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CTEL Module 2 PPT 02/2012. Glossary of EL Terms.doc. ESL Glossary: Definitions of common ESL/EFL terms. CTEL Exam Prep Flashcards. CTEL Resources Home - CTEL Resources. Strategies for English Language Learners - 40 Strategies for Teaching ELD Students. I love the teachers in my Language Arts department.

40 Strategies for Teaching ELD Students

Ever since I became department chair, they have been willing to go on so many curricular adventures with me. If I ask to try a collaborative website, they are game. If I ask to try articulated scoring of our essays, they are game. If I’m running through a workshop in my classroom after school, they appear at the door as guinea pigs, supporting me as my mythical audience.

And yet, we are all different teachers with all different styles. Slide 1.