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Wire bracelets

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Wire Wrapped Agate Cuff Bracelet. I love jewelry projects. Seriously love them. Especially bracelets (gee, have you noticed?? LOL). So I tried my hand at a wire wrapped cuff, and for a first try, I’m pretty happy with it! The things is, I can’t help looking at it and seeing all the room I have for improvement.

Do you do that too? I debated whether I should even share a tutorial, since this time around, I’m FAR from an expert – but in the interest of keeping it real and not being perfect, I thought I would show you a little more about this project. This bracelet took me closer to 90 minutes than my standard hour-or-less, but as far as supplies go and the process itself, it’s actually quite simple. Two gauges of silver plated copper wire. I made adjustments as I worked and I will note those in the post.

First things first – the cuff itself. You don’t need to do anything fancy to connect the two ends. Now, cut off a length of wire that you think you can easily work with. Do this a couple times. How to make twist wire bracelet. STEP 1 - Firstly select beads you want to use, smaller beads will give more dainty bracelet. I used green agate, malachite chips, green cats eye beads and toho beads for this project. I used 26 gauge silver coloured florist wire you will need about 4ft x 2. STEP 2 - Use one length 26 gauge wire at a time. Leave tail of about 6 inches place on bead i usually use round one on wire.

STEP 3 - Cross wires right under the bead as shown in the photo, then twist 3 times using thumb and forefinger. STEP 4 - Twisted bead will be held in place on 26 gauge wire now. STEP 5 - Mix up seed beads and round beads the closer the beads the more wire you will use. STEP 6 - Repeat with other strand. STEP 7 - Grasp two ends and make Y shape then twist with thumbs and forefingers about 1/2 " STEP 8 - You need enough twisted wire to be able to make a loop with round nose pliers. STEP 9 - Twist loop with round nose pliers and bring two ends around base of it to secure. UO Wire Heart Necklace/Bracelet Tutorial. This is yet another super easy, super quick tutorial. This dainty wire heart bracelet from Urban Outfitters is great for summer; the gold and silver tones look great against tans!

Plus, it's lightweight and you can layer them with other necklaces. The original is a bracelet, but in the tutorial I make both a bracelet and necklace. You can make whatever you want, just cut the chain accordingly. The copper heart is my bracelet, while the silver heart is the necklace. Mixed metals are really cool, and they are more interesting than just the same tone. You can also vary the shape of the heart by using different forms to bend the wire around. I am not a "heart" person; I was thinking of making these to wear myself in lightning bolts, diamonds, half moons or any other cool symbol! Let's get started! Step 1: Gather materials. Step 2: Cut a length of wire, 1 foot is plenty. Step 3: Right next to the point in the "V", on the outside of the "V", place your pen/pencil.

Finished! How to Make Wire Wrapped Loops. Crocheted Wire Bracelet. My pal Kelly called me and told me about this jewelry class she took that she promised would change my life. Kelly often makes these promises, but she did come across a pretty cool method for jewelry making fun. I've been wanting to get into jewelry making for awhile now, mostly because I want to be able to make the cute jewelry I see.

This is actually a really easy process, but I'm not sure how good I'll be at explaining considering my lack of jewelry know how. The bottom line is I'll know what I mean, so I can remember how to make these five years down the road....I'll forget. Supples: "I" crochet hook, wire (.3 was very pliable, you can use whatever, but this was best for me,and comes in all colors), 6 different beads (she used two of the same, but you will basically make 6 strands, so you can repeat your favorites, use the same one and just braid them all together, or use a combo of a few.

There are a bunch of tools I didn't get, I was able to do it without those tools.