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Janela Anônima

Somos uma dupla de quase jornalistas fazendo um TCC sobre pornografia e feminismo.

Defining Feminist Porn: Is That XXX Flick Organic? Leaked documents from a rival Russian news network show that RT hugely exaggerates its global viewership.

Defining Feminist Porn: Is That XXX Flick Organic?

Its most-watched segments are on ‘metrosexuals, bums,’ and earthquakes. A Kremlin-funded foreign propaganda venture is touted as a big success by backers, but documents provided to The Daily Beast suggest that it is woefully failing in its mission. RT, the 10-year-old network formerly known as Russia Today, appears to be misrepresenting its promulgated success at gaining a broad viewership and promoting the Kremlin’s agenda while spending as much as internationally renowned competitors.

The network is also accused of exaggerating its audience and impact with its sole financier—the Russian government—and pretending that it has had a far bigger impact in the Western media sphere than it has, particularly online. The Dirty Panties Black Market: Porn Stars Make Big Money Selling Their Underwear to Superfans. The State Department says it’s losing the information war to ISIS—and is tapping HBO, Snapchat, and a screenwriter with deep CIA connections to help turn things around.

The Dirty Panties Black Market: Porn Stars Make Big Money Selling Their Underwear to Superfans

The Obama administration is turning to HBO, Snapchat, and a controversial, Oscar-winning screenwriter to help them fight ISIS. Earlier this year, the State Department convened a group of friends in the U.S. film industry, social media, and premium cable TV to brainstorm ways to counter jihadist propaganda. In June, State Department officials and counterterrorism advisors traveled to Sunnylands (nicknamed the “Camp David of the West,” due to its history of being a super-exclusive vacation spot for celebrities and politicians) in Rancho Mirage, California, for a summit on how to effectively fight a propaganda and media war against extremist networks abroad. ISIS, for instance, has already mastered the art of ripping off Hollywood techniques to make recruiting and propaganda films, and basically has its own Twitter army. ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ Is Pornsploitation: The Porn Industry Fights Back. Anarchists targeted a café serving breakfast cereal to protest London’s gentrification.

‘Hot Girls Wanted’ Is Pornsploitation: The Porn Industry Fights Back

Next will come a museum. Why is protesters’ anger focused on small-scale businesses, rather than corporations? LONDON — A civil war has broken out in East London. In the red corner: the anarchists, who are dressed down in skinny jeans and beards. Opposite them are the reigning champions: the hipsters—dressed down in skinny jeans and marginally thicker beards. A stand-off has erupted over the “Manhattanization” of the city. Not everyone is happy about it. On the frontline of the battle for the soul of East London is the Cereal Killer Café, a novelty restaurant that serves breakfast cereal, sourced from around the world, for as much as $7.50 per bowl.

That kind of quirky upselling proved too provocative for a band of anarchist street protesters who were spoiling for a fight this weekend. “It’s senseless violence, isn’t it?” Another protest will be held in East London on Sunday. MariaElviraDiazBenitez.pdf. Top Googled porn star exits industry, reveals shocking truth about life on the inside. KANSAS CITY, MO, August 24, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- Hardcore porn star ‘Angela Aspen’ appeared to have it all.

Top Googled porn star exits industry, reveals shocking truth about life on the inside

She worked for famous porn companies, acting in over 40 triple-X rated movies, a few of them high-budget. She was nominated for various “new starlet” awards. In fact, she was one of the top googled porn stars of 2009. Angela was to all appearances enjoying fame and fortune while living a carefree life in the fast lane. But underneath all the glitter, glamour, and sexual charisma was a broken and desperate woman named Jessica Neely who hated herself and everything she had become. “I no longer had friends. Se connecter à Facebook. PORNCEPTUAL. Erotismo ou pornografia? Erotismo ou pornografia?

Erotismo ou pornografia?

Pernas de piano terem que ser cobertas por capas para não excitar os homens por sua semelhança com as pernas femininas é patético, não? Mas isso acontecia, há pouco mais de cem anos, na Inglaterra. A moral vitoriana tentava controlar tudo o que considerava pornográfico. Parece mentira, mas até o vocabulário teve que mudar; palavras como suor, gravidez, sexo, tiveram de ser substituídas por termos mais evasivos. As mulheres passaram a descrever o local da dor para os médicos apontando para um ponto semelhante numa boneca. Todos nos divertimos com relatos desse tipo, como se esses fatos traduzissem apenas a mentalidade de uma época distante. O erotismo é aceito. Claro que houve exceções. Studios - Feminist Porn Awards. Welcome to the Feminist Porn Awards - Feminist Porn Awards.

Conheça cinco prós e cinco contras da pornografia para a sua vida sexual. Pornô na sala de aula. Pornceptual: coletivo usa arte para fazer 'pornografia cult' O que as mulheres buscam em sites eróticos? A pornografia e o feminismo - Think Olga. “Eu nunca tive um orgasmo”.

A pornografia e o feminismo - Think Olga

Quando eu tinha 18 anos, uma amiga me contou isso. Na época, uma Gabriela fã de carteirinha da Sue Johanson ficou em choque. “Como assim nunca teve um orgasmo? Tu nunca te masturbou??” – ênfase no sotaque gaúcho carregadíssimo de Santa Maria. The Problem with Porn. About porn. Porn addiction.