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Theduckinnpubandkitchen. When you are settling in after a beer or two, you may decide it’s time to grab something to eat.


We have a great range of bar snacks or you can be tempted by our yummy menu. And to make sure you have the perfect meal, you can choose a glass or bottle of wine from our wine list. Bubbles and White Wine Red Wine Going to the Seymour Centre? For Seymour Centre patrons, we have a special offer – a main and dessert for $26! Jackie M Malaysian Cuisine, Concord, Sydney — The Food Pornographer. Morena, Surry Hills. There are certain challenges when trying to introduce a cuisine into a country especially one largely unsampled and unheard of.

Morena, Surry Hills

And for years native Peruvian chef Alejandro Saravia has toiled trying to introduce his country's cuisine to Australia through his Taste of Peru dinners and[ cooking classes]( chef-alejandro-saravia/). There is the struggle against using ingredients like guinea pig which many people associate with Peruvian cuisine, lest it become a gimmicky cuisine. There is also the wider misconception that Peruvian food is just like Mexican food or Spanish food.


Sydney Food Blog – I dream in chocolate. I don’t usually buy group buying coupons.

Sydney Food Blog – I dream in chocolate

I tend to be the person that thinks they are a waste of money. After seeing so many people with bad experiences with group buying coupons it has turned me off. After seeing quite a good and positive reviews about Bar H, I decided to purchased the coupon on spreets for $79. Bar H have changed their menu to more of a Asian-inspired dishes, previously it was modern Australia. We were only given two seatings 6pm & 8:30pm. The Winery by Gazebo, Surry Hills. The Winery has been around for quite some time now, and since my last visit it has been busy expanding its cheeky elegant glamour all over Sydney.

The Winery by Gazebo, Surry Hills

All aside, it’s a gorgeous sunny day, and time to wind down with our annual company lunch banquet, so it’s back to Crown St! The interior is an amusing mix, much like walking into the vintage store of a hoarder; overmelted candles, animal prints, uncoordinated draped curtains, stuffed animals on the wall and mismatching photo frames and furniture.

Veal & chorizo sausage roll with tomato & chilli jam Rocket, parmesan, grapefruit & pinenut salad Stuffed roasted mushrooms with ricotta, pineuts & pesto. When the world stops spinning. ♥ - The Winery, Surry Hills. Bodega revisit, Surry Hills. Neild Avenue, Rushcutters Bay. This restaurant has now closed "So anyway, I was wearing what I call my adventure pants" my friend Ute leans over and tells me.

Neild Avenue, Rushcutters Bay

"Adventure pants? " I ask. Penguin says Feed Me! Penguin says Feed Me A Sydney food blog Skip to content ← El Karim, Roseville Ribs and Burgers, Neutral Bay → Pendolino, Sydney.

Penguin says Feed Me!

Jamie’s Italian, Sydney. UPDATED: New post on Jamie’s Italian located here.

Jamie’s Italian, Sydney

Unsatisfied with multiple hit TV shows, books, restaurants and membership in the Order of the British Empire, Jamie Oliver continues the next phase of his plan for Culinary World Dominance. Restaurant Arras, Sydney. Restaurant Arras has relocated to Clarence Street, where the former Becasse used to be.

Restaurant Arras, Sydney

I like what they have done to the place – the decorators has truly done an excellent job! The mural on one side, the spacious area, it’s truly very different to the old Arras. I was catching up with the lovely M, she hasn’t been to Arras before, so suggested it. Diners can choose either a four course a la carte for $120 or degustation for $140, accompanying wine $80. The menu is slightly different, concept is still quite similar. Quay, Sydney - grabyourfork. Restaurant review: Arras. Rating: 15/20 Grown up ... the sparkling white Arras shuns Sydney's dining trends.

Restaurant review: Arras

Photo: Domino Postiglione Reviewer rating: Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Reader rating: Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (20 votes)


Australian Youth Hotel Restaurant, Glebe. No darlings, I haven't gone all YWCA on you.

Australian Youth Hotel Restaurant, Glebe

When Joan Holloway suggested lunching at the Australia Youth Hotel I did a double take. Because I don't know about you but I like my sheets crisp and toiletries aplenty and slippers fluffy. But I also know that Joan Holloway has good taste and knows my comfort zone very well. And she knows I'm all about food-and hell even if it were in a youth hostel if the food was good I'd visit it (just not stay there overnight). Parking Purdie the Prius in nearby Broadway Shopping Centre I take the short walk to the Australia Youth Hotel where I bump into Joan H. outside. Suckling Pig Recipe, Bungalow 8. Warning: this post contains images of whole pig. Paddington Arms Hotel, Paddington. Paddington Arms which is located on the busy street of Oxford Street in Paddington is the new venture for the two-hatted Four in Hand restaurant, Colin Fassnidge.

Together with one of his old sous chefs, Neil Thompson , they have created a menu that is quite similar to Four in Hand, promoting nose to tail eating with a more relaxed feel. I quite like what they have done to the place, the spacious area and the booths, it’s indeed very casual and a great place to hang out with friends over a nice meal. Now the food is no ordinary pub grub – it has an English / Irish twist to it, I really enjoy the food at Four in Hand, so had high expectations and it did not disappoint. I was meeting with the lovely suzchef. We have heard wonderful things about this place and we are both HUGE fans of Four in Hand.

We both couldn’t go past the roast pork belly with potato, apple and sage salad ($23) – oh my goodness. The crispy skin, it was perfect. El Loco Mexican Cantina, Surry Hills. My fondest memories growing up had to be hot summers in downtown Los Angeles running amuck in Olivera St - A little laneway which was a destination for some yummy authentic mexican food. My family would always take me to this awesome mexican restaurant and little Gianna had tacos to her hearts content, if I finished my meal and managed to behave myself I would get to buy some mexican jumping beans from the street vendors. I was easily amused back then, as I still am now. The Dip, Sydney City. The Dip is one of the latest Dude Food joints to hit Sydney and word about their tasty Hot Dawgs (that's Hot Dog for any baby boomers and Gen X-ers reading the post) and Pulled Pork Sandwich's has been the talk of the foodie town for weeks. What's Dude Food I hear my fleet of (one or two) baby-booming readers ask?

Simply put it is American style junk/fast food cooked by cool and hip young chefs. The food usually has an Asian or Mexican spin to it, and pork as well as tooth achingly sweet desserts are a must. This article pretty much covers if it you're keen to know more...or not. I quickly gathered up a group of food-blogging Dudettes (aka chicks who like to eat Dude Food cooked by cool and hip young chefs) to come and try this place out with me one Friday night.

The Carrington, Surry Hills. Omage restaurant review. Graze (Pyrmont) - Going down in a Graze of glory. Foveaux. Omage - Restaurant reviews. Terry Durack restaurant review. Terry Durack review. Osteria Balla, Pyrmont. Sokyo: Sydney meets Tokyo at The Star. There's been a flurry of restaurant openings in recent months and by all accounts, they're gamechangers. New perspectives on how we view restaurants and eating out are refreshing, and the latest offering at The Star works to a similar theme of bringing a new point of view to Japanese dining. Designer dessert: Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier launches at The Star. Oliver Brown - Top Ryde ~ Aroi Me By Amanda Jiang. I have been plan this visit for a long while. Thanks to all the rain, I have never had chance until today. It is located on the street level of top ryde shopping mall, opposite direction of outside eatery area.

Sparrow Gelato & Espresso - Lower North Shore - Crows Nest.