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8 Tips For Creating Living Spaces You'll Love For a Long Time. Garment Rack D.I.Y. - A Beautiful Mess. Looking for a budget friendly way to create garment racks for your home?

Garment Rack D.I.Y. - A Beautiful Mess

Today Rachel shares her D.I.Y. method... You'll Need: Two 1/2" x 60" black steel pipes, Two 1/2" x 48" black steel pipes, Four 1/2" x 8" black steel pipe nipples, Two 1/2" x 2 1/2" black steel pipe nipples, Six 1/2" x 1 1/2" black steel pipe nipples, Six 1/2" black tees, Four 1/2" black 90 degree elbows, Four 1/2" galvinized floor flanges, Two 1/2" black steel end caps, 1 can of black spray paint (optional) and Work gloves.

*Note: My supplies cost around $70-$80. Preparation: Spray paint your floor flanges black to make it consistent with the rest of the pieces. Natural Living Ideas - Ideas To Live A More Natural Life — Ideas To Live A More Natural Life. 51 Amazing Uses for Baking Soda. By Melissa Breyer - I don’t mean to sound seditious here, but I have a rebellious plan to combat the ills that many corporations are perpetrating in the name of fighting grime and germs.

51 Amazing Uses for Baking Soda

My main gripe is about the environmental pollutants from cleaning and personal care products that we wash down our drains and into our water systems, resulting in situations like the chemical triclosan (a pesticide added to many products as an antibacterial agent) being found in dolphins. So the simple plan is to encourage everyone to use baking soda in any of these 51 applications. Refashion Co-op. Real Food Outlaws. Welcome to the Real Food Weekly Meal Plan for 4/21 – 4/26!

Real Food Outlaws

It was a busy week with Easter and two birthdays for us. This coming week will be busy as well since I am leaving on Wednesday for my Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner Advanced Clinical Training in Florida. I am working on a... Read more → Welcome to our real food weekly meal plan for the week of 4/14 – 4/19. Design Sponge. The Design Confidential. The Freecycle Network. Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking - Living thoughtfully in the modern world. Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking - Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking. Wellness Mama - Health, Nutrition, Recipes, Natural Living, Fitness. CLEAN MAMA.

Whole Living. Free Tools. The Organised Housewife : Ideas for organising, decluttering and cleaning your home. Organizing Life with Less. Launch Pad. A Bowl Full of Lemons. Life. Organized. Organizing Homelife. How to organize your home and office, organiz. Increase your productivity at work by letting go of negative men. My alma mater is currently ranked number one in all of the college men’s basketball rankings.

Increase your productivity at work by letting go of negative men

They’ve been in the top spot for 11 of the 14 weeks of the polls, and were number one in the preseason. There are five games left in the regular season, and all of the teams Kansas has left to play would love to see the Jayhawks lose. Colorado, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and Missouri fans aren’t the only ones who want to see Kansas mess up their record in the last five games. Homework: creative inspiration for home and life. A Healthy Slice of Life – Lick The Bowl Good. Unclutterer: Daily tips on how to organize your home and office. The Peaceful Mom. Welcome!

The Peaceful Mom

These posts are from a series I started in February of 2012 detailing how we live on less, so that we can live our true priorities. Implement these ideas if you would like to save more, give more and live more! _______________________________________________Subscribe to my FREE e-notes for ways to save money, get organized and enjoy life delivered right to your inbox! Blog. The Freecycle Network. My Life Organized. How To and Instructions. 7 Nifty Ways To Hang & Organize Things.

50 Ways to Organize Your Home. “Organize” is a familiar word heard on many of today’s popular decorating shows.

50 Ways to Organize Your Home

Every family has its struggles with some type of clutter whether it is stacks of papers or a cluttered and cramped bathroom. In fact, the National Association of Professional Organizers reports that 80% of what we keep we never use, we wear 20% of the clothes we own while the other 80% hangs there just in case, and 25% of adults say they pay bills late because they lost them. How to Get Oragnized - 100 Organizing Tips. The meals, the kids, the housework, the job…the only way to stay sane is to get organized.

How to Get Oragnized - 100 Organizing Tips

Fat chance, you say? Remember, the goal of organizing isn’t to make your house pristine; it’s to make your life more functional. So don’t straighten for neatness sake—create an organized foundation for all the roles you play. The Housekeeper 1. 7 Secrets of the Super Organized. A few years ago, my life was a mess.

7 Secrets of the Super Organized

So was my house, my desk, my mind. How Do I Organize My Piles of Paper Into Something Manageable? Get Organized. Create Stylish Storage: Various Projects. 32 DIY Storage Projects. Free Printable Blog Planner and Calendar. Creative Pegboard DIY Ideas. Feng Shui - the science of harmony. Feng Shui is a primitive form of astrology and numerology.

Feng Shui - the science of harmony

It is based on the number 8(the number of the reptiles -four fingers and toes). Eight is also the number of Satan or Saturn in numerology. This does not mean that Feng Shui is evil. Far from it. It simply means that it is very old and deals with primal forces. The 8 Directions of Feng Shui correspond to the 8 cardinal points in astrology: 0 Cancer, 15 Leo, 0 Libra, 15 Scorpio, 0 Capricorn, 15 Aquarius, 0 Aries, and 15 Taurus. The primal forces of Creation seek expression through matter, and while there may once have been 8 such forces, there are now 12. You could then divide your room, home, city, country, etc, into twelve slices or sections using a central point(yourself or the center of the room, etc.).

Make your own Laundry Detergent. The following Content was Provided by "Digging yourself out of debt, when all you have is a spoon" Here is an amazingly simple Do It Yourself detergent that doesn't leave any residue on clothing, gets nearly every stain known to man out the first time around and smells clean and fresh- oh and did I mention that it costs about $1.76 for 128 loads of laundry?

Make your own Laundry Detergent

Since our teen son started working at a fast food restaurant, this has become our most-loved detergent recipe. His clothing was so saturated with heavy french fry and onion ring grease scent that even washing them in TIDE didn't take out the horrendous smell. The Step-by-Step Guide to Digitizing Your Life. Archive. How to clean your house with only 1 product. How to Clean Stuff. The Blank Checklist Template - Stan's Free Ebooks. 52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home. Cereal box drawer dividers. Quotidiana. Organization.