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User. The Art of Rendering: How to Create “House GEPO” Using 3ds Max and V-Ray. Ronen Bekerman is an industry leader in Architectural Visualization who hosts in-depth tutorials on his specialist blog.

The Art of Rendering: How to Create “House GEPO” Using 3ds Max and V-Ray

Architizer is pleased to present a selection of these guides written by some of the world’s best rendering artists. Wittaya Wangpuk won best visualization of the week with this incredible, photo-real 3D re-creation of House GEPO by OYO Architects. Wittaya did not try to re-create it 100 percent like the original, but it definitely has the overall look and feel of the building as well as a photographic feel. He followed almost every real photographic shot that was made for this house, and today I’m happy to share the making of this scene. Enjoy! Introduction I always love to see the manifestation of buildings revealed in nature. Basic 3D Scene Setup Here is the gamma and unit setup I used: Click the image to enlarge. 3D Modeling The modeling is quite easy thanks to the modern style of the building, which is focusing on using nice materials and simple geometries.

Texturing. User. User. Man & Woman 3D Model. Collection. Sign in. Collection. Making of Sarmiento Museum. David Santos is no stranger to the blog, with a very popular article already posted before – The Making of Lake Lugano House.

Making of Sarmiento Museum

Today he is sharing the process behind making the Sarmiento Museum project in his studio. To recreate this National Historic Monument in the northern suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina, David and his team used SketchUp, V-Ray for SketchUp and the new Skatter Plugin for SketchUp for scattering all the vegetation in the scene. Follow David in this article as he takes us from start to finish on this one. Enjoy! Introduction We start with the end in mind. First of all, I would like to thank Ronen for the opportunity to participate in his blog once more. With great pleasure, I would like to present our project. Collection. Collection. Collection. Collection. 10 Sketchup Tips Every Modeler Should Know - Are you a Sketchup noob, looking to jump right in and start creating amazing 3D models?

10 Sketchup Tips Every Modeler Should Know -

Before you skim over the help menu or spend hours watching video tutorials, learn these few tips and you’ll be modeling in no time. Most people know that Sketchup has the reputation of being the easiest way to learn 3D modeling. So easy, in fact, that a lot of people (including myself) jump right in without reading any sort of manual or help file and try to start modeling. We just choose a tool by looking at the icon and guessing at what it actually does. Hmmm, this rectangle looking thing must create a rectangle… Clicking on the screen, you quickly discover how to draw something. To be able to jump right into a program like this and actually be successful at creating something is an incredible accomplishment for the developers who create and maintain Sketchup.

I was one of those people. In this post, I wanted to give you my list of the things that EVERY Sketchup modeler should know and use. 1. 2. 3. June 2013. This is a new rendering challenge organized by SKETCHUP VRAY RESOURCES using VRAY for SketchUp Beta 1.6.

June 2013

In this challenge you will explore the new features of VRAY SketchUp Beta 1.6 such as proxy, dome light, lens flare, use of new shaders and procedural textures, RT etc. You will attach work in progress (WIP) screen grabs together with your final rendering entry.NOTE - to see the folder and to participate in the challenge you must be registered in one of this groups There is no specified scene in this rendering challenge, because you can send any render scene using VFSU Beta 1.6.

This challenge will run from 9th of June and will end on the 15th of July 2013. Making of The Meadow with SketchUp & Skatter. Skatter for SketchUp v1 was released this week!

Making of The Meadow with SketchUp & Skatter

As a SketchUp user for many years now, it is a great joy for me to help bring this tool to the SketchUp user community. Skatter is the brainchild of Architect and 3D Artist Thomas Hauchecorne, and he did a superb job developing it. Today I’m very happy to share this article by one of our early beta group users, Mads Bjerre from AART Architects. He first shared “The Meadow” in the Skatter Support forums sparking everyone’s imagination as to what can be done with Skatter.

Enjoy this article and know that “The Meadow” Scene file along with the assets is available for free on The ArchVIZ Shop! Introduction Welcome to this article, whose purpose is to guide you through the making of ״The Meadow״. The Meadow is a project made especially for the release of Skatter, which is a brand new extension for SketchUp. I think that many SketchUp users will agree with me that this has always been a major challenge especially in the rendering part.

Making of Rest House - Evermotion. Greetings everyone!

Making of Rest House - Evermotion

My name is Robert Laguerta, working as CG artist at Architect Design Practice, Malaysia. I would like to share with you the “Making of Rest House". It’s a house designed and modeled by Rasco Architecture, a company based in Hong Kong. Click on image to enlarge First we check our final render... Free .vismat Materials for Vray for Sketchup & Rhino. Free Grass Vray Materials for Sketchup & Rhino green yellow grass texture © 2013-Current – All Rights Reserved ® AddThis Sharing Sidebar.

Free .vismat Materials for Vray for Sketchup & Rhino

Vray Materials - Plastic. Collection. Twinmotion 2016 : Trailer. Collection. Flat Stone Free Textures. Flat Metal Textures. Flat Wood Textures Free. Concrete and Cement Graphic Design Textures. Brick Adobe Textures. Brick Adobe Textures.