Olivier Dauga’s advice on how to prepare the coming manual harvest.

Barrel tasting with the team at Kolonist. India’s York Winery: in the pink | Ruma Singh. India’s York Winery bucks the trend by opting to produce a vintage sparkling rosé wine York Winery which started in 2008, has established itself in the Indian wine industry fairly quickly. The family-owned and run wine company based in India’s popular winemaking region of Nashik, Maharastra is already producing 10 different wines to date – red, white and sparkling wines – within this short period.

The latest add-on to their portfolio is a vintage sparkling rosé, the second to be produced in India. While the sparkling wine market is exploding everywhere in the world, in India’s nascent market interest is far from significant levels with the exception of champagne at the top end of the market. So the decision to make a sparkling rosé, a vintage at that, intrigued me. Kailash Gurnani with his new vintage sparkling rosé wine “Yes, the market is small in India, but people who visit our winery and tasting room often ask if we make a rosé sparkling.

India’s second vintage sparkling rosé. Ruma Singh | Between the wines by Ruma Singh.