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Beaded bracelets

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DaisyTute. After I showed this daisy bracelet on the About Jewelry making forum, I was asked for directions on how to make it.


I didn't have any more of the pink and green fiber optic beads to use in a tutorial, so I'm going to use different colors. Try your own color combinations and see what you can come up with! :) Click here to see other colors, and pics of pieces sent in by other jewelry artists. If you would like your version displayed here, just email it to me! Materials: 72 4mm round beads 12 8mm round beads size 11.0 seed beads (approx 120) Thread.... 1) Begin by picking up eight 4mm beads and tie them in a circle. Be sure to leave about 10 inches for a tail to attach the clasp later. 2) Pick up your center bead (8mm) and go up through the 4th petal bead from your knot. This bracelet is made by making the individual motifs and then connecting them. *Try different ways of connecting the flower squares for a totally different look!

3) Pick up 3 seeds, one 4mm, and 3 seeds. DONE! Double Spiral Bracelet. Tutorial : Double Spiral Bracelet Level : BeginnerTechnique : Double Spiral Rope Equipment- Crystals 4mm- Seed beads 11/0- Seed beads 8/0- Thread and Needle- Jumprings and clasp Two colors are Fire Opal and Jet.

Double Spiral Bracelet

You can change crystals to pearls or any bead you like. My seed beads 11/0 are gold silver lined and opaque black. Seed beads 8/0 will be my core beads and double spiral requires you to sew to the core beads many times. The clasp I use is magnetic ball clasp with rhinestones. This technique is basic but the challenge is how you sew to the core beads. Skinny Bracelet II. (copyright 2010 Deborah Roberti) Materials (for a 7-inch bracelet, not including clasp): • 3 yards of 6 lb.

Skinny Bracelet II

FireLine. Free pattern for beautiful beaded bracelet Palermo. Free pattern for beautiful beaded bracelet Palermo U need: rondelle beads 4 mm rondelle beads 5-6 mm rondelle beads 8mm faceted beads 4 mm seed beads 11/0 Click to get book about Beading Related posts: Tags: beaded bracelet, bracelet pattern, pattern. Free pattern for amazing beaded bracelet Magic Forest. Islanzadí. Tutorial : IslanzadíLevel : Beginner to Intermediate Islanzadí is the Elven queen, Arya's mother from Inheritance cycle, by Christopher Paolini Equipments- Pearl 6mm.


DIY: Neon/Neutral Triple Cluster Pearl Bracelet. Being a DIY kinda girl, it's a bit surprising that I haven't really dabbled in jewery making before.

DIY: Neon/Neutral Triple Cluster Pearl Bracelet

(*Gasp*,*shock*, *horror*... I know... lol!) I figured it was about time for that to change. Luckily, my sister, Rene (who I first introduced to you in this post), is a jewelry making pro and was able to help me out with the design and creation of these bauble beauties. Wanna make your own? HERE'S THE HOW TO:Stuff you'll need: You'll also need wire cutters (not shown above). Looking for the perfect beads? Note: Make sure the gauge of the wire you use will fit through the hole in your bead.

Method: Here's how to make the single bead that hangs down in the cluster. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Now, we will make the triple clusters that make up the bracelet. 1. 2. Rose Gold: Seed of Fresh Jewelry Designs. By Brett Wilder, Marketing Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads® Where does your creativity take you when selecting a metal color for your jewelry designs?

Rose Gold: Seed of Fresh Jewelry Designs

If you're reading this, you clearly pay attention to jewelry fashion trends, so chances are you're already looking for more ways to use rose gold in your designs. A recent Trend Finder alert from states, "Rose gold, a slightly pink hue of gold, is the perfect way to update a classic accessory in a chic, modern and trendy way. " Some jewelry blogs have called rose gold "the most feminine gold," and indeed its character is ultra warm and soft, which lends itself to ultra-feminine fashions. Rose gold is also flattering on a wide range of skin types--always a plus for making your designs look as good on the customer as they do in the display case. Design with ... "