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Facebook Twitter Watch Dragon Ball Episode 1 Online. Anime OWARINAKI TABIBITO – No Make Girl’s Endless Journey. June 22, 2008 – 8:40 pm Okay, it was a tossup between MacF 11 and Kara no Kyoukai. Didn’t know anything about Kara no Kyoukai except it was Type-Moon and hence very hype and probably undeliverable (I got burned by Fate/Stay Night anime), but it was Kajiura Yuki’s latest work and so I bit.

I’ll say off the bat that, still knowing nothing about the series other than what little backstory is miserly scattered to us in this first of seven episodes, I think I like it. It reminds me of Miyu; the obvious reasons are the supernatural horror flavour and the setup that we, the audience, are given little introduction to the situation and background, thus creating a mystery that is to be revealed in the following parts.

I like these types of mysteries because I like fantasy, dream-like worlds that are not our reality.