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Get Architectural Visualization For Commerical Properties. Companies considering to lease or buy space in commercial buildings are finding it very easy to take a look at potential properties from their laptop, tablet or mobile.

Get Architectural Visualization For Commerical Properties

Photos, floor plans, and detailed specs have been the standard in online listings for years. Benefit From Using Interactive Walkthroughs - CubeDots. Have you ever found yourself changing TV channels senselessly, hardly able to Have you ever found yourself changing TV channels senselessly, hardly able to maintain focus on one channel for more than a minute?

Benefit From Using Interactive Walkthroughs - CubeDots

Well, this type of short attention span threatens to reduce the sale of many great real estate properties, probably including yours. Just as they do while watching TV, prospective home buyers will only spend a small amount of time and attention to see your real estate listings. Interactive walkthroughs provide huge advantages to anyone trying to sell a real estate property. Consider the following 4 points when deciding whether or not to have an interactive walkthrough. Benefit From Using Interactive Walkthroughs - CubeDots. How To Succeed & Differentiate Yourself In A Changing Real Estate Market - CubeDots.

Augmented Reality App For Real Estate Marketing: An Effective Idea - Cubedots. The Real Estate industry is blooming.

Augmented Reality App For Real Estate Marketing: An Effective Idea - Cubedots

Simultaneously, the competition is also increasing significantly. Real estate agents are finding it very complicated to engage new clients and sell properties. The beginners don’t know where to start from. Which audiences to target, what messages to deliver, when is the right time to deliver those messages and a number of other questions seem to trouble real-estate marketers today. People, now use technically advanced tools to search properties. Things To Keep In Mind When Talking About Architectural Visualization - Cubedots. Architects generally forget who they are creating their designs for- people.

Things To Keep In Mind When Talking About Architectural Visualization - Cubedots

It is very common to lose track. And when it comes to architectural visualization this can be very obvious. We commonly come across stunning renders that have the highest quality and amazing detail. Artist gives each element full attention, still they feel abstract. This generally happens when the artist thinks only about the art and not the intended purpose of the Architectural visualization. Ultimately, architectural visualization is only a tool for people that help them understand an abstract idea in a better way. Here are a few things that you must keep in mind when working on architectural visualization. Realism Realism is equally important as relatability.

VR And AR Are Redefining Construction - Cubedots. How real is the effect for AR and VR to disrupt the Architectural Engineering and Construction sector?

VR And AR Are Redefining Construction - Cubedots

Real enough for many architects, builders and real estate agents as they are able to achieve stakeholder buy-in during the design stage. VR adoption is sure to expand across AEC market as advancements in hardware technology and software tools enable an almost seamless VR integration with BIM systems. By superimposing virtual elements into real world views of project locations, Augmented Reality is providing training, safety and real-time installation guidance to professionals working on the site.

While virtual reality gives a fully immersive, artificial digital environment, AR layers virtual components into a real-time view accessible via a handheld device. The most important effect VR has had so far in the AEC sector has been in the democratization of the design process. How To Use Interactive Walkthrough For Approvals - Cubedots. Short of something unethical or illegal, there is actually no way to ensure your project will be approved.

How To Use Interactive Walkthrough For Approvals - Cubedots

Thankfully, you can take some steps to assist the process along. Including realistic, interactive walkthrough into your process is one of them. The approval process can be daunting and long. You might have to explain your project in front of many local boards, including design review, zoning, planning and conservation. Do You Know These Things About Real Time Visualization? In the architectural visualization today there are two major trends: to make photorealistic scenes and to do it fast.

Do You Know These Things About Real Time Visualization?

Earlier real-time visualization was poor quality and slow in production compared to still pictures. Today, we have the opportunity to make architectural visualizations that are very realistic, fast and real-time. Earlier it was a dream to not wait for the rendering to finish images and animation, now it is all possible. What is real time visualizations and how it will affect users in various sectors? It is all about experience. Architectural Visualization Services For Builders. When it comes to the task of modern architect, the development of the construction part of the future building is a complicated one.

Architectural Visualization Services For Builders

The calculations, drawings and figures are understandable to people with engineering education. How AR Can Benefit Architecture And Interior Design? Architecture can be defined as the planning and design of a structure or building upon a piece of land.

How AR Can Benefit Architecture And Interior Design?

Interior design on the other hand is defined as the art of creating effective indoor space to make a place comfortable and homely. Both of these fields rely significantly on being able to communicate the ideas, vision and especially, the ultimate design to the customers. How To Use Interactive Walkthrough For Approvals. Why VR Is Essential? Brands have already started using VR.

Why VR Is Essential?

Among them, the Ford uses virtual reality to assist design the interior of the vehicles, Marriot Hotels provides VR headsets to guests so they can take “tours” of exotic locations, the NBA shows footage of games in 360-degree. Experts believe, by the year 2020, VR companies will be generating revenues of more than $150 billion in a year. However, people generally feel that all this is very speculative. People don’t even know anyone with a virtual reality headset. You might not know anyone with a VR headset, but things are changing at a very rapid speed. How To Use Interactive Walkthrough For Approvals. How To Use Interactive Walkthrough For Approvals. How Augmented And Virtual Reality Can Profit You. Augmented and virtual reality are ready to be taken advantage of, and several businesses and companies have started to use this new technology.

Industries like medical, real estate and education are getting on this latest marketing avenue and are already reaping the benefits. An American car sharing company is providing free rides to Pokémon Go players- the hit AR game, which has already created numerous records in terms of downloads and is expected to make Apple 3 bn dollars in the coming 1- 2 years. Why You Should Demand A Walkthrough Of Your Property For Sale. Globally, a number of real estate agents are using oculus walkthrough to promote their customers’ properties for sale.

A fascinating and effective marketing trend sweeping the world is the use of interactive walkthroughs to highlight properties. With today’s real estate clients using more and more of the latest resources the internet has to provide, virtual tours alone can’t satisfy the confusion and queries of buyers. Walkthroughs assist a prospective buyer get a better understanding and feel of a property, allowing them to make a more informed decision about whether or not to visit the property. Therefore, reducing showing “inconveniences” to the seller. The benefit of using interactive walkthrough is that if buyers get a good first impression about the property, they are more likely to make an offer once they visit the property in person. How Augmented And Virtual Reality Can Profit You. Things To Keep In Mind When Talking About Architectural Visualization. How You Can Speed Up Construction Projects With Augmented Reality.

Builders all across the globe are experimenting with virtual and augmented reality for real estate projects and avoid costly mistakes. Recently, a construction firm based in Rhode Island included AR in their construction project and felt that HoloLens can introduce convenience and ease in the working approach. Generally, employees of a commercial construction company work through paper blueprints and digital models.

But professional constructors when wore Microsoft’s augmented reality computer on their head, they were able to get a closer and clearer look of the mockup of the project. Like, contractor was able to see that steel frames the professionals planned to use to support the walls of the building, were too long to fit the design. By spotting the issue so much before time, the professionals can now ask the supplier to either provide shorter frames or cut the frames shorter rather than making workers adjust a number of tracks that would hold the frames in place. Why You Should Demand A Walkthrough Of Your Property For Sale.

Some Of The Most Common Misconceptions About Augmented Reality. Lately, augmented reality has been creating a lot of news and now after the huge success of ‘Pokémon Go’ suddenly everybody seems interested in knowing more about Augmented Reality. If you are also reading and learning about AR then this blog post will prove helpful. In this blog post we will be discussing about the most common misconceptions about augmented reality to help you understand the concept of AR in a clearer way. You can just overlay text or images over what the user sees Overlaying text or images is part of AR, but you can overlay a lot more than that. Augmented Reality allows you to superimpose all types of digital elements on the real environment. Why Real Time Architectural Rendering Are Essential For The Success Of Your Firm.

From past several decades, city planners, designers and architects have been using blueprints and 2D illustrations or 3D models for visual representations of outcome and outcome of a project. Thankfully, things are changing now. Interactive Visualization For Real Estate Bidding. The bidding process for building projects is becoming highly cutthroat, timelines are shorter and customer expectations are higher. Microsoft HoloLens - An Augmented Reality Device. Out of all the AR or VR devices released recently, Microsoft HoloLens AR device is one that is really exceptional and stands out. Top Industries Using Virtual Reality. For quite a long time virtual reality has been associated with gaming, but as the technology advances, more and more uses are coming into scene. Top Reasons Interactive 3D Walkthroughs Are The Next Big Thing For Real Estate Marketplace. In past few years, interactive walkthrough has become really popular in real estate marketplace. What is Augmented Reality?

Interactive Architectural Visualization For Real Estate Builders. Interactive 3D Walkthrough: Assisting Big Builders Show Their Vision To Homebuyers. If you like to stay informed about the latest technological advancements then you must be aware of the fact that today computer images play a critical role in selling properties to clients on a basis of design. The strategy works because digital rendering technology allows individuals to see something that they are having a tough time imaging. People can see the final project long before a construction team shows up on the site and that assists in selling the property they might have overlooked. Answering 5 Common Questions About Virtual Reality In Architecture. There is no doubt that VR has the potential to change the architecture. However, with all the new technologies, understanding it initially can be difficult. In this post we will answer five frequently asked questions about virtual reality in architecture.

How Oculus Rift And Virtual Reality Could Change Real Estate. Visualizing how a home might look like after construction, can be really difficult for some people. Visualizing what a home might look on the basis of the architectural plan laid out on a paper can really be difficult, especially if you are planning to include some exceptional facets or building a gigantic villa. But, things seem to get better now, after the arrival of the highly anticipated Oculus Rift and a new age in virtual reality technology. Let’s discuss what does VR mean for the future of the real estate. Your Guide to Oculus Rift. Interactive 3D Walkthrough: Assisting Big Builders Show Their Vision To Homebuyers. About Augmented & Virtual Reality Systems.