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JanBask Training delivers Online Training through Its Live Sessions which are headed by Industry Professionals as Trainers & Mentors. The training module is designed as per the market requirement so that it helps the student to conquer the Certification and achieve their career goals.Services/Products: Salesforce, Software Testing, SQL Server, Hadoop, Java, Business Analyst. Phone No: +1 9086526151 Email ID: Web Address: Office Address: 2011 Crystal Drive, Suite – 400, Arlington, VA – 22202

How to Install the AWS Command Line Interface on macOS, Windows, Linux?

6 Effective Ways Big Data Can Improve Leadership Within Your Company. Stay Safe From Cyber Attacks - Mistakes that can Expose Your Business. What is Scrum Methodology? Agile Project Management Process with Scrum. “Scrum is an agile style for project management usually in the case of software development.

What is Scrum Methodology? Agile Project Management Process with Scrum

In simple words, agile software development with Scrum is usually taken as the Methodology. But instead of taking it as a methodology, we can use the word framework and it is highly suitable for the complex project management.” The objective of this blog is to make you familiar with scrum methodology in depth and what is scrum project management, what are the major activities of scrum project management and many more. Let us have a quick look at the topics that will be discussed in the blog:

Top 10 Online Training Sites to Start Learning. The traditional education system is quite popular among students, but it has many problems like they are quite expensive and you have to pay a large amount to start your study or to attend some prestigious school.

Top 10 Online Training Sites to Start Learning

Many times, due to budget, busy classrooms, and the shortage of courses, students do not even get the chance to study their favorite course from the prestigious school of their choice. Today, a number of students are choosing online courses offered by reliable training institutes from all around the world. Undoubtedly online learning has become a revolution in the education industry and it has made significant changes in the education system too. Online learning brings a lot of opportunities for everyone, especially those who want to learn something from a reputed distance education center.

The objective of this post is to enlist a few of the popular online training Companies that should be opted to learn popular courses online. Ten Popular Training Sites for Online Learning. Ten Compelling Reasons to Learn .Net Framework - D Five. The .Net structure is a product improvement platform created by Microsoft.

Ten Compelling Reasons to Learn .Net Framework - D Five

The structure was intended to make applications, which would keep running on the Windows Platform. The main version of the .Net system was discharged in the year 2002. This first adaptation was called.Net structure 1.0. The .Net system has progressed significantly from that point forward, and the present rendition is called 4.7.1. The .Net structure can be utilized to make both – Form-based and Web-based applications. Read Write and Share Your Gud Story.

Jenkins Interview Questions and Answers (Pipeline Tricky, Real Time) In this blog for Jenkins Interview questions and answer, we will discuss the top questions that are prepared by expert mentors and it will surely help you cracking the interview in 2018 and beyond.

Jenkins Interview Questions and Answers (Pipeline Tricky, Real Time)

Jenkins is a popular DevOps tool that helps you to automate the business process with the help of plug-ins. These questions are taken by experts who are directly involved in the hiring process. Curious to check out the list of questions then read the blog thoroughly and start the preparation right away. How to become a successful Quality Assurance Engineer? - Datavisitor. For every IT or software project, quality is one of the essential requirements.

How to become a successful Quality Assurance Engineer? - Datavisitor

Though you can enter through a number of ways into this profession, here are a few reasons why people like to enter in the field. They have a deep interest in this profession.They hold a degree or completed some certification course in this field.They hold a degree in software engineering and design.Or they want to switch your current domain. Here, through this article, we are going to explain that what you need to become a software quality engineer or what are the requirements to become a quality engineer. Here, through below-listed sections, we will discuss the complete career path of software engineers including essential qualification and the experience required for this profession.

Get all the skills Usually, employers ask and expect a bachelor’s degree from software quality engineers or quite a similar certification completed by the professionals. What Is Blockchain? Blockchain Tutorial Guide for Beginners Developer. Blockchain Technology and the Crypt currencies are two most rapid platforms today where standard transactions can be performed by users.

What Is Blockchain? Blockchain Tutorial Guide for Beginners Developer

But Blockchain is slowly replacing the current system due to some issues and it is getting popular almost every passing day. Is it worth to learn Salesforce? Top 10 Reasons to Learn Salesforce? Certifications are an approach to guarantee the capability of experts by estimating their aptitudes and learning.

Is it worth to learn Salesforce? Top 10 Reasons to Learn Salesforce?

Keeping up certain specific certifications and skills is the best road to take for a steady growth in any profession. Frequently, the drive and assurance to gain an accreditation are quite strong at the beginning of one’s profession, yet after some time complacency sets in and keeping up certifications and the zeal for looking forward to the new ones turns out to be lower as the person grows in his career profile. Remaining up to date on your certifications demonstrate your pledge to progress and guarantees a sense of longevity in your career as a professional. A popular report by the very famous Burning Glass foundation had revealed that Salesforce positions are developing at a rate of 1.3x quicker than most of the comparative jobs, and there were more than 300,000 Salesforce-related positions posted within a time frame of a year only.

What is SQL Server? Microsoft SQL Server Tutorial Guide for Beginners. Big Data: An overview of big data technologies learning and its importance (Need of hour technologies) ~ DevinLine - full stack development. Do You Want to Become a Big Data Hadoop Expert?

Big Data: An overview of big data technologies learning and its importance (Need of hour technologies) ~ DevinLine - full stack development

Hadoop is one of the most sought-after skills today. Big data professionals are asked to prove their skills with tools and techniques of Hadoop stack. It has been observed by the market analyzers that though there are many Hadoop professionals in the market, still a huge number of skilled and trained professionals are required. We are living in the world of Big Data revolution and every organization relies on collecting, analyzing, organizing and synthesizing a huge amount of data in order to survive in the competitive market.

What is Agile Process & Scrum Methodology? Agile Scrum Master Tutorial. If you are a tech savvy then you must have heard of agile and scrum terms frequently.

What is Agile Process & Scrum Methodology? Agile Scrum Master Tutorial

Both have its own strange language like stand-ups, planning pokers, or sprints etc. If you are also new to the agile scrum then you should refer this blog thoroughly otherwise you can be hooked at the workplace. The way how it takes the complicated problems, prioritizing the tasks and the best ways to solve each of the tasks are incredible.

You with all the fundamental knowledge you need regarding Agile and Scrum Master in the following sequence: What is Python IDE? Five Best Python IDE for Windows, Mac & Linux. You can write Python code by using IDEs or Python Shell that can turn larger programming projects into smaller codes.

What is Python IDE? Five Best Python IDE for Windows, Mac & Linux

An IDE or integrated development environment can make the coding fun, but you may have to choose anyone IDE that you find suitable. There is myriad of development environments available and you can choose any of your preference. We cannot say here which IDE will suit your need or requirement, but the pros and cons associated with any IDE can help you in selecting the best one for you. Here, in this blog, we have discussed mostly used Python IDE that is divided into two categories, one of them is only used by the Python developers and other in general that can be used for many other languages as well.

Here, the IDEs are listed in the way so that it can be used by anyone and endless number of times. Salesforce Security Guide - Basic Overview of Salesforce Security. In this blog, “An Overview of Salesforce Security Basics”, we will discuss how one can secure his organization data in the Salesforce. Data security means protecting organization data against unwanted access or from third-party users. With safety measures around us like CCTV cameras, concrete buildings, bulletproof walls, safety clocks, we make sure that no one can harm our data physically. The question is how to protect your data online?

You can use encryption techniques or cryptography schemes to protect your data against malware attacks or other harmful viruses. Salesforce is based on the multi-tenant architecture that separate one organization data from another. As soon as you log in to access your data, the subsequent requests are associated with your organization with the help of a unique identifier. Difference Between Apache Hadoop and Spark Framework (Hadoop vs. Spark) Today, Big Data is one of the most in-demand frameworks for data science professionals. A vast amount of data is present all over the internet due to social networking sites, so the organizations are using it in various ways and they are using it to resolve their organizational and business demands and needs.

Here, we have discussed big data Hadoop and Spark frameworks so that you can know about both. We will explain to you both the frameworks one by one and in the later section of this blog, we will compare both the frameworks so that you can know and choose the best one that suits your needs completely. Brief Introduction of Hadoop Framework Hadoop allows users to store data in the distributed environment so that it can be processed parallel. HDFS is known as Hadoop file system, it creates resource abstraction.

Most in-demand IT Training Course to get Quick Jobs in the USA. Ambition– the eight letter word that describes how your professional life would be. There are two types of working individuals – One who work because they have bills to paySecond, those who want to carve a niche for themselves When we talk about the first ones, they are the ones who are least enthusiastic about any new development. Experiment, opportunity etc at their workplace. They like the static work life because that is what they enjoy. Things to Do When Your Job is Making You Sick. How would you define an ideal life for yourself? I guess if I ask that question to ten people I will get different answers but I am sure all of them will at some point say that a life where you can afford the lifestyle you wish to live with the best health possible.

An unhealthy person is like an infectious virus because he takes down a lot of other people also along with him. If you are sick, your family also suffers. What is Microsoft .Net Framework? Complete Architecture Tutorial Guide. The .Net framework is not a new name but heard by almost everyone who wanted to start a career in the IT domain. The framework was started by the Microsoft in the year 2002. The objective of designing this framework was to create more robust and safe applications based on the Windows platform. The initial version of the .net framework was 1.0 and it has come a long way since then. It can be used to create both web-based or form-based apps. It gives wonderful support to a plenty of programming languages like VB (Visual Basics), C# and more. How to Become a SQL Server Developer & Master in SQL Queries. How to Become a Data Analyst without a Degree & Experience.

Harvard business review rated the data analyst profession as the most excellent and superb choice for the 21st century. Data scientist field has become one of the rapidly sought-after domains for the technical aspirants and professionals. Differences Between Git and Github (Git vs. Github) If you have ever worked with codes then you must have come across two popular terms Git and GitHub that are misunderstood together. There are chances that you have worked on both the platform as an experienced DevOps professional. But you are not sure about the real differences between the two and which is better than the other? Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm – Difference Between Kubernetes and Docker. Kubernetes and Docker Swarm are two popular containerization platforms today. So, before you feel proud of them, let us first discuss both of the platforms in brief and how they work actually. To understand both platforms deeply, this blog will focus on different performance and usability parameters to compare the two.

Why Being A Big Data Developer Is A Pioneer Career Choice In Healthcare Industry. Well, we are not unaware of the rise of big data developers from past couples of years in our country. How to Become a Successful Blockchain Developer in just Six Months? What is GitHub? Create a Repository Github Tutorial. How to Become a Certified DevOps Engineer as a Software Developer. Top 5 Programming Certifications for IT pros in 2019 – Onair Story.

Difference between Hubspot and Salesforce (Hubspot vs. Salesforce CRM) When we stand in the market today as of September 2018, we see a lot of advancement. We see everything being digitized. There was a time when even smallest of the bills were manually written down on a paper slip and were handed down to the customers. Advanced WCF Interview Questions & Answers for Experienced, Fresher. In this blog post for WCF interview questions and answers, we will share a complete list of frequently asked questions that could help you in cracking your next interview and get the dream job right away. You would be able to answer these questions if you have the basic understanding of the technology or worked on the technology before. These questions are usually asked by big MNCs including HCL, Infosys and more.

You Should Know About Cyber Security & Safe Your Business from Cyber Attacks. The Introduction of BigQuery ML to build up Predictive Models in SQL. The Secret to Incorporate Lifelong Learning into Your Daily Routine. Effective Software Testing Techniques for Software Development – Salesforce - Career and Job Predictions for 2019. Difference between Java and C# (Java vs. C# Programming Language) Machine Learning Interview Questions & Answers -Amazon, Google, Facebook. What is Assignment Rules? How to Create Assignment Rules in Salesforce? What is SQL Insert Query? How to Insert (Date, Rows, Values in Table) How can you Reinvent your Career with Automation Benefits in DevOps? Why is Data Science worth learning by IT practitioners? Why Being A Big Data Developer Is A Pioneer Career Choice In Healthcare Industry. Top 5 Programming Certifications for IT pros in 2019.

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills. Top 10 DevOps Tools to Master in 2018. The Secret to Grab an IT Job With No Relevant Experience. How to Create Table in SQL Server? SQL Query to Create Temp Tables. What is Primary Key in SQL? How to Add, Remove, Set Primary Key in SQL. Innovation Articles: Harnessing the True Power of Big Data for Your Business. AWS Interview Questions & Answers for Architects, Developers. What are Salesforce Workflow Rules? How to Create Workflow Rules? What is SQL Delete Query? How to Delete Duplicate (Records, Rows, Tables) How To Create Records Type For Custom Objects in Salesforce? The Big Data Improve Job Opportunities - Different Business Sectors. A Salesforce Community for you, of you, by you. What is Salesforce Architecture? Tutorial Guide for Beginners. What is Escalation Rules? Salesforce Escalation Rules Tutorial Guide. What is Update Query in SQL? How to Update (Column Name, Table, Values)

What is Salesforce Workbench? Salesforce Workbench Tutorial Guide. What Are The Validation Rules? How To Create Salesforce Validation Rules? What is Sharing Rules? How to Create Sharing Rules in Salesforce? Is It The Right Time To Learn Salesforce Development, And What Its Future? How Do I Learn Salesforce Development And Can A Fresher Get Into This Domain? What are Salesforce Objects? Top 4 Salesforce Standard Objects. What is Standard Controller in Salesforce? What Does a Standard Controller Do? What is Foreign Key in SQL? How to Set, Add, Create & Use of Foreign Key. Python Developer Learning Path - Future Scope & Career Growth. Top 10 Highest Paying IT Certification Predictions for the Year 2019.

Top 15 Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions and Answers. What Is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence Tutorial Guide. Huge job options are the reason why big data is the best career move in 2018 across different indust. Artificial Intelligence Learning Path - Future Scope & Career Growth. Foundation Forum from ZURB. How to Become a Proficient Python Developer, Master Python Programmer. Difference between Array Length vs String Length () Function in Java. Salesforce Integration with SharePoint. Blockchain Learning Certification Path - Future Scope & Career Growth. Career Options Parents Can Suggest to Youth. Virgin Atlantic Airlines found CRM benefits with Salesforce. TechNet A Quick Look at SQL Interview Questions and Answers. What is Python? Learn Python Programming Tutorial Guide for Beginners. Python Interview Questions and Answers for Beginners and Experienced.

What is A Java Constructor? Type of Constructors & Uses in Java. Database Testing Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher, Experienced. Impact of Bind Variables on SQL Performance. Some Quick Certifications That Can Pay You Well. What is Inheritance in Java? Different Types of Inheritance in Java. What is Hadoop? How is Hadoop connected with the Cloud? List of 10 Trending Technologies That You Can Master In 2018. How to Download and Install Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools? SSIS Interview Questions & Answers for Fresher, Experienced. Points to Consider while Building a Career in SQL. What Is the Importance of DevOps Certification? How to Integrate Salesforce with Outlook, Gmail, & Mailchimp. What is Salesforce Sandbox? How to Create & Uses of Sandbox? What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing? Salesforce Ohana – Community and Culture. What Makes Salesforce An Amazing Cloud King? - eLearning.

What is the Expected Business Analytics professionals demand in 2019?