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Immigration : 15 000 Africains morts en Méditerranée en 20 ans. En prélude de la Journée des migrants, célébrée le 18 décembre, le Président de l’association « Horizon sans frontières », Boubacar Seye a révélé que plus de 15.000 personnes de toutes nationalités confondues avaient perdu la vie, en tentant de traverser la Méditerranée. (De notre correspondant) Le Président de l’association « Horizon sans frontières », Boubacar Seye a chiffré le nombre de victimes de l’immigration clandestine : « Entre 1989 et 2009, il y a eu plus de 15.000 morts en Méditerranée, en moyenne », a-t-il révélé, d’où la nécessité, selon lui de revoir le code de l’immigration. « Il y a une urgence de changer les lois et elle est aussi due aux pertes humaines enregistrées, parce qu’aujourd’hui, ce ne sont plus les pauvres qui migrent.

Nous sommes dans un contexte de globalisation, nous avons 850 millions de personnes qui franchissent les frontières. Le mois de novembre dernier, deux pirogues remplies de jeunes ont chaviré aux larges des côtes marocaines. 20 ways to not be a gentrifier in Oakland (Community Voices) By Dannette Lambert Gentrification is the word of the day in Oakland. Everywhere you look people are asking, “Am I a gentrifier? Is it bad? Should I care?” What people don’t seem to realize is it isn’t the mere act of moving into a neighborhood that makes you a gentrifier; it’s what you do once you get there. If you come into someone’s home, do you immediately start rearranging it and moving furniture in?

No, of course not. And yet, recently arrived residents of Oakland are doing just that. So I’ve put together a few how-to’s for avoiding the gentrifier label in Oakland: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Dannette Lambert is a community organizer and resident in Oakland, CA who works for City Councilperson Dan Kalb. Editor’s Note: This piece reflects an individual opinion and is not a reported story from Oakland Local. To follow the discussions on OL about gentrification, follow this link. To Body Mod Away From Brownness And Back. Des Papiers Pour TouTEs. MORTS AUX FRONTIÈRES DE L’EUROPE | JDCJDR. J’ai lu un article très intéressant sur la guerre contre l’immigration, et les morts étrangers qui en découlent.

Vous trouverez l’article complet ici . Ce billet est juste là pour en souligner quelques aspects, je vous conseille vivement de lire l’article complet. Vision globale du nombre de morts étrangers et leur localisation D’abord, voici une vision globale du nombre de morts étrangers entre janvier 93 et avril 2009 dans la défense des frontières européennes. Ils ont recensé plus de 14 500 morts étrangers dues au contrôle des frontières. Ce qui frappe, c’est que les étrangers meurent aux portes de l’Union Européenne, et que ces portes sont éloignées. Déplacement des lieux de mort des étrangers en fonction des politiques européennes migratoires L’article compare 4 moments clefs : Morts en transit 94 à 98 Morts en transit 98 à 02 Morts en transit 02 à 06 Morts en transit 06 à 09 Après chaque nouveau programme européen, le nombre de morts augmente à ses portes.


Pinkwashing. Operation Hollywood | An Industry of Propaganda, White Saviours, and Sexism | RISE RESIST & REVOLT. As I type, Iron Man I blares on TV in the background. I’ve never seen Iron Man before and it’s a good thing I hadn’t, simply because, like every other hollywood produced movie, it glamourises the power of the US, hyper sexualises women and clumps them into a monolithic category, portrays racist/orientalist stereotypes of Black, South American, Russian, Chinese, Arab characters, as well as false ideas and expectations of romance.

Now I should make it clear that I am not a film fanatic or celebrity fanatic for that matter, what I’ve seen of Hollywood is the films and dramas broadcasted on TV during long periods of holidays when my siblings cram into the living room and keep the TV on to amuse the silence in the house. And the hollywood industry knows that film is a medium that can captivate millions of audiences across the world with a chosen concept projected in a poor storyline, what better method to push governmental propaganda? However this is applicable to the rest of the world. “Militants”: media propaganda. Was the London killing of a British soldier 'terrorism'? | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free. (updated below) Two men yesterday engaged in a horrific act of violence on the streets of London by using what appeared to be a meat cleaver to hack to death a British soldier. In the wake of claims that the assailants shouted "Allahu Akbar" during the killing, and a video showing one of the assailants citing Islam as well as a desire to avenge and stop continuous UK violence against Muslims, media outlets (including the Guardian) and British politicians instantly characterized the attack as "terrorism".

That this was a barbaric and horrendous act goes without saying, but given the legal, military, cultural and political significance of the term "terrorism", it is vital to ask: is that term really applicable to this act of violence? To begin with, in order for an act of violence to be "terrorism", many argue that it must deliberately target civilians. It's true that the soldier who was killed yesterday was out of uniform and not engaged in combat at the time he was attacked.

Note. The argument then was, and has always been, that... - Exiledsoul. D’où vient le mythe selon lequel les Noirs africains et antillais seraient forcément toujours hétéros ? – Partie 1 | CHRONIK D'UN NÈGRE INVERTI. "Je crois et j’espère que les nègres étaient exempts de cette maladie morale dans leur propre pays". Cette citation d’Edward Gibbon, historien britannique du 18e siècle, tiré de son célèbre ouvrage Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1781), résume à elle seule la pensée coloniale qui a ancré l’idée d’une impossibilité pour des Africains noirs d’avoir des relations de même sexe.

Il est important d’historiciser ce postulat colonial transformé en cliché contemporain, qui dans un contexte post colonial, peut être repris, entre autres, par des Noirs antillais comme africains, convaincus que l’homosexualité comme mode de vie de couple, ou carrément les pratiques de même sexe en tant que telles, ont été "importées par les Blancs" dans leurs pays respectifs. Cette conviction tient lieu de défense identitaire compréhensible, face à un impérialisme culturel occidental qui entend définir le Vrai, le Bien, et surtout, le Progrès. Donc : Channelling Efunsetan, Ahebi, Alaba Ida, Nzinga... - To illustrate, Kendall found that the notion of... Wouldn't you rather way?, lol that moment when people forget why homosexuality is punishable by death in Uganda is because of Christianity.

Rethinking Columbus: Towards a True People's History. This past January, almost exactly 20 years after its publication, Tucson schools banned the book I co-edited with Bob Peterson, Rethinking Columbus. It was one of a number of books adopted by Tucson’s celebrated Mexican American Studies program—a program long targeted by conservative Arizona politicians.

Textbook depictions of Columbus are often filled with misinformation and distortion or are justified with references to manifest destiny. The bottom image is a woodcut by Theodor De Bry, in the 16th century, based on the writings of Bartolome de las Casas. (Photo collage: Zinn Education Project) The school district sought to crush the Mexican American Studies program; our book itself was not the target, it just got caught in the crushing. Nonetheless, Tucson’s—and Arizona’s—attack on Mexican American Studies and Rethinking Columbus shares a common root: the attempt to silence stories that unsettle today’s unequal power arrangements. “Right. Silence. Reconsider Columbus Day. Yūgen Dreams. UNDER AMERICA'S RUG. More than 100,000 Native children in the US were enrolled in off-reservation boarding schools. Parents who refused to give up their children were imprisoned and their children were forcibly taken away.

The first school was founded in 1879 by Richard Pratt, an army officer, who based the system off a school he developed for a prison in Florida. The schools were funded by Congress and run by churches and missionary societies. Pratt mandated that the children be taken far from their homes at an early age and not returned until they were young adults.

In the boarding schools boys were taught menial labor and girls housework. The children and young adults in the Native American communities were lost for generations, at a crucial age for learning and embracing one's culture and traditions. It's important to remember this was done in the name of "good". Loggers burned Amazon tribe girl alive to force Awá tribe off of their land. UNfair. United Nothings. LowKey: Defend the Muslim Community. Carlos Andrés Gómez - What's Genocide. Boycott Apartheid ft M1 (Dead Prez) and Lowkey. Syrte after NATO bombing. The Malalas You Don't See. The Pakistani teenager shot by the Taliban has rightly captured the world’s attention. But what about the invisible child victims of US drones? On October 24 in Northwest Pakistan, two children were injured in a drone strike authorized by the President of the United States.

Other kids have been killed by similar strikes; Americans do not know their names. Unlike Malala Yousafzai, the teenager from the Swat Valley, who was shot by the Taliban for promoting girls’ education, Madonna did not dedicate a song to them, nor has Angelina Jolie spoken out on their behalf. No mass vigils have been held in their honor. Instead, people like Time magazine columnist Joe Klein defend such drone attacks as justifiable pre-emptive measures to protect “our” children, with such chilling statements as “the bottom line is: in the end, whose four year old gets killed?” About the Author Sarah Waheed Contrary to the narrative presented by much of the US media, the Taliban are not Pakistan’s only problem. Teju Cole: Seven short stories about drones (with tweets) · joshbegley.

Panjwayi Massacre. Defense spending. Casualties Iraq. 16-year-old Omar Khadr being interrogated in Guantanamo Bay. By Hugo Gye Updated: 12:05 GMT, 6 October 2011 A new film shows a teenager breaking down during an interrogation at Guantanamo Bay. The 16-year-old boy repeatedly sobs 'you don't care about me' as he complains about his medical treatment. Even after his interrogators leave the room, Omar Khadr is shown quietly weeping. Scroll down for video Distraught: In a new documentary 16-year-old Omar Khadr is shown weeping during his interrogation at Guantanamo Bay The Canadian citizen was taken to the notorious American detention camp in 2002 after being captured in Afghanistan. Last year he pleaded guilty to war crimes, and is currently serving an eight-year sentence - but his defence claim he was manipulated by his jihadist father.

Khadr, now 25, is the son of a man believed to have been an al-Qaeda financier, and spent his childhood moving between Canada, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Uncooperative: Khadr pulled his shirt over his head and refused to look at the questioner Watch the video. DN! NERMEEN SHAIKH: More than a hundred detainees held in the U.S. military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, are reportedly entering their fifth week of a hunger strike against deteriorating conditions. News of the unrest comes as U.S. military officials have confirmed a guard fired rubber bullets at detainees in January for the first time in the prison’s history.

The incident took place on a soccer field for cooperative captives when, authorities say, a detainee sought the attention of a guard in a watchtower who controlled a gate leading to a pathway back to the prison. The detainee allegedly tried to scale the fence. Meanwhile, more information about the ongoing hunger strike has begun to trickle out in letters from detainees. Some say Arabic interpreters have searched their Qur’ans in ways that constitute desecration according to their religious beliefs. Others report guards have been taking away detainee possessions. PARDISS KEBRIAEI: Thank you. AMY GOODMAN: Can you tell us what he said? Iran/USA. Top Things you Think You Know about Iran that are not True. Thursday is a fateful day for the world, as the US, other members of the United Nations Security Council, and Germany meet in Geneva with Iran in a bid to resolve outstanding issues.

Although Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had earlier attempted to put the nuclear issue off the bargaining table, this rhetorical flourish was a mere opening gambit and nuclear issues will certainly dominate the talks. As Henry Kissinger pointed out, these talks are just beginning and there are highly unlikely to be any breakthroughs for a very long time. Diplomacy is a marathon, not a sprint. But on this occasion, I thought I’d take the opportunity to list some things that people tend to think they know about Iran, but for which the evidence is shaky. Belief: Iran is aggressive and has threatened to attack Israel, its neighbors or the US Reality: Iran has not launched an aggressive war in modern history (unlike the US or Israel), and its leaders have a doctrine of “no first strike.”

Bahrain is bleeding by foreigner hand. The war against us all. Published Mar 30, 2005 10:42 AM The following commentary was played at March 19 anti-war rallies in the United States: The war against us all. This war in Iraq isn’t the end; it’s the beginning of wars to come all around the world at the whim of the neo-cons in the White House. This is the Bush Doctrine come to life: war, war, and more war. War brought to you by the big corporate masters who run the show. This isn’t just a war on Iraqis or Afghanis or even Arabs or Muslims. It is ultimately a war on us all. The war in Iraq is, in reality, a war against the nation’s workers and the poor who are getting less and less while the big defense industries are making a killing—literally. It’s been a long time ago, but that great Russian revolutionary, Leon Trotsky, said, “War is utilized by the imperialists, first and foremost, to crush internal enemies.”

In Black America things get grimmer every day as resources that are already scarce begin to shrink even further. Down with the wars for empire! And i believe in the people, “Once we believe in the inevitability of war, war... Teju Cole - Kony 2012. Howard Zinn on war | The Art of Infinite War - Ta-Nehisi Coates. I am sitting in Baltimore Washington Airport. I am waiting on my flight to back to Boston.

While going through security I refused to go through the full body scanner, and asked for the pat-down. I generally do that as a rule these days. The wait was longer than usual, about 20 minutes or so. This did not worry me. My flight was delayed an hour anyway. We have set as our goal the destruction of Al Qaeda and its affiliates, and the safe-guarding of every single American life against murder at their hands. Do we really have it in our power to guarantee that no group of young men ever again organize themselves under the banner of Islamism and set the destruction of America as their goal?

Consider what this means. I thought about this when MSNBC's progressive pundit Krystal Ball made the following critique recently: There is something about this drone debate, though, that is driving me nuts. My label-mate Conor Friedersdorf sees progressive hypocrisy in this comment.