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Beads de beads2350. Quick Crochet Earrings {free crochet pattern and tutorial} — Ewe Ewe Yarns. Here's another fun jewelry accessory you need to make.

Quick Crochet Earrings {free crochet pattern and tutorial} — Ewe Ewe Yarns

These little Quick Crochet Hoop Earrings are so cute, a great yarn stash-buster and perfect for summer. Make a couple pairs today! Quick Crochet Hoop Earrings Ewe Ewe Yarns Pattern #108Designed by Heather WalpoleSizes: one size You will need about 5 yards of your favorite color of Wooly Worsted yarn, two 1" hoop earrings, scissors, a size J/10 6mm crochet hook and a darning needle for weaving in ends. To begin, make a slip knot about 4" from the end of the yarn. Insert yarn through the opening of the earring, wrap the yarn around the hook from back to front and draw this loop through the loop on the hook. 1 slip stitch made.

Insert the hook through the hoop, wrap the yarn and draw up a loop. Wrap the yarn around the hook and draw this loop through the two on the hook. 1 single crochet made. There will be about 16-18 stitches on your earrings. Cut the yarn leaving about a 4" tail. Weave in the yarn ends and... You're done! Learn basic St Petersburg Chain - Bead&Button Magazine. Tubular Peyote Stitch. Undefined I use tubular peyote stitch to make amulet bags.

Tubular Peyote Stitch

It can also be used to decorate any kind of cylinder such as keychains, bottles, lighters, quartz crystals, coffee cups, and such. Tiny versions, a 12 to 14 bead cylinder, can be made into nifty earrings, and are best worked on a pencil or small dowel rod for support. Materials: Size 12 Beading needleSize A Nymo threadBlue and Green seed beads, Size 11 The number of beads you begin with determines how WIDE your beadwork piece will be. TIP: When making medicine bags, it's a good idea to add two extra beads to your total. We'll make a small bag to begin. Please note: I have separated the beads in the illustrations so you may see the thread path. Leave about three inches for a tail (which you can weave into the beads later) .

Insert the needle through the first blue bead and pick up a green bead on your needle. Adding these beads will have the effect of forcing the top beads up, like this: Now we add the blue beads of row 4: Some Tips: Spiral Rope Chain. If you have a question, e-mail me using the address (reproduced in text format only) found on this site's home page: HOME.

Spiral Rope Chain

I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.All images and instruction format are ©Deborah Walker, 2000 and may not be reprinted or reproduced in any form, save for personal educational purposes, without express written consent of the author. These instructions MAY NOT be used on other web pages, nor may they be copied in any manner or distributed in classes without prior permission and payment of a fee to the author. Cheyenne Stitch Instructions. Undefined This stitch is variously called Cheyenne, Brick, Cheyenne-Brick, and Comanche-Brick.

Cheyenne Stitch Instructions

It looks like a section of interlocked brick wall. It's a favorite for earrings, as it's practically made for fringe and is fast. Materials: Beading NeedleNymo™ Beading Thread, size "A"Size 11 Seed BeadsSuperGlue (optional) In the diagrams below, I have spaced the beads so that you may see the thread path. Thread about 18 inches of Nymo on your needle, then pick up a bead, slide it down near the end of your thread, and tie a knot around it. To finish: Locate the tail thread. If you have a question, e-mail me using the address (reproduced in text format only) found on this site's home page: HOME. The above images were created by myself using and instructions by Emily Hackbarth, former beadwork guide at About.Com.

ALL GRAPHICS are COPYRIGHT 1998, Deborah Walker. Craft ideas 125. Free Printable Beadwork Layout Paper. The Leading Bead Work Site on the Net.

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