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The Sustainable Fashion Handbook. The definitive sourcebook on all aspects of sustainable fashion – not only the environmental issues presented by fast-moving fashion, but also the social impact of the industry.

The Sustainable Fashion Handbook

Packed with authoritative facts and inspiring images and ideas, this is an indispensable reference for professionals, students and anyone with an interest in fashion, sustainability and innovation ‘A huge range of examples and perspectives on sustainable fashion … it isn’t just pretty pictures, with plenty of essays debating the materials and morality of contemporary fashion’ – Crafts ‘From Katherine Hamnett printed T-shirt, to Vivienne Westwood’s stance against global warming, the author questions the sustainability of fashion and its key players’– AnOther Magazine ‘Packed with facts and inspiring images and ideas, this is a useful reference for professionals, students and anyone with an interest in fashion, sustainability and innovation’ – Textiles ‘Required reading … ultra-comprehensive’ – Shop Ethica. Stella McCartney In Conversation. Top 10 Sustainable Fashion programmes and courses. SOURCE Deputy Editor, Sarah Ditty, brings you a round-up of the top 10 sustainable fashion programmes and courses from leading schools across the globe.

Top 10 Sustainable Fashion programmes and courses

Image: ESMOD Berlin For this month’s issue, the SOURCE team investigated how sustainability is being integrated into the curricula of leading fashion schools and universities across the world. More education institutions than ever before are beginning to offer specialised courses, certificates and degrees related to sustainability in fashion, and many schools are working to embed social and environmental issues into the very foundation of what they teach.

In this article, we overview the top 10 programmes and courses related to sustainable fashion, pulling out the unique expertise and areas of specialisation for each institution. California College of Arts – MBA in Design Strategy and BA in Fashion Design Focus: Key researchers and lecturers: Central Saint Martins College, University of the Arts London (UAL) – MA Textile Futures Focus: Wearable pineapple fibres could prove sustainable alternative to leather. At weddings and formal events in the Philippines, men can often be seen wearing the Barong Tagalog, a thin and transparent embroidered garment worn over a shirt.

Wearable pineapple fibres could prove sustainable alternative to leather

One of the more surprising materials used in its manufacture are fibres from pineapple leaves – and long strands of the leaves could soon also be used to make a host of other products, from trainers and clothes to bags and car upholstery. Called Piñatex - piña is Spanish for pineapple - the new material was created by Carmen Hijosa, who worked as a consultant in the Philippines leather goods industry in the 1990s. She was unimpressed with the standard of goods produced and started to look for alternatives. It was the strength and the fineness of the pineapple leaf fibres used in the Barong Tagalog that first alerted her that there was another option: “I was looking for an alternative to leather. That was the beginning of my thinking.

“We can make shoes, we can make bags. “We are completely new. H&M on Conscious Materials. Rhonda's Creative Life: Monday Morning Inspiration. Welcome to the start of a brand new week!

Rhonda's Creative Life: Monday Morning Inspiration

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I had the opportunity to attend the fashion show for the School of the Art Institute last Friday. It is always a very interesting experience and for me, a not to be missed event. This year was especially interesting. The show is set up with the sophomores showing first. Topshop Goes Green With "Reclaim" Collection of Upcycled Clothing. Trish Clarke, Topshop’s head of technical services, says the collection provides an “ethical solution to disregarded material” through the retailer’s design lens.

Topshop Goes Green With "Reclaim" Collection of Upcycled Clothing

“We are inspired to challenge textile waste across our product areas, whilst still creating versatile designs that are wardrobe essentials for our customers,” Clarke says. “From ‘70s button-down dresses, to sheer-panel printed blouses, we want everyday fashion to be sustainable in Topshop’s portfolio and blueprint.” RELATED | Topshop Debuts Third Upcycled “Reclaim to Wear” Line Prices for the collection range from $22 for a ribbed camisole to $125 for a one-piece romper. Reclaim to Wear’s de Castro says she’s proud of the legacy her consultancy has left behind. Topshop previously created a line of recycled denim with musician Pharrell Williams’s Bionic Yarn firm, as well as a series of ethically produced coats with local designer Izzy Lane. + Topshop Reclaim + Topshop.

TED's Ten « Textiles Environment Design. Fonnesbech Copenhagen Spring 2016 Fashion Show: Runway Review. H&M Signs Animal Welfare Pledge With HSI. 08 September 2015 Lisa Niven H&M is collaborating with Humane Society International to promote the ethical treatment of animals across the fashion and beauty industries.

H&M Signs Animal Welfare Pledge With HSI

The collaboration aims not only to protect the farm animals from which wool, hair or down is derived, but also to work towards banning cosmetics testing on animals globally. "Animal welfare is important to us at H&M and we want to contribute to improved animal welfare practices in our industry, which is why we are committing ourselves not only to further improve our own requirements, but also to work collaboratively with HSI to elevate standards throughout the industry and globally," explained H&M sustainability business expert Madelene Ericsson in a statement.

"HSI is a globally recognised organisation with long experience within this area, so we believe they will be a very good partner in pushing for change and we hope that other companies will be inspired to do likewise. " Sustainable Fashion: From Niche to Necessity. The Sustainable Fashion Academy. Detox: How People Power is Cleaning Up Fashion.

Respect for workers worldwide.