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Episode Seven: Work Robert Ashley talks to a developer at a big game studio about his strange trip from blue collar work to video game work, gets a lesson in work ethic from legendary game designer John Romero, finds out what can happen when you give your work away for free, and profiles Nick Smith (aka Ulillillia). Download Now March 20, 2013 96 Comments A Life Well Wasted A Life Well Wasted
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Mega64 Good morning, afternoon or evening. Please delete as appropriate. Despite there not being a Live Podcast and Poorly Played Stream this week, I've decided to prepare a few Royce's Choices for you here today from an old favorite, Podcast 133! During this stream, Mega64 took a number of calls throughout the night, and even live streamed out of the studio at Tyler's Taste of Texas! The three Choices that I have for you tonight were originally on my TheCleanFreak Channel, but were a little hard to find, none the less didn't get the attention that it deserved.
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