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Free Manga Downloads

Posted by Yukimura on 01/13/2014 6:41 pm Edited by Yukimura - 2014-01-17We have a new 1TB hard drive installed in dl5 and we're currently copying the data on the old hard drive over. At last check there were over 300GB of data on dl5 so this may take awhile, and add to that the time it will take to do a check on every file on the the new server to make they're not corrupted and we're likely looking at another day or two before dl5 is back online and healthy. Edited by Yukimura - 2014-01-16A few things to clarify. First, dl5 is going to be offline for a few days, its hard drive started dying and we've taken it offline preemptively for replacement.
Anime Underground 3.0 - Tu fansub de anime español Tras una jornada laboral de 13h, estoy demasiado destruido como para escribir más de dos líneas.Moar Troloshiken. Es entretenido descubrir los personajes de los cosplay que hay de fondo en el episodio 5. ¡OH! ¡Qué ven mis ojos! ¿Pero AU hacía esta serie? Anime Underground 3.0 - Tu fansub de anime español
Tanoshii Fansub