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Murphy Beds

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Build Your Own Murphy Bed - Planet Green. How to Build a Murphy Bed. Use a table saw to rip 3/4x96" poplar boards to 1-1/4" finished width.

How to Build a Murphy Bed

You’ll need four lengths for the vertical face frame pieces and two additional lengths that will be cut into cross pieces. Reset the saw blade to 1/2" depth and cut a 1/2" deep by 3/4" wide rabbet on one back edge along the length of each piece. The plywood sides and shelves will later be glued and nailed into these rabbets. Use a compound miter saw to cut the vertical pieces to 95" finished length.

Cut two 1-1/4" lengths into 10 horizontal cross pieces, each 15-1/2". Use a circular saw to rough-cut six plywood boards to 3/4x11-1/2". Reset your table saw blade depth to 1" and finish-cut the plywood boards to 10" width. Use your compound miter saw or circular saw to cut four of these boards to 95" finished length for the vertical sides. Cut the two other 10" wide boards into 16-1/2" pieces for the top, bottom and shelves. Measure and mark the placement of the cross pieces, allowing an equal distance between each. Murphy Beds Came First, Then Wall Beds and Now Flying Beds.

A Murphy Table and A Murphy Bed Add a third purpose to your room!

Murphy Beds Came First, Then Wall Beds and Now Flying Beds

With a Bedface Table you have gone one step beyond the normal Murphy Bed concept. Instead of just hiding the real bed, now a table, a desk, or craft table can take the place of the hidden Flying Bed. Instead of a Dual Purpose Room, you have a Multi Purpose Room. Lighting shown here on the Maple Book and Bedface Table works 3 ways. 4470 Garfield Street - Denver, Colorado 80216 Hours: Mon-Friday - 10:00am to 5:00pm Saturday - 10:00am - 3:00pmCall Us: Showroom 303.333.3052 - Toll Free: 1-888-892-4645 - Cell: 720.840.6130 Email: pilot@flyingbeds.comMap to Our Location (Detailed Driving Direction Google Maps)

More Space Place Main Site. View More In Our Bed Gallery Trust America’s #1 Wall Bed Manufacturer Make the Most of Your Space with Murphy Beds Longing to add space to your home, while avoiding the expense and time of a remodel or addition?

More Space Place Main Site

More Space Place offers the widest selection of the most comfortable Murphy beds, folding beds, and wall beds: products created to give you back the space you need. As the top Murphy bed retailer in the United States, our highly-skilled experts design wall beds with custom-built cabinets, bi-fold doors, shelving, and more, in a wide variety of styles and finishes.