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Janet Miranda

Janet Miranda is a multimedia enthusiast and a seasoned writer specializing in different art media. She believes in the potential of Filipinos to be at the global creative frontline.

Computer Software Engineering Course’s Top Industry Influencers. Are you an incoming Grade 11 student who’s still unsure what track to take?

Computer Software Engineering Course’s Top Industry Influencers

If you’re into software application and programming, choosing an Information Computer Technology (ICT) track and a computer software engineering course can help set your career path well. Then again, this infographic naming famed software engineers and their gifts to the trade can inspire you. Hence, check the facts below and find out where this path can take you. Start your journey right by enrolling in CIIT’s senior high school programming specialization and computer software engineering course. Who knows, you might be the first Pinoy software engineer to make it to the list. Mobile Game Development School: Reasons You Should Enroll Now. If you dream of becoming a mobile game developer, CIIT shares a few reasons why you should start early.

Mobile Game Development School: Reasons You Should Enroll Now

We have compiled proofs that show how studying in a mobile game development school and pursuing a career in this field can give you a great future. Read on to discover. Multimedia Arts College Experience: Students’ Common Struggles. Philippines’ Leading Digital Arts School: Why Study Digital Art. Do you aspire to become a digital arts professional but have second thoughts on making it as a career?

Philippines’ Leading Digital Arts School: Why Study Digital Art

Perhaps you doubt your skills or your capacity to earn well in the future. Make up your mind. Your passion, if coupled with self-confidence and determination, will surely bring you to a great career path. Graphic Design Senior High School: How to Find the Best One. Are you a graphic design enthusiast who hopes to become an expert but have yet to find the right senior high school (SHS)?

Graphic Design Senior High School: How to Find the Best One

Yes, finding the best SHS is stressful because not every school offers tracks related to graphic design. In addition, although you have the options, you can’t tell which of them can hone your creative skills well. Below are key details you and would-be SHS students, with passion for the arts, must consider in choosing the ideal graphic design senior high school. How to Find the Right Graphic Design Senior High School 1. Finding Top Animation Schools: What You Need to Know. Web Design Colleges: Signs You’re Born to Be a Web Designer. Are you having a hard time deciding whether to take up a web design program in senior high school (SHS) or not?

Web Design Colleges: Signs You’re Born to Be a Web Designer

CIIT, one of the leading web design colleges in the country, lists seven possible signs of a web designer in the making. From collecting design pieces to being an organizing freak, these clues will surely reveal your identity. How many of these seven signs can you relate to? 1. You recognize font’s different personalities. K12 Programming Strand: CIIT Reveals 2017 Programming Trends. Are you planning to study in a school that offers the K12 programming strand because it’s your dream to become a programmer?

K12 Programming Strand: CIIT Reveals 2017 Programming Trends

Check this blog from CIIT-Philippines that lists the programming trends ruling the market this year. Why? As a future programmer, you must know the most recent trends and budding languages to stay relevant and marketable! Learn more as you read. 2017 Top Programming Trends Here are this year’s trends. 1. Redmonk, a developer-focused industry analyst firm, has been rating and ranking programming languages since 2010. Redmonk says, “updated process or no, JavaScript and Java retain their respective positions atop our rankings. What follows is the full list of Redmonk’s Top 23 Programming Languages (they’re over 20 because of the ties): Philippines' Mobile App Development. Are you dreaming of creating your own mobile phone application someday?

Philippines' Mobile App Development

Enrolling in one of the Philippines’ top mobile app development school can help you make it happen. Yet, generating your first app can daunt you, much more with the endless prospects. Senior High School Animation Track: Reasons to Pursue This Course. In terms of salary and job satisfaction, animation continues to be one of the most sought-after careers among young graduates.

Senior High School Animation Track: Reasons to Pursue This Course

Despite its tough nature, here are the reasons you should still pursue a senior high school animation track. Reasons to Pursue a Senior High School Animation Track An exciting dream job for almost everyone is bringing life to static images, but this means the work won’t be just a walk in the park. In particular, most animators work long hours, including nights and weekends, just to meet tight deadlines, but why should you still consider this track?

Below are the top reasons. 1. If you want to make an eye-catching website, animation can likewise be a great way to keep your visitors clicking. 2. Many artists focus on image creation, but even among interactive designers, animation design can be a rare skill. 3. From simple gifs to high-level 3D animation featured in Pixar and DreamWorks films, animation design isn’t new. Characteristics of a Successful Animator 1. 2. Software Engineering College: Breaking Gender Stereotyping. Do you dream to become one of the few female software engineers?

Software Engineering College: Breaking Gender Stereotyping

Read on and learn as CIIT, a software engineering college, uncovers how female developers break gender stereotyping in their industry. Gender Divide Is Still Wide in Tech Walking into any tech company, you can easily notice how male software engineers dominate and outnumber their female colleagues. Experts name gender stereotyping as one of the reasons for this gender imbalance in the tech field. Visual Graphic Design School: Tips for SHS Arts & Design Learners. Are you an incoming senior high school (SHS) student with a passion for graphic design?

Visual Graphic Design School: Tips for SHS Arts & Design Learners

If yes, Arts and Design is the right track for you to hone your skills in this field. Maybe, you’re still undecided on the school to attend. Hence, what should you consider in choosing a graphic design school? Note the following tips to decide which SHS or private visual graphic design school can help you mold your creativity towards becoming an expert graphic designer.

3D Animation School in Manila: The Must-Haves of Stop-Motion. Stop motion animation (SMA) is a great means to fulfill your passion in taking photos and videos. It can even hone your creativity while keeping pace and using technology. Learn more about this filmmaking technique as CIIT-Philippines, a 3D animation school in Manila, tackles its must-knows and must-haves. Top Web Design School: What to Check When Going to SHS Web Design. All web design schools teach the fundamentals. They guide students through the methods of creating effective web pages using HTML and CSS. Their web design courses help students understand the mechanical and artistic elements of modern web design. Yet, beyond the basics, top web design schools in the Philippines have varied strategies in preparing students for their careers. With this in mind, CIIT has listed what qualities should you consider in choosing a top web design school.

Read more. Top Multimedia Arts School: How Storytelling Empowers Students. An effective way to interact, storytelling stays as a vital tool in learning up to this day. It has grown to become a useful tool in fields such as education and entertainment. If you’re a multimedia arts instructor or professor, you surely want to share what you know in the most effective way. Senior High School Programming: Mentor’s Guide to Skills Building.

People expect senior high school programming mentors to excel not only in teaching, but also in software development and design methods. If you are among them, you probably know that your knowledge and ability can greatly affect your students’ success in their chosen track. The tips we have listed below can make that result possible. Heeding these tips will not only hone your programming muscles as a senior high school programming teacher. It will assure your students, too, that you can shape them into the skilled programmers they dream to be in the future. Strategies to Advance Your Senior High School Programming Skills 1. If you have not developed your first computer program yet, Zapier’s Editorial Manager Melanie Pinola suggests turning to online training sites such as Codecademy,, and KhanAcademy. 2.

If you want to improve your programming skills while having fun, Pinola also advises checking out Code Avengers or CodeCombat. 3. 4. Reminder: More is not always good. 5. 6. 7. Digital Arts College Degree: Factors in Choosing the Right School. Are you a parent of an incoming college freshman who is into arts?

Taking a digital arts college degree is the wisest choice to fulfill his passion, hone his expertise, and build his career. But picking the right school could be a challenge on your part. While your capacity to finance and sustain his studies is vital, you need to pay attention, too, to the school’s ability to provide your child’s scholastic needs. Mobile Game Development College: Challenges Developers Often Face. Despite the exciting environment that mobile game development offers, lots of challenges still show up during the design, development, and production phases.

In this post, CIIT, a mobile game development college in the Philippines, highlights the biggest challenges game developers often face and a few smart tips to beat them. Read to learn more. 1. Platform Compatibility One big challenge in developing mobile applications is creating an app that works for different Android and generations of iOS (iPhone operating system) devices.

Recommendation:– Build multiplatform or hybrid apps. 2. When developing a mobile game, putting in so many ideas isn’t wise. Recommendation: – Use an iterative approach that’ll allow you to add features on an as-needed basis. 3. Although makers of mobile devices offer built-in security for their products, you, as the developer, must make sure the user’s data are secure when accessing the app. 4. Recommendation:– Give clear rules and dynamics. 5. 6. Multimedia Arts School Student: Points to Know before You Enroll. Philippines’ Top Web Design School: On Pursuing a Teaching Career. Best Graphic Design School: What It Takes to Lead the Industry. Senior High School Animation: Basic Facts You Ought to Know. Manila’s Top 3D Animation School: Ways to Fail at Animation. Top Mobile Game Development College: The Makings of Mobile Games. Despite having a secured foothold in the market, the success of mobile gaming remains a mystery for most of us. We continue to wonder how mobile games break into our smartphones easily and how they thrive in capturing our attention.

To give you a peek at game developing, top mobile game development college prepares a list of game-making tools, engines, libraries, and resources for Android and iOS. See them below. Mobile Game Development Essentials 1. Top Software Engineering College: How to Motivate Software Experts. Senior High School Programming: Four Facts You Need to Know. Are you an incoming senior high school student struggling or intimidated by the tough process of fulfilling your dream to become a skilled programmer? If so, this post is for you. Top Multimedia Arts College: Why SHS Graduates Should Take an Arts Course. Many high school students often have trouble choosing a college course. Often, they let parental and peer pressure affect their decisions; thus, trapping them in a college course they don’t enjoy or aren’t interesting to them. Since the course you’ll take will decide what career you’ll pursue, choose which program will be best for you beforehand.

Digital Arts School Debunks Myths on Digital Arts and IT Jobs. Software Engineering School: Why Attend One? Mobile Game Development School: How to Create Games. Senior High School Programming Struggles That You Might Face. Graphic Design School: Visuals That Will Trend in 2017. Web Designer School Shares Why Animation on Websites Are Useful. Multimedia Arts Course Schools: How to Beat Procrastination. Senior High School Animation Students: Jobs for You after Grad. 3D Animation School Reveals Top Animation Trends in 2017. Graphic Design School Lists Possible Jobs for Graduates. Senior High School Programming: Possible Career Path for Students.

Software Engineering School Graduates’ Startup Career Guide. 3D Animation School: List of Filipino-Made Animated Films. Mobile Game Development School: Trend Predictions for 2017. Senior High School Animation: Six Challenges Facing Its Students. Multimedia Arts College: Must-Have Skills this 2017. Web Designer School Graduates’ Guide to Luring More Projects.

Digital Arts School Lists Core Digital Skills for Students. Senior High School Programming: What Track Should You Take? Senior High School Animation: Clues to Choosing the Right Track. Multimedia Arts School Compares Freelancing and Working in Agency. Mobile App Development School Shares List of 2017 Top Trends. Digital Arts School’s List of 90s Most Loved Nintendo Games. Web Design School on How to Start a Web Design Career. 3D Animation School Shares List of Employable Skills. Multimedia Arts Course School: The Pros of New Style Learning. Eight New Mobile Games to Watch Out for in 2017.