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Top DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015. Quix - Your Bookmarklets, On Steroids. Access your bookmarks anywhere. LStack. Listly - Lists made easy + social + fun! - Listly. The place for everything you like. - Collect what you love in Stashboxes. Take screenshots, capture full webpages and much more with Ember — Ember for Mac, iPad and iPhone. SampleBoard. Dropmark.

Spaaze. Vilize. Creonomy Board. Glossom. Thinng. VisualizeUs. Juxtapost. BooNote - Bookmarks, Notes and more always at your side! Dragdis - Drag & drop anything anywhere.


Curation tools selection criteria. CURATION. Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store. Personalized Recommendations to Help You Discover the Best of the Web.

55 Content Curation Tools To Discover & Share Digital Content. Rememble. Geeklist - A place for geeks to share what they've done, who they did it with and connect with great companies. Dipity - Find, Create, and Embed Interactive Timelines. Organize the Web in your way.

Silk - Publish your collections of information. - Visual bookmarking made easy. It just works! Clipix: Clip and organize everything you care about. Nextly - Curated Browsing - Pale Moon. Tumblr. Creatavist. Welcome to the Visually Marketplace. Piktochart: Infographic and Graphic Design for Non-Designers.

Create and share visual ideas online. Introducing The Curator's Code: A Standard for Honoring Attribution of Discovery Across the Web. By Maria Popova UPDATE: Some thoughts on some of the responses, by way of Einstein.

Introducing The Curator's Code: A Standard for Honoring Attribution of Discovery Across the Web

UPDATE 2: This segment from NPR’s On the Media articulates the project well — give it a listen. Ours is a culture and a time immensely rich in trash as it is in treasures.” ~ Ray Bradbury You are a mashup of what you let into your life.” ~ Austin Kleon Chance favors the connected mind.” ~ Steven Johnson As both a consumer and curator of information, I spend a great deal of time thinking about the architecture of knowledge. Until today. I’m thrilled to introduce The Curator’s Code — a movement to honor and standardize attribution of discovery across the web. One of the most magical things about the Internet is that it’s a whimsical rabbit hole of discovery — we start somewhere familiar and click our way to a wonderland of curiosity and fascination we never knew existed. In both cases, just like the words “via” and “HT,” the respective unicode character would be followed by the actual hotlink to your source.

Dipity - Interactive Timelines. Understanding Content Curation. July 7, 2012 Come to my session at ISTE 2016: “Personalize Learning With Student Curation” 6/28 4:00 – 5:00 CCC 113, Table 2 There are many buzzwords and phrases prevalent in education today. “21st Century Learning”, “Blended Learning”, “Personalized Learning”, “Flipped Classroom” – just to name a few.

Understanding Content Curation

The one that has recently caught my attention and curiosity is “content curation.” I manage a grant project in my district designed to assure students acquire “21st century skills” A current strategy for this is using backwards design, formative assessments of 21st century skills, and “blended-learning.” New for next school year: teachers are being asked to “curate resources” to accompany the backwards-planned, inquiry-based units of instruction. This curiosity led to further questions: Why curate? Collecting vs. I set out to read as much as possible of what others have written on the subject, (see my Scoop-It on Curating Learning Resources) to help with my understanding. Thinking Level. Helpified.

The Curator's Code. What Is Content Curation? If you’re like most overstretched and under-resourced marketers, you’re too busy to churn out original content that engages prospects, builds relationships, and supports your branding strategy.

What Is Content Curation?

Content Curation Tools: The Ultimate List. For content marketers, content curation is integral to online strategy.

Content Curation Tools: The Ultimate List

Effective curation helps position you as a thought leader in your space, and is an economical way to maintain a consistent publishing schedule of quality content. But manually trying to find the most relevant content in a given industry and then publishing it across multiple channels can be time-consuming. To curate effectively thus requires automation. This ultimate list of content curation software includes both business-grade and personal curation tools for hobbyist or organizational purposes.

Curata defines content curation as when an individual (or team) consistently finds, organizes, annotates, and shares the most relevant and highest quality digital content on a specific topic for their target market. 10 Of The Best Content Curation Tools. As more online platforms embrace social media, content curation will continue to lift its key role in the preparation and delivery of content, and the messages it conveys in various forms.

10 Of The Best Content Curation Tools

Create Beautiful Looking Quotes Picture for Facebook, Google Plus, Wallpapers, E-cards, or even for Prints. Kippt. Hey ! welcome on kweeper. your online library since 2009. Bundlenut. Bookmark Sync and Search.

Pearltrees. Discover the Best of the Web. Dooid - create your personal landing page & contact hub. Welcome to (about dot me) Your visual homepage - CometBird. Listgeeks. InstaGrok: Mindmap Style Scrapbook To Share. Online Web Notes - UberNote. Collect and Organize Your Content in One Place. Kweeper. Bag The Web. Keeeb – organize and share inspiration like never before! Organize your resources in an online binder - LiveBinders. About Us - Listly. Stache - A smarter way to bookmark web pages for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Transferr. Clipix: Clip and organize everything you care about. Diigo - Web Highlighter and Sticky Notes, Online Bookmarking and Annotation, Personal Learning Network.

Latis. Miitla - bookmark your sites, have them always with you! Unmark - The to do app for bookmarks. Love it!|Popular. Indulgy - Everyone deserves a perfect world! Dribbble - Popular.

Wtree - Organize your web. Pinterest / Home. 14 Pinterest Copycats for Visual Inspiration. 25 Web Designs with Modular Content Block Layouts. The grid based content block layout has become popular for many types of website, especially portfolios and inspiration ‘pinning’ sites.

25 Web Designs with Modular Content Block Layouts

These sites have a series of tiling blocks that fill the page, often in a kind of modular format where they rearrange themselves depending on the viewport size. This post rounds up a collection of 25 cool website designs that all feature a modular style content block layout. Mercer Tavern DesignersMX ChadMiller RED Interactive Agency Andy German Everlovin’ Press J.Development Bernd Kammerer Landor Associates Neighborhood Studio Rodgers Townsend DB Works Bbbttery Design Studio Claire Coullon United Pixelworkers Berger & Föhr NationalTraveller Copy Boy Steve Vorass Irving & Co Webdesigner Depot. Bookmark Sync and Search.